Chapter Nine

Beverly took Joey's hand in hers and she whispered "I want to help you keep these two babies together if you'll let me. Joseph Wheeler will you marry me?"

Joey couldn't believe what he had just heard and he leaned over and kissed her and he whispered back "I accept."

Benjamin smiled as he listened to them and he then said "Well shouldn't someone ask me if it's alright if Joey marries my daughter?"

Beverly then told her father "Well technically I asked him not the other way around." Benjamin started chuckling softly and he said "So you did, so you did. I approve completely. Welcome to our family Joseph Wheeler."

Then they heard a small voice ask "Can we be part of your family too?" They all looked and Heather and Christopher were sitting there looking at them and Benjamin said "Yes, both of you are going to be part of our family too."

Both Christopher and Heather jumped up and went over to Joey and they climbed onto his lap and as he held them to his breast he then said "You both are always going to belong in my family forever and that includes Benjamin and Beverly."

So began the journey of Christopher and Heather belonging to someone who loved them with all his heart. Joey finally found the love he had been searching for all his life. He now has the woman who loves him and he loves her, and he has a family that he loves more then life itself.

Joey and Beverly planned their Wedding and Heather is going to be flower girl and Christopher will be the ring boy and of course Benjamin walked his daughter down the aisle and placed her hand in the hand of the man that she loved and he loved her. They had the Wedding in the back yard of Benjamin's house.

As the Minister asked who give this woman to this man, well Benjamin, Christopher and Heather all stood up and said "We do." Then as service began the Minister said "These two young people have come here to be joined as one and they have both have a few words to say to each other. So Beverly will you read your words first.

Beverly's Vows:

If anyone one would of asked if I would have ever found the one man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, well I would have said I dreamed of this day all of my life. I have found the one man that I want to spend the rest of my life with and we are going to become parents to two of the most precious angels and I'm walking on clouds. I Beverly Beth Donner do take you Joseph William Wheeler to be my husband to have and to hold until death us do part. I will always love you and will be there for you and our children.

Then the Minister said Joseph will you read your words please.

Joey's Vows:

I'm standing here today and I can't believe that I'm going to marry the most wonderful woman that God placed on this earth. I never thought that I would find the one person who I'd want to spend the rest of my life with but this lady came into my life and showed me what love really is. We are going to be the parents of two of the sweetest children in the world and I'm one of the luckiest men in the world. I Joseph William Wheeler do take you Beverly Beth Wheeler as my wife to have and to hold until death us do part. I will love you for the rest of my life, and our children will bless our lives with their love.

Then the Minister said "Please may I have the rings" and Christopher walked over and he gave the Minister the rings and as the had each of them recite with this ring I thee wed and as they each placed the rings on each others fingers and then he said "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

As Joey kissed her, Benjamin, Christopher and Heather yelled "Alright and then they all threw marshmallows at them and they all laughed till they all had tears of happiness running down their faces. The Minister must have thought that they were all a little crazy.

They all went back to the house Benjamin went to pay the Minister and after he left Beverly went to the kitchen and Heather followed and she asked her "Are you going to be my new mommy?"

Joey heard what Heather asked her and he had tears in his eyes as he heard Beverly say "I'd love to be your mommy if that's alright with you."

Christopher walked past Joey and went into the kitchen and he heard the conversation between them and he softly said "I want you to be my mommy too."

Benjamin stood beside Joey as they both heard what they were saying and he said to Joey "I'll have the papers drawn up tomorrow for the adoption and I know a Judge who will hear the case and if all goes well then you two could be the parents before the week is over."

It was three days later that Joey and Beverly were in Court asking the Court to approve them as the parents of both Heather Marie Jenkins and Christopher David Williams. As the Judge heard both Joey and Beverly say why they wanted to adopt these two children he smiled and banged his gavel and he said "I can't see any reason why these two people can't become the parents of these two little ones, so I agree that today the 9th of November 2007 rule that Joseph and Beverly Wheeler are to become the parents of Heather and Christopher."

Joey and Beverly hugged each other as tears ran down their faces and as the stood when the Judge left the Court Room and they walked outside and there stood Benjamin with Heather and Christopher and when they saw the smiles on the faces of both Joey and Beverly the kids yelled and ran to their new parents and Benjamin had a son-in-law and two grandkids and he was the happiest man and grandpa in the world.

Now the four of them began their own journey down and it would be one full of laughter and so much love.They are now Heather Marie Wheeler and Christopher David Wheeler...


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