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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Death Note/Inuyasha

Genre: Suspense/Supernatural/Paranormal/Romance/Action

Pairing: Kagome/L

Summary: On her way home from the library, Kagome caught sight of a Shinigami with one of her classmates, Yagami Light. After witnessing him using a Death Note and declaring himself as Kira, Kagome tried to make a run for it not realizing that she caught Light's attention. Not wanting her to tell the authorities and all, Light writes her name in the Death Note making Kagome die of a heart attack. Once Light had left her dead corpse for someone else to find, an unexpected creature comes and gives Kagome a second chance in life. With this new life, what will Kagome do now? Well, as they say… Revenge never tasted so sweet…


A sigh and the sound of a pencil scratching across paper could be heard throughout the deathly quiet library as Kagome finished up her report for history/mythology class, since she had finished her Criminal Justice report earlier in class. Setting her writing utensil down, Kagome skimmed-read through what she wrote so far. It seemed that her teacher gave her a college level assignment because of her intellect on Japanese history and mythology was so great.

That really wasn't a surprise to her because of her time spent in the Sengoku Jidai. But… the only thing about her that's decreased from her quest, despite the training she had to endure, was her confidence and self-esteem. Well, she had Inuyasha to thank for that with all his harsh remarks about her being weak and pathetic and comparing her with Kikyo so many times. With the verbal abuse change from the outspoken and outgoing girl she used to be to the now timid, sensitive, and self-conscious girl she is now.

Her old junior high friends and family had seen this but were at a loss on how to help her. But they gave her their support by saying that if she ever needed anything; they would be there for her.

At this, Kagome was grateful.

Soon after her quest in the past and Inuyasha's blunt betrayal with him trying to kill her, Kagome went back home to her family and was soon accepted into a very good college. Also to her surprise, she was one of their class representatives despite her horrible grades in public school.

Sometime during her trips to the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome's mother had signed her up for Home Schooling so that she could still get her education but at her pace. It seemed that after taking an entrance exam for nationals, she was placed third, much to her surprise. They had also made her a representative of the freshman class of her college.

The day she had attended, she met the two other representatives of her class. One who she heard was named Yagami Light. He was boy with short brown hair that slightly covered his dark brown eyes that looked a calculating. Yeah, Light seemed like an okay guy but… there was just something about him that just rubbed her the wrong way… and there was just something dark about him.

As for the other guy, he seemed like an interesting guy. His skin was very pale… deathly pale, really giving his dark obsidian hair a stark contrast with his skin. And despite that the Opening Ceremony was supposed to be a bit formal, he wore a plain white long sleeved shirt with blue jean pants. His hair was a bit spiked, covering his dark eyes that looked voided but you could tell he was still alive. Not to mention he had dark bags under them… a tall tale saying that he hardly slept.

Aside from his appearance, Kagome could tell that he was a good person… maybe a bit Strange, but a good person, nonetheless. She could feel it in his aura.

Anyways, after putting her books back and gathering her papers Kagome left the library. On her way to the bus stop, she heard a familiar voice speaking up ahead. Looking up she saw that it was Light Yagami… speaking to a Shinigami.

She could hear him speaking, "… I've already told you, Ryuk. If I play my cards right and calculate my moves as well as L's carefully… they won't suspect that I'm Kira."

Kagome gasped, now realizing why she always saw that particular Shinigami around campus and why Light's aura seemed a bit off from other humans. It was because he had possession of a Death Note. Kagome had heard about Death Notes and Shinigami during one of her trips to the Sengoku Jidai and knew that if a Death Note ended up in the hands of a mortal, it was never a good thing for the Shinigami AND the Humans. And now… knowing that her own classmate, Yagami Light was the mass murderer, Kira… she knew that she had to tell someone. As one who valued life, whether the life was that of an innocent or a criminal, Kagome couldn't let another get killed.

Unfortunately for her, Light heard her gasp and turned to where she was standing not too far from him and saw her surprised yet frightened expression. Yes… he knew that she had heard him say that he was Kira and everything. He had to dispose of her before she told someone.

It wouldn't be too hard since he knew who she was.

Higurashi Kagome. A year younger than he but was exceedingly intelligent and very wise for her age despite the she was very sensitive and timid. Light had heard that in her last year in junior high and all of high school that she was ill and to take home school because of that. Or at least… that's what he had heard from his none too bright cousin Hojo who said he was in love with her.

The thing was… he knew that she was innocent. Probably the purest person he had ever met… one of the many reasons why he didn't want to write her name in the Death Note but he didn't want to risk being exposed as Kira.

And as soon as he saw Kagome run for it, Light quickly took out a piece of paper from the Death Note and wrote Kagome's name down… knowing that forty seconds later that she would die of cardiac arrest.

Kagome tried her best to get away out of fear and to get to the nearest phone or something. Her mind was just telling her to get to anywhere but near Light.

Suddenly, Kagome's chest started to ache with her heart pounding painfully in her chest, giving her chest discomfort and shortened breaths, making her fall, gasping for air. And just when she was close to a phone booth. The papers she was holding in her arms scattered in front of her.

'Cardiac arrest… just like his other victims…' Kagome thought, struggling to get close to the door of the booth.

She didn't want to die. Not when she was finally back with her family and haven't seen her son, Shippó or her surrogate brother, Sesshoumaru. Kagome made so many promises and had only fulfilled so few of them… after coming close to losing her life so many times at the hands of demons and bandits from the Sengoku Jidai… she was going to die from a heart attack at a young age and all because of Light's identity of being Kira.

She faintly heard the sound of footsteps over her raging heartbeat as she lie on her back, still gasping for air… trying so hard to hold out. Looking up, she could see Light looking down on her with an unreadable expression on his face.

Feeling her heart slow and her breath coming slow and barely hearable. And with her last breath as well as her last breath… Kagome's body lost it heat and her whole world slowly went dark. The tears in her eyes were released after she was no longer among the living.

As for Light, all he could do was stare at his classmate's corpse and the tears from her eyes with a feel of regret. Yes, even though he didn't know Kagome very well, Light admired her for many things that she didn't know that she was capable of. He knew that if she put her mind to something, Kagome prove many wrong and show that she was just full of potential.

Now he could only regret taking her life for the sake of keeping Kira's identity secret.

While this was happening, Ryuk only stood by and stared at the girl's corpse. He could only feel relieved that it wasn't him who wrote the girl's name in the Death Note and pay for the consequences of killing one such as her. Yes, the Shinigami knew that the girl was a miko. And among the Shinigami, writing a miko's name in your Death Note was… how do some humans say… "Bad Juju."

Because killing a servant of god was just horrible in taste no matter what kind of god they served.

With one last sigh from Light, the college student walked away from Kagome's body with Ryuk following close behind.

Taking one last look back at the miko's lifeless body, Ryuk turned back to Light asking, "You're just going to leave her body there for someone else to find? Why not call it in?"

"If I call in Higurashi-san's death and they medics confirm that she died of a heart attack, it would give L more reason to suspect me as Kira. But if someone else were to report her death, I'll be in the clear even though L will suspect that she may have come close to realizing who Kira is." Light replied.

As both him and the Shinigami left the scene, none of them suspected, saw, or sensed the animal that witnessed the entire thing and made it's way to the miko's body…

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