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Chapter Seven

After the discussion of what Kagome planned to do to Light for killing her and telling the others of her telling Kira's identity to L, Kagome asked everyone to leave so that she could get ready for class today. She had already missed one day even though Hotaru helped turn in her reports that were due yesterday. Kagome wasn't planning to miss another day of University when she could make great progress in breaking Light.

'Just make him sweat a little… after a day of not seeing me.' She thought as she brought out two outfits. Both were completely different from what she usually wore. One set was completely black and looked like something a rebellious biker chick would wear complete with the fabric being leather. The other outfit looked like something that would make her look like a sexy secretary with a tight mid-thigh length skirt and a blouse that showed a tempting amount of cleavage.

Not really in the mood to wear a skirt, Kagome picked the black leather outfit. It was of a tight pair of leather pants, a black corset top with that had short and thin chains crisscrossed where ribbon should be, and a leather jacket with a length that stopped just below her torso. Once she was dressed, Kagome looked herself in the mirror and frowned slightly when she finally realized something.

'When did my hair get so long?' Kagome's lush raven tresses were longer than they used to be. Last she remembered… her haired reached the small of her back. Now, after having not cutting it when she was still traveling to the Sengoku, it now reached past her rear. Her tresses were still lush and well kept but they were too long and made her almost look like Kikyo when they frame her face. She scowled at the memory of always being mistaken for Kikyo but because she was believed to be her reincarnation and looked similar to her.

Kagome then abruptly turned away from the mirror and left her room with her book bag and stray notebooks. Meeting Sesshoumaru, Shippó, Honóo, Hotaru, Jumyō, and Inari in the sunlit kitchen area eating breakfast, she greeted them before making her way to the fridge for a glass of orange juice. After filling a glass, the revived miko noticed that Jumyō was wearing something that looked like a cross between punk emo and proper school boy with his dress shirt un-tucked with a dark blue v-neck sweater on and black slacks. He also wore a part of thin-framed glasses while his black hair was slightly messy but still looked natural.

His attire and features just made him look wild yet book smart at the same time with his lithe form.

'Damn… now that's fine…' Kagome thought, her mouth watering slightly. Damn, her Kitsune habits were kicking in fast, especially with the kitsune love for gorgeous things.

Jumyō saw her gaze on him and couldn't help but feel smug before speaking, "You see something you find tasty, Kagome-koi?"

All eyes then turned to Kagome before she just leered at the kitsune in his full human form, "So what if I go?" After taking another swig of her juice, her brows furrowed in curiosity before asking, "And why are you dressed like that?"

"Why? Oh, I'm just going to To-Oh University with you… on Inari-dono's orders and for my own personal amusement." At that last part, Jumyō had a smirk that was a bit of a cocky yet was able to make any female melt into a puddle of goo. Well… many except for Kagome since she's been around his type for quite a bit.

'Wait… I usually start stuttering and act like a naïve little virgin… personality change with coming back from the dead…' Kagome thought before giving a slight smirk to herself, 'it's a nice change to how I usually acted after coming home for good…'

After finishing her juice, Kagome rinsed her glass before setting it in the sink. As she was about to leave the kitchen with Jumyō following, Honóo stood while offering to drive them to campus before Sesshoumaru called out to them.

The two blue eyed raven haired pair turned to the Daiyoukai before catching something her tossed to them. Looking at what tossed to them, Kagome raised a brow in question.

"Pre-packaged Madeleine?"

"Take them or starve until lunch. It's your call." Sesshoumaru told them while still keeping his eyes on the morning paper.

"O-kay… we'll take them. Breakfast is an important meal after all." Jumyō said in a nervous voice before steering Kagome out the door with Honóo right behind them with his car keys.

The drive to the campus was quiet but nice with Kagome and Jumyō enjoying their breakfast. When they made it to To-Oh, the two thanked the male phoenix for driving them before heading into the building but not before gaining quite a few stares- most of them being lustful or longing.

Jumyō was just basking in the attention he was gaining, seemingly looking like he didn't notice them while Kagome just ignored them. She could tell that most of the students were surprised by her new attire. A majority of them knew her from the opening ceremony for the incoming freshman as the third representative and as a very meek and modest person who usually kept to herself. So of course they would be surprised to see her looking like a sexy rebellious biker chick.

Once she was done taking Jumyō to the main office and making sure that he would be fine enrolling his self, Kagome left for class. So far within her first year of college, she didn't have anything with Light but she did have one class with a certain infamous detective under the alias of Hideki Ryuga. After entering the classroom, she heard a few gasps and ahs from her classmates and could feel eyes on her as she made her way to her seat that was just parallel to Ryuga's, next to the stairs.

Taking her seat, the revived miko brought up her feet to rest on the desk as she leaned back and folded her hands over her stomach before turning to Ryuga. When she saw him looking at her, slightly surprised, she gave a smile to him with a greeting, "Ohayo, Hideki-san."

"… Ohayo…" was the only reply Ryuuzaki could give when he saw Kagome sit. This woman wasn't like the Kagome he was used to seeing since the start of the first semester, after the entrance ceremony. While the Kagome he was used to seeing was meek and kept to herself, this Kagome was the opposite looking more confident about her self and not really caring what others thought about her.

Ryuuzaki wondered what brought about his change in the girl and before he was about to speak to her, a new male voice called out, "Kagome-koi!"

Many eyes, including Ryuuzaki's turned to the door to see a new face with hair and eyes the same shade as Kagome's but had the book smart yet wild look about him. Ryuuzaki saw his gaze turn to his general direction; a grin crept on the new young man's face before he made his way to where Kagome sat.

No one in the room expected the new guy's next action… although Kagome looked like she expected it from him as the raven haired, blue-eyed male dipped down and kissed the left corner of her lips while resting a hand on the right side of her waist. The picture they made almost made them look like college lovers with the male being affectionate and very loving while the female seemed almost nonchalant but accepted his affections.

The moment was broken when Kagome grabbed the boy's ears and gave him a slight frown, "Cut that out. You're gonna make them think that I'm already taken… not to mention it's rude to kiss in public."

"Huh? It's rude to lock lips in public? That's almost as bad as China for a couple not to hold hands because it's disgraceful."

"The country's rules, not mine." Kagome replied before noticing Ryuga staring at them before smiling at him, "Ryuga-san, this is a distant cousin of mine, Higureshimá Jun. He came in from Rome, Italy to attend To-Oh University." She then turned to 'Jun', "Jun-kun, this is one of my classmates and the second representative from the opening ceremony, Hideki Ryuga."

Jumyō nodded to the mortal, "It's a pleasure to meet you." The black kitsune knew who this guy was, especially when he helped lead Kagome to him.

Ryuuzaki nodded to him, still not sure what to say before the professor walked in and asked everyone to sit. With that, he saw Kagome set her feet on the ground and turned to her right in her seat before telling 'Jun' to sit down next to her.

The blue-eyed male gave her a breathtaking smile before taking the seat next to her.

All during the session, there were times when 'Jun' would touch Kagome or make some sort of physical contact before Kagome would hit him, pinch his hand, or slap said hand or cheek.

Once midday came around, Ryuuzaki decided to invite Kagome and her 'cousin' to the tennis courts where he would be playing a game with Light.

Kagome thought about after gathering her things and replied, "I had never really played tennis before but I would like to watch after talking with some of my professors about my work that was brought in while I was absent, if that's okay."

"That would be fine. What about Higureshimá-kun?" Ryuuzaki spoke before he turned to 'Jun' questioningly. It was amazing to him how this male had shared very similar features to Kagome despite she said that they were distantly related. The only thing that told them apart was gender and the shade of their blue eyes with 'Jun's' being a little darker than Kagome's.

"I can come along since I have nothing to do. And I can meet Kagome-koi at the tennis courts once she's done with her business."

With everyone in agreement, the went their separate ways with Kagome going to her next professor's classroom while Jumyō followed Ryuuzaki outside the building to make their way to the tennis courts to meet Light.

Jumyō was looking forward to meet the little punk who had the gull to write a holy servant's name in the Death Note. He also had to admit that he was looking forward to the boy's reaction to Kagome still being alive and well.

As they were walking to the tennis court, Ryuuzaki spoke up, "Tell me, Higureshimá-san… how long have you and Higurashi-san known each other?"

"I've known her for quite some time, mostly just watching her from afar when she was in middle school. When she turned fifteen, I hadn't been able to see her because I had to move to Rome. But a week ago, I was able to come back to Tokyo and was able to meet her in person. And despite the short amount of time we come in contact with each other, we got along rather well." Jumyō answered while also prepared to answer the question about their relationship.

"Before session, it looked like the two of you were closer… almost like lovers."

"Nah, it's just a habit of mine that I took up while away from Japan- openly show affection while in public. It's just in my nature to show my loved one just how much I care about them."

'Although… it's just really my Kitsune nature to openly show affection and thrive off of physical contact, no matter how small the contact may be…' Jumyō thought with a sensual smirk that wasn't missed by Ryuuzaki. Up ahead, the black kitsune noticed the holder of the Death Note who killed Kagome before he came along. Hovering next to the brunette human was the shinigami, Ryuk.

The renowned detective didn't pay much mind to it before he caught sight of Light heading to their destination.

Light soon took notice of L when Ryuk told him that the strange man was heading toward him. Although, he didn't know who was with him.

Like L, his hair was obsidian but was slightly taller than the detective with sharp deep blue eyes and a physique that could rival a male model.

'Could he be working with L?' Light thought while wondering why the man looked familiar. When they were close enough to him, Light greeted, "Hey, Ryuga." After the hunch man returned the greeting, he asked, "Who's this with you?"

"Ah. This is Higureshimá Jun, Higurashi-san's distant cousin. He just started To-Oh today after coming in from Rome."

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