Title: I'll Be Here Waiting

Ship: Chelsea/Eddie, Chelsea/Ben, Chels/Jake

Fandom: That's So Raven

Rating: K+

Summary: Chelsea is hurt yet again and her shoulder to cry on, once again, comes to her rescue. Unbenknownst to her though her shoulder to cry on is on a short fuse and he's ready to reveal that even though she doesn't see him, he'll always be in the shadow waiting.

Disclaimer: I don't own Disney, That's So Raven, or their actors that bring the characters to life. I own my words, my story and my thoughts. so if you take them be warned by bite is worse then my bark.

"Will you wait for me?" She asked him with that look in her eye. That look of gratefulness, admiration and love for a close friend.

I waited through Jake. . .And I can wait out Ben . . . I could wait forever as long as you never let go He contemplated as he only nodded and gave her that sheepish smile. She smiled reluctantly because she felt bad for doing to him, yet again. But Ben . . .Ben needed her.

She made her way inside with one last look to Eddie and yet another reassurance that she wouldn't take long, well not as long as last time he had come and waited for her.

"No worries girl." Eddie played it off with a laugh and grin that always made her feel warm and loved inside. But she was sure Raven felt the same way when he would give her that grin. She sighed and stepped inside and greeted Ben.

"Hey there baby." She smiled as her hand ran up his, all thoughts of Eddie gone, to stop at his neck. "So what's all the commotion?"

"Come and check this out?" He said entwining his hands with hers and tugging her slightly to the window. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

She took a moment to take in the beauty of the instrument before her. She had never seen something so grand and spectacular in her life. Her free hand caressed it lightly as she gawked at the telescope.

"I knew you'd love it." He grinned as he kissed her on the cheek. "I knew you'd appreciate it baby girl"

"It's beautiful. Almost as much as the beautiful as the objects that it will project when in use." Chelsea said as she looked through the small viewing glass onto the street to find Eddie standing against his car waiting patiently. If only this could look through people and then she'd know what was going through his head. She pulled away and shook her head. Eddie would be thinking about his next jam or maybe possibly even of Raven but never of her. No Eddie never thought of her in that way.

Ben oblivious of the mood change in her awoke her from her thoughts. "You know we can use it tonight." He said kissing her lips lightly as he looked at her. "Come stay with me tonight Chels. We can sit out here on the roof top and go to sleep under the supervision of the small twinkle of our planets natural made light." He then had begun leaving a trail of kisses from her lips to her neck as he gently pushed her hair out of the way. "Just you and me and the stars."

"I don't know Ben." Chelsea replied hesitantly as she mulled over the idea of waking up in his arms and what actions that could lead to. His hands swiftly came around her waist and picked her up so that their eyes met and he kissed her lips as his arm found itself touching her bare skin.

"Baby girl it'll be alright. You'll be with me, in my arms and all we'll do is watch the stars." Ben looked at her sincerely and smiled. "And nothing more princess." Eddie had once called her princess and it seemed majestical in a sort of un realistic way. She had loved hearing it come from his dark chocolate lips. Ben could never have achieved that effect even if he had known he was supposed to.

Chelsea wasn't sure of why or how the words had finally come out. She couldn't even remember the tone or what kind of look she had when she finally agreed to staying over tonight. Right now she had to thing how to ask for permission to stay at his house all night without raising awkward situations between her and her mother.

"Everything ok Chels?" Eddie asked as he turned down the radio and looked at her discomforted face. She was in a bind and she was thinking of what to do about it. Eddie knew her well enough to read her gestures, her faces, her eyes and her everything. "You can tell me princess." There it was that same effect it had the first time he had whispered those words to her on her birthday. Chelsea sighed and looked at him and then thought against it and then looked at him and then once again thought against voicing her problems to him.

"Nothing." She retorted with a half smile. "I just realized I need to talk to Raven." So he turned the car down the familiar street and took her to Raven with a sigh. They said their goodbye's and parted ways.

Chelsea found Raven debating, yet again, with Cory about the most childish and immature things. She laughed shortly and then Raven noted her presence and immediately her quarrel with Cory was forgotten as Raven began to ramble on about this new fashion design or Devon, which ever came first, second and last.

"So what did you tell him?" Raven screamed in a half whisper as she jumped on the bed. "Surely you said no." Raven smiled as she patted her friends arm. " I mean its for the best Chels." She gave her this half truthful look.

"I said yes Ray." She clumped down on her throat as she looked at her reaction.

"Oh my . . .what did your mom say? And Eddie what does he think? Do you know what . . ." Raven's ramblings were lost to Chelsea as she tried to mentally picture how she would tell her mother .Sure to the naked eye sleeping under the stars with a boy is a natural thing. But natural is thrown out the window when the boy is your boyfriend and both are past puberty and anxious to move on to adult actions.

"I haven't asked her Ray. I think she'd flip the lid."

"Ohhh girl. I got your back." Raven said with a snap of a finger. "You tell her your staying at Eddie's."

"What?" Chelsea retorted in shock. "Ray you know I can't lie to mother."

"Tell your you'll be staying at a boys house to study. Eddies a boy ain't he?"

"Well yeah."

"You see you won't be lying, your just evading the whole truth girl, but not lying.:"