Title: I'll Be Here Waiting

Ship: Chelsea/Eddie, Chelsea/Ben, Chels/Jake

Fandom: That's So Raven

Rating: K+

Summary: Chelsea is hurt yet again and her shoulder to cry on, once again, comes to her rescue. Unbenknownst to her though her shoulder to cry on is on a short fuse and he's ready to reveal that even though she doesn't see him, he'll always be in the shadow waiting.

Disclaimer: I don't own Disney, That's So Raven, or their actors that bring the characters to life. I own my words, my story and my thoughts. so if you take them be warned by bite is worse then my bark.

Eddie was chilling with his boys at his house in hopes to get her out of his mind. They would keep him occupied enough to forget her for just a second or two, so he made himself believe but he knew this could not be accomplished, and he'd be at peace. He looked at the youngest one there, Cory Baxter his other best friends younger brother, as he played video games. He sighed to be that young again.

"So Eduardo." Jeremy shouted a bit over the noise as he rose to lower the music. "Tell me bro what's up with you and Chels?" He asked with a grin and sly look in his eye.

"Come on bro." Zachary, a teammate from the basketball team, "What kind of question is that?" He snapped in a harsh tone. "Don't play man."

"What don't tell me you own her."

"No man she's a white chick and we all know the answer to that. It's like asking if the sky is purple?"

"Not following." Cory piped up with a curious look towards Eddie then to the other black teenager.

"Listen up little man it's best you know early. That way you don't get your heartbroken when you's our age. Best to learn the lessons of life early."

"Zach what are you on. Me and Chels are friends."

"See right there. A white chick never digs it with a brother. Sure they'll be your 'friends' but that's as far as it goes." Zach stated as he looked at Eddie. "She would never kiss you Eddie just for the fact that your black and she ain't."

"That's not Chelsea." Cory defended as he got up and looked at Eddie. "She's not like that."

"Your an innocent child. You have lots to learn about the white people and their ways"

"Chelsea has never treated any one of us as if she were superior. Get off your angry black man tirade. Chels is not like that." Eddie stated as he pushed Zach onto the bed. "We're just friends because we both want it that way."

"Sure you do." Devon smiled as he interrupted the conversation. "It's not like we don't see the way your body reacts when she's around. They way your eyes stare at her when she's a mile away to far to notice what your doing."

"We don't see the way you check her out." Jeremy piped up as he slapped Eddie on the back.

"Fess up boy you all over that chick."

"And she ain't giving you no loving back." Zach said in his matter of factly voice. "Listen to the voice of reason brother. It's best you forget the red head doll face and get with one of our own. Because all you'll ever be to barbie doll is a shoulder to cry on and a boy toy in her times of need. Nothing more and nothing less."