This is just something that came to me...Some of Anakin's thoughts on the way the galaxy works. I hope you like it! (Personally, I think it's one of my best poems ever...)

A Chain of Reflections

I'm looking out the viewport of the ship

My eyes sweep the vast expanses of space around me.

An infinite blackness, muffled and silent

Broken only by the silver pinpricked light of stars and planets

Almost in passing, it strikes me

How similar they are to the myriad atoms of the galaxy

And how much they appear to be

Small and perfect, like the tears cried by a billion beings.

And I wonder, why is it like this?

For every star in this galaxy

Somewhere, a tear has been shed.

And for every tear that is shed,

Somewhere, a negative emotion grows stronger.

And I ask myself, why does this have to be?

Jealousy, greed, lust, fear,

Each is an impetus for anger.

A wise mentor once spoke this to me,

"Fear leads to anger,

Anger leads to hate,

Hate leads to suffering."

There is so much suffering around me,

I wonder that others can ignore it.

But why does this have to be?

A tear falls into my hand

And I look out the viewport

Half expecting to see another star.

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