Title: Beauty and the Betty

Ship: Betty/Daniel

Fandom: Ugly Betty

Rating: K+

Summary: Daniel begins to look past the superficial and looks deep inside himself. Unknown he begins to put his life and his sentiments together to reveal one of his biggest shockers yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty or their creators or the actors that bring them to life. I'll admit I have watched only season 1 faithfully. I have no means or ways of sticking to canon, I have knowledge of tidbits here and there . So totally AU. Take it as it is or don't read it if your that stuck on proper details and such. The words are mine, the story is mine and if you take it you'll be punished by law.

"A psycho . . .Psy . .what?" Daniel screamed startling the small assistant, but she was adamant on not moving and looking him straight in the eye. "I'm not mad Betty." He said turning his fingers in circles around his ear for visual effects.

"I'm not saying . . that .. . Sir." Betty Suarez said with a half grin for sometimes she couldn't help herself in thinking that her boss had gone off the deep end once or twice or whenever Whilimena and her gargoyle of a gay boy toy Mark reared around the offices.

He was quick for her, he hadn't spent all this time with her like his personal sidekick to not to be able to read her faces. He looked at her half stunned and half comical. He wiped his lips and then with a small laugh he looked her straight in the eye. "I'm not loony Betty."

"I'm not saying you are Sir."

"Daniel." He stated looking at her, she bit her lip and sighed. It wasn't a hard name to pronounce and he much rather have her call him Daniel then sir. And truth be told he actually liked how she pronounced Daniel more then anyone.

"Daniel." She retorted with a grin.

"Thank you." He said as he opened the door to his office. "And I'll be needing that paperwork done by this afternoon Betty."

"But sir we haven't."

"Good day Betty."

"But..."He was now slightly shoving her out of the office and somehow by pure accident he had managed to slip under her shirt and touch her soft skin.

"Good day Betty." He had turned a bright shade of pink as he quickly relocated his hand to a much more secure place.

"Fine." She resigned as she walked to her desk defeated. You'd of thought she was offering him to a moat full of deathly alligators. But what Betty didn't realize that for Daniel it was just about the same or worse. She was questioning his sanity. She was going against his pride, his dignity, his person. And Daniel didn't take well to people offending or questioning his person. "But in the long run you'll thank me." She had turned to him and retorted with a look of confidence and an air of arrogance.

Betty Suarez Daniel thought as he watched her traffic this way and that at her desk. Was one thing he couldn't get rid of nor did he want to he realized. He admired her, appreciated her for all her good qualities. He laughed then remembering the morning chat about the psycho person that she had set him up on an appointment with that afternoon. Daniel had no time to be quarreling with his inner demons and conversing them with some unknown person. That's what he had his Betty for. Wait did I just think my Betty? Since when did Daniel Meade take Betty Suarez as his own personal object?