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[[ Chapter 1

She was standing out on her balcony . Her pink hair that extended to her shoulders blew in her face against the cool spring breeze. She held in her hand a picture. But this time Sasuke, the blue haired boy she crushed on as an immature adolescent was not in this picture. ( In fact she put that picture away all together. )But this picture was of only herself and her dear friend Naruto Uzumaki. She looked up into the sky as birds flew overhead.

Naruto…Come home soon. She thought to herself. It wasn't to long ago and a few more missions along side him that Sakura Haruno realized something she never thought possible…

Her clock started to chime, telling her it was time to leave off to see Tsunade - Sensei. She sat on her bed and placed the picture back on her end table. She put on her boots, brushed out her hair, gave herself one last look over in the mirror and set off. She arrived at Lady Tsunade's quickly and was right away put to work sorting files and sending out messages to other villages and Shinobi and/or Kunoichi. She mainly despised this chore but it gave her time to think.

Of course the first thing to run through her mind was Naruto. He had left out a week ago for a mission with Master Jiraiya and so far there was no word from the two. This worried Sakura. She had already lost Sasuke…She didn't want to lose Naruto as well. Naruto was her best friend ,besides the other Kunoichi in the village, and he was her support group. Naruto…You better come back! Her inner self screamed. She laughed to herself knowing their was nothing for her to worry about….

" Sakura! We are needed in the ER now!" yelled Lady Tsunade only having time to kick the door open and keep moving. Sakura sprang to her feet grabbing her medical pack. She followed after Lady Tsunade and wasn't paying much attention to notice her stop. ( She nearly bumped into her.) "Who are the patients?" Tsunade asked a nurse whom handed her a clipboard. Tsunade's face went pale in an instant.

" Sensei? What's wrong? Who is….." Sakura was suddenly cut off by her teacher. " Sakura…I want you to go home immediately." She said to her apprentice sternly. " What? Why? Who is it Sensei….." She looked at the Hokage. She herself was in tears. " No…..Sensei….it's not…" Sakura stopped herself. She couldn't bring herself to say it.

" Jiraiya-sama is in the OR. His vital organs are bruised and some are bleeding…." Tsunade said proceeding down the hallway. " and…..what about…..Naruto." Sakura forced herself to say his name. Almost as if she was cursing his very being. Tsunade stopped at a door. It read ' Intensive Care'. She opened the door and Sakura felt her heart stop completely. Her eyes swelled and she couldn't hold back her emotions. She felt herself go numb, holding herself up on the wall. She stood there in place, staring at her friend whom laid in the hospital bed….on the verge of death.

"Good morning Naruto" Sakura said entering the room that occupied her friend. He laid there unconscious. Bandages on almost every inch of his body and hooked up to every medical machine necessary. She sat her bag down by a chair and took a set herself beside Naruto's bed.

She moved some hair out of his face and stared at his almost lifelike body. He looked peaceful, content. She held onto his hand and held it up the lips, gently kissing the back of it. "Wake up soon Naruto. You can't become Hokage if you're just going to lay around." She said making herself laugh.

" How…how is he doing?" Said a sweet, gentle voice from the entrance way. Sakura looked up to see Hinata Hyuuga standing there. She was blushing and behind her back she held a rose and a box of dog treats. " He's getting better. Lady Tsunade says he is out of deaths hands….Who are the flowers and treats for?" Sakura asked already knowing the answer to her question.

" oh!….um….There for…." Hinata started blushing even more. "Kiba and Akamaru." managed to blurt out. Sakura laughed. " He…overworked himself…..and I thought it would be nice….to go see him." She said looking at the floor to hide her face. " That's nice of you Hinata. Give him my best wishes" Sakura said with a smile. Hinata smiled back and went on her way.

Seems like Hinata has found a new crush. Sakura thought to herself. She stared back down at Naruto. She stood up and gathered her things. Visiting hours were almost over and she had work to do for Lady Tsunade. She gave Naruto a kiss on his forehead and went to leave.

Hanging on the door was a calendar. She crossed out another day. " Two whole weeks…" She looked back at Naruto one last time. " Wake up Naruto…"

[[ End of Chapter 1