[[ Chapter 5

Sakura couldn't keep focused the next day. She kept going off into a fantasy land of what she had done the night before. I kissed Naruto! She thought to herself and started to blush.

She was suppose to be organizing missions into there categories, but her mind kept wandering off into naughty little thoughts. She smirked at the thought of a naked Naruto doing wonderful things to her body…

" Sakura!"

She jumped at the sound of Lady Tsunade's voice. She looked up at her with an embarrassed look on her face.

" Sorry Sensei…" She said

" Well at least I know Sai isn't the only artist among us. Just please don't draw 'that' while in public." Tsunade said directing Sakura's attention to what she had been doodling on a scroll.

Sakura let out a squeal and grabbed the scroll with a flustered face and emotion. " I…apologize….sensei" She said trying to hide her picture. Tsunade laughed and went off to do her own work for the day.

Sakura finished quickly and ran home before anyone could stop and talk to her. When she got home she threw her bag down onto the table and didn't care to pick up anything that fell out. She went into her bedroom and sighed at the sight.

Naruto still laid there sleeping. She assumed the rain and stress from last night tired him out a lot. Then again it was only 10:45 in the morning and he had nothing to get up for. She giggled to herself and heard her phone ring.

It was Ino wondering what happened to their plans to go shopping. Sakura sat down with a cup of tea and tried to explain what happened without much detail.

"…So I'm sorry Ino…Tonight?….No I have plans…with Naruto…" She said not paying much attention at all. She was still in a la-la land of fantasy and inappropriate thoughts. She didn't even notice Naruto walk by until she saw he was half dressed.

"um….good morning Naruto-kun" She laughed at his cloths. Boxer shorts was all he wore. " Yes Ino I said Naruto…He stayed the night….what do you think happened?…I have to go bye"

She hung up the phone and went up and hugged Naruto from behind. Naruto smiled turning around and kissing her gently on the lips. " Back so soon?"

" I finished up quickly so we could hang out" She said smiling

" Well what would you like to do Sakura?" He asked tugging at her bra-strap as a hint. Sakura laughed grabbing his hand and pulling him into the bathroom with her.

" A shower sounds nice"


Sakura saw she once again stood in the training field. This time she saw Sasuke standing there.

" Do you love me Sakura?" He asked

Sakura looked behind her to see Naruto still holding his hand out to her. She looked at Sasuke.

" No…" She said with a smile " I love Naruto."

With that said she ran into Naruto's arms.

" I realize…I love you Naruto Uzumaki!"

[[ End of ' I Realize'

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