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"What, no candles?" Harry James Potter Snape spoke from the doorway when he looked around their shared quarters in the dungeons. The green eyes messy haired man grinned when he was suddenly pushed into the room.

Severus pushed past him as he threw his robe over the comfortable red chair that stood near the fireplace. Severus then went to a cabinet to take out a glass and filled it with fire whiskey, drowning it and filling another.

Harry recognized it as what he had come to call the 'unwinding' part. Every day when they returned from dinner, Severus would fill his glass two times, the first time draining the glass quickly and the second one usually lasted him throughout the evening. The dark haired wizard did this because the fact that he said that he needed to unwind from all the stress he got from teaching so many children a day.

Severus sat down with a sigh, dropping his long legs over the coffee table standing there. Staring into the fire, the dark eyes wizard smiled almost wistfully.

Harry still stood fidgeting in the doorway as Severus called out. "Do you need a written invitation, Potter? Do come in!"

"Severus, honestly, it is Potter Snape since this afternoon as you know very well." Harry walked into the room, eyes a bit gloom and his walk stiff. The younger male checked the library and the other rooms as well before he dropped on the couch with a deep sigh.

Severus carefully put his wand away before he beckoned and asked. "Harry, what is the matter?"

"Nothing, Severus, nothing at all…" Severus stilled his movements, looking at Harry but the younger male refused to meet his gaze until Harry finally continued as Severus knew he would. "Well, I had hoped and expected more since it is our wedding night. I mean, we are already lovers but I just wanted it to be special… just this once but I guess I was wrong, I mean you don't do romantic, right Severus?"

The look on Harry's face nearly made Severus run out to get candles ready but instead the man sneered and answered. "Right you are, Potter."

Watching Severus sipping his drink again, Harry sighed again. The older man did not seem his usual self. He seemed too absorbed in his drink and thoughts. Harry had hoped and thought indeed that they would do things differently tonight then normally.

"I am going to bed." He announced, rising to his feet and waiting a moment, hoping that Severus would pull him to the couch and kiss him senselessly. But no such thing happened. Severus merely continued to sip his drink and for a moment Harry wanted to shout something at the older wizard.

Severus had gone out of his way to please Harry today and while Harry accepted everything that Severus did and wanted, but he had hoped that tonight would be something special after the feast. But it seemed that it would not happen because they had just returned from the feast and Severus had danced perhaps one dance with Harry, but that was only because Mrs Weasley had ordered him to.

Harry had checked every room for he would not put it beyond Severus to surprise him but the only room he could not enter had been the bedroom. So cautioned he opened the door, peeping around the door.

The sight that greeted him was the same as before. The four poster bed was in the middle, for once the bedding changed from green and silver to the more neutral blue and grey. No candle or roses were there or anything was out of place to indicate that something had significantly changed within their relationship.

Harry should really have known better. All his life he had learned that people did nothing more then was expected of them. Severus was just the same. They had been practically living together for two years now and Severus had never done anything what he called 'foolishly Gryffindor romantic'. There were the nights when he was pulled down on the couch and ravished there but otherwise, Severus did not really do anything big to please Harry. The earlier appointment today to get married would have been because Severus himself hated being the centre of attention.

Sighing, Harry shook himself mentally. He should not have overreacted so. He pulled off his robe, throwing it over the chair in the corner as he walked towards the bathroom to change into his sleeping attire.

Opening the door, he let out a startled gasp. The entire room was filled with candles which burned and some actually fragranced nicely. The bath was filled to the brim with big soupy white bubbles and even something which could be identified as rose petals was lying on the tile floor. Two glasses and a bottle of champagne, magically chilled were set near the bath tub.

Swallowing thickly, Harry felt tears starting to form in his eyes. Why he was behaving so foolishly was beyond him but nobody had ever done such a thing for him. Well nothing that was so out of character for Severus to even think of being romantic but to actually do it, it meant that the dark haired wizard had wanted Harry to find out like this.

The sneer and the coldness had been an act. Severus had wanted Harry to think that he would not do anything special tonight so the actual surprise would be overwhelming.

And overwhelming it was. Harry could not form any words through the thick lump in his throat and his eyes were burning. He felt such a fierce love for the wizard who was his own and who had gone to such lengths simply to surprise him.

The next moment hands caught his shoulders and Harry was turned to meet the wide smile. Severus' smile faltered when he saw the tears in the green eyes. "Well this was not the reaction I had been hoping for, my brat. Would you care to tell me what I have done to upset you? I thought I was surprising you with this and that it would please you but it seems I have been wrong."

Severus sighed as he gathered Harry closer to him by closing his arms around the smaller man's trembling shoulders. In the years he had known Harry, he had come to see as what others regarded as normal was all extraordinary for the Boy Who Lived. Small things like saying thank you or the slamming of the door when Severus was angry had made Harry flinch in the beginning, even when the younger man tried his best not to show it to him.

But gratefully they had managed to work through it, so now when Severus slammed the door behind him, Harry sometimes barely glanced up. But sometimes, sometimes he managed to catch Harry off guard and got such a reaction, tonight was a similar time.

The shaking of the dark head against his chest made Severus glance down. He raised a dark eyebrow, even when he knew that Harry could not see it and finally his husband lifted his head to give him a big grin, eyes still red and tearful. "I love it, Severus. I thought you did not do romantic."

Severus was caught of guard as the younger wizard nudged him. Harry was beaming and Severus could feel his smile threatening to burst forth again. This had been the reaction he had been hoping for. It had taken some planning to get everything right but when he saw the look in the green eyes he adored, he could not stop himself from chuckling dryly in responds.

"So, fancy taking a bath?" Severus smirked as he saw the widening of the green eyes. He would worship Harry tonight, making sure that like their first time it would be an everlasting memory between them.

Their love was strong and both had their faults as they struggled with daily life but Severus knew that Harry would never demand of him to change. Little by little, Severus had managed to let Harry know that it was alright to make demands in their relationship, such as fidelity. Severus would rather die then ever harm or hurt Harry but it had taken a while until Harry was comfortable enough around him to tell him what he did and did not like, even outside the bedroom.

The green eyes that sparkled with happiness since the year Harry had begun to teach at Hogwarts and Severus found himself vowing never to make sure that anybody ever hurt Harry. There were times when he could throttle the boy but he made sure that whatever they did, they always spoke about their arguments and it happened on occasion that Harry would shout at him, only to surprise him a moment later by turning around and crushing his lips with his own….

Licking his lips in responds, Severus dropped his head to brush his lips with the delicious soft ones of the one that now belonged to him. His hands began to fumble with the buttons that Harry had already undone on his shirt, seeking the tanned flesh underneath.

Harry moaned as Severus reached out with one arm to wrap it around the lithe frame so he could trap Harry against his chest. The quick fingers of the former seeker made quick work of the many tiny buttons.

The clothes fell to the floor and it left Severus standing in his undershirt which Harry soon tore away, much to the amusement of the older wizard. "Oh don't mind the shirt, the heavens know I still have about a million of them." He remarked dryly.

"It was the shirt of the silken boxers, Severus, you pick?" The purring voice left a hot trail down his chest as did Harry's mouth. The potions master was still amazed at how much Harry wanted him when his nickname at school was greasy git.

Harry lifted his head and shot him a smug look at he asked. "Well, what is your answer, professor?"

"I am not even going to dignify that with a responds, Potter." Severus' hand tangled in the dark locks as he tugged the smiling younger male up. He crushed the lips to his own, pushing Harry back until the smaller wizard's back hit the wall.

Two hands on either side of the dark head and the green eyes widened before the smile came again. Severus leaned in closer to growl. "This snake wants a lion, care to make a last wish before you are devoured?"

Harry looked around wistfully before the green eyes locked with the dark ones. Harry grinned but he did not shake his head before he answered. "Only that you make me roar!" Severus went for the kill then, tipping Harry's head to the side and nuzzling his throat, feeling the blood pump through the vein that rested there.

Harry stiffened against him when he felt the erection press against his stomach. Recognizing the gentle changes in the younger male, Severus began planting soft and wet kisses, slowly moving upwards so he could meet the gaze. The last kiss was planting on the soft dewy cheek and then Severus closed his lips over the open ones of his husband, hands gently sliding the jumper off Harry wore.

Sliding his tongue in, Severus deepened their kiss by wrapping one arm around Harry's shoulder, pushing the boy into a deeper intimacy. He felt the younger male surrender to him as Harry slid his arms around Severus' neck, pressing himself against the tall wizard with a deep throaty moan.

Burying his hand on the soft dark hair, Severus shivered when one of Harry's smaller hands travelled down his chest, over his flat stomach and towards the waistband of his trousers. Soon the second hand joined the first and without breaking their kiss, only to allowing a small amount of breathing in, Harry began working the button off and the zipper loose.

Feeling the hands gently push his pants down over his hips, Severus broke the kiss to step back and kicked away his shoes, eyes travelling over Harry's form. The lips were swollen from their gentle kiss and Harry looked flustered, eyes peering over his glasses which had slipped to the end of his nose. The boy was biting his lip between his teeth Severus found the sight quite appealing.

He felt a low growl rise in his throat and the mouths of his lips curled into a smile. "You make a most tasty meal, Potter." He purred and Harry's lips curled into a smile as well.

The younger male pushed himself away from the wall and allowed the open shirt he now wore to fall to the floor, leaving his chest bare. He stalked forward, pressing himself against Severus as he said. "And you wonder why Mrs Weasley said that you behaved like an animal in the bedroom."

Harry quickly undid his belt, hands fumbling with the buttons as Severus' smile only widened as the older man licked his lips in responds, the intense dark eyes focussed upon Harry as the younger male finally bent down to throw his pants into a corner where the rest of the clothes lay.

Uncertain Harry stood in his boxers, looking up at the man he pledged his life with. Severus pushed his own trousers past his knees, easily stepping out of them as he moved closer to Harry with two steps so they were face to face, Harry looked up into the face. "After all this time you are still uncertain in my presence. Have you not spent enough time with me to know that the sight of you naked or clothed arouses my attention?"

One dark eyebrow lifted as Severus rested one hand on Harry's tense shoulder, the other hand gentle brushing Harry's cheek. The abuse filled childhood still lefts it marks into the now adult man. Every day Severus could see the signs, through lesser and lesser, when the younger male dressed or when they made love. It was only a moment that it came, usually before they both lost themselves in the throes of passion but Severus wanted it to end.

He did not mind reassuring the younger male with slow guided touches and kisses and Harry had opened up fully to him after a few months. Harry could read him well enough now as few in this world had ever can. He could see the smile beginning to form hesitantly upon the lips as Harry slowly traced one scar that ran across Severus' abdomen, causing the older wizard to exhale slowly at the feather light touch that only aroused him further.

Severus glanced down before meeting Harry's look again. "You are scared but you wear the scars with pride but those are scars that nobody can see unless you lift your shirt. But everybody thinks they have a say in my life because of my scar and because of what my scar means. Yet in my first memories I was told that I was a freak because of what I was. I am not the most attractive male around Hogwarts but I…."

Holding up his hand for silence, Severus watched as Harry complied immediately as the older wizard leaned in closer, one long hand brushing back the hair so he could whisper in Harry's ear. "You are beautiful when you smile. You make my blood run cold when you laugh and when you look at me with those haunting green eyes you turn it into liquid fire. I treasure the times when I hold you at night, glad that I am the one to chase away the nightmares. I love waking up with you in the morning, knowing that you are the one who chose me, regardless of how I look or appear. And now when you look at me like that, you make me trembling with passion. Is that the reassurance you were looking for?"

Harry glanced to his right, eyes focussing upon the gentle smile on the pale face of the man he had come to love. He could only nod as Severus straightened again and softly continued. "I intend to make this time memorable so if you are willing, Harry…. But if you do not want it then say so. I do not wish to do anything you don't want to do."

In responds Harry glanced down, grinning up at him as he softly countered. "Well, sir, I am painfully aroused and unless that is a wand you have in those silken boxers, then I think you are as aroused as I am. And you did kind of promises that you would live up to your expectations tonight, Severus."

"Cheeky brat." Severus sighed, making use of the distraction to quickly grasp the smaller man around the waist and unceremoniously dumped him in the bathtub. Harry came up sputtering, his glass wet and the dark messy hair framing his face.

Severus smirked and he soon had joined Harry in the bathtub, his hands quickly throwing the other's boxers out of the tub and arranging Harry so the younger man was quickly purring underneath his hands, rubbing against his chest and then Harry pushing his lips once more against Severus', rubbing their cocks together so they both came at the same time.

Feeling the wet head coming to rest against his shoulder, Severus forced his breathing to slow down. As usual Harry came quickly, recovering even quicker. The older wizard chuckled softly as he felt the younger male stir in his arms, nuzzling closer against the wet skin with a deep sigh.

He looked down at the sleepy male. In the two years since Harry had been his lover, the younger wizard had shown a remarkable stamina and passion which could be initiated with gentle words and fingers. Severus did not always need to come himself; it was enough to bring Harry release.

He could still remember his own teenager days fondly when he was easily aroused and while his stamina was still good, he could not even begin to hope to best Harry in the bedroom. But he had years of experience so he could teach Harry and the younger male proved an eager student when he finally lost the embarrassment that young teenager always had when they had their first lover.

Gentle rousing Harry by tousling the wet locks, Severus softly murmured. "The bed is a nice place to adjourn to, my brat."

Harry murmured something too soft for even Severus to hear as the younger male began to stir and he began to climb out of bed, still sleepy/. Their lovemaking had pushed Harry over the edge for the younger male looked ready to drop and as Harry began to dry himself off, his head barely with the process so Severus finally wrapped his robe around the younger male, startling him.

"Sorry about that…." Harry murmured, causing Severus to smile as he led Harry to their bedroom as he wrapped a robe around himself. He watched Harry climb into bed, settling among the blankets and pillows with ease.

With a wave of his wand the bathroom was left in the normal state and their clothes had returned to the hangers as Severus carried the champagne glasses to the room. The gentle snores that reached him made him grin as he placed the glasses on the bedside table.

The morning he would greet Harry with a gentle kiss and breakfast in bed with the champagne, assuring the younger male of his love and he was sure that the sleepy smile he would receive would no doubt send him over the edge again but it did not matter now as he climbed into bed beside Harry, the younger male immediately spooning against him and as he knew he would give Harry Potter the life he deserved, he could resign himself to his fate as long as it would only be sometimes that he had to do something 'foolishly Gryffindor romantic' once in a while simply to see the wonderful smile and as he gathered his young husband close, he smiled, knowing he was happy for the first time in his life.

The end

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