Rogue Fox Armageddon Soul

Chapter I


What does it take for a hero to lose all hope in himself, the universe, and the one he loved?

Fox McCloud, always a legendary hero of the Lylat System, now lost all hope and will. After the war with the Anglars, Fox learns the true meaning of love to late to redeem his one and only.

Krystal had been with him every step but after being heart broken by Fox McCloud she refuses to accept his apology. Now a part of Star Wolf and with her new love Panther, Krystal leads her life playing for the other team.

Ashamed with himself, as Fox falls away; his second identity begins to rise, his alternate ego. The one that was once the epic hero of the Lylat System now resorts to a world of crime and violence as his rouge takes hold of him. He wants nothing to do with any of his friends, and especially his ex-love. Visions of her still cloud and delude his memory and minds eye.

No longer under his own control, McCloud take's it to the next level. The one who is Fox McCloud must die.

He no longer wants to be Fox McCloud. He no longer wants to be anybody, his heart broken just in time for him to learn the true meaning of love.

Rouge holds Fox by the tightest grip and the hero, now becomes the enemy of the System. Once made to save Lylat is now threatening its very existence. Only one can stop him and save the Lylat System along with all other existence.

It's up to Krystal to see the light, save Fox and the rest of Lylatian kind. But only one rule applies to Fox McCloud now, there are none. Fox fakes his own death and tries to get a clean and fresh start. As always he resorts to a military program, but he drafted into what is only known to the public as "Project Slayer."

Authors Note:

Thank you all for supporting my stories. These would not be possible with out many friends and supporters.

I thank you for the initial inspiration for this story

-Blackline: "The Sands"

-Tracenine: "Let Me Go"

-Dropping Daylight: "Blame Me"

-Testing Tomorrow: "Miss Belief"

Your music is awe inspiring and much of the credit can go to these bands for there amazing work and music.

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Rated T: Censored foul language, graphic descriptions of blood and violence, mildly suggestive scenes