Chapter one: A jump in a new life

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Meg, it's 7.30 AM! I'm gone now, bye!"

Megan woke up. The indicators were pointing at the 8 and the 6. "Crap.." She said. She stood up, stretching her arms. Again an average, boring school day. When she was putting on some clothes, she had a melody stuck in her head. While she ran downstairs, for breakfast, she realized the house was empty, only she was still there.

"Perfect," she thought. Meg saw at the table a post-it laying, with some money.

'Meg, I'm at my work. Love, mom. P.S. Here is your pocket money.' She read. Megan smiled. Meg was her nickname, everybody she knowed called her Meg.

"Meg! Why are you late?" her handcraft teacher asked, sitting at her desk. Meg looked at her. "I'm sorry, my clock was broken. My cat jumped trough it.."

The teacher swayed with her hand. "I'll won't notice it this time, but please try to be on time."

Meg grinned nervously, and went to the table where her friends sat. "Man, what happened this time?" Jasmin asked.

"Well, like usually I fell in sleep after the clock ringed."

Meg said grinning. Mindy laughed. "Bed is always much more finer in the morning than in the evening." She said. Meg grinned. Her friends always knew to cheer her up. "Attention, we're gonna make a box with a memory." The teacher said. "Miss? Why do we have to do this?" a girl cried. Bet that was a prep, Meg thought.

The hours flied away, and before she knew she was on her bike, driving home. WITH her pocket money. "Meg!" Jasmin shouted. Meg slowed down, and looked backwards. Jasmin and Mindy were driving to her. "You like those retro stuff, am I right?" Mindy said. "Yes." Meg said. "Well," Jasmin began. "This morning opened a retro store in the mall. Maybe you find something nice for your room!"


"It's true! I saw it in the paper this morning." Meg did a high-five with both, and droved to the store.

She wasn't expecting she would buy something. But her thoughts flied away when she entered the store.

The walls were painted pastel purple, and the floor was bright white. At the walls hung paintings, and on the green table stood a bunch of lava lamps. "Hello miss, can I help you?" a calm male voice said. Meg looked down to a man from in his 40ies, dressed like a hippie. Meg looked at his round, small Lila glasses. "Well, I heard this shop was new, and I.. Just wanna look.." Meg said. "Okay," the man said.

Meg walked down the store, and saw cool stuff: paintings hanging at the wall, chairs and coaches in all colors of the rainbow, and tables, in pastel colors.

Then she walked to a pastel blue table, with a purple lava lamp on it. Meg stared at it, and she felt something stared.. back. It was like she was bewitched by the lamp. She kept staring at it.

"Can I buy this one?" Meg said, before she knowed. "Of course, miss." The man said. He went to the counter, and settled it up. "That's $5." He said. Meg took her wallet, and bought it. It was so cheap. Why should he make it that cheap?" Here you go, and have a nice day." The man said with a smile. Meg smiled back, and walked with her new-bought lava lamp to her bike.

When she was home, her mother was there, too. "Hi honey! Why did you stay away that long?" she asked, while kissing Meg on the cheek. "Jasmin and Mindy noticed a very cool retro store, and I went to it…" Meg started. "..And you bought something." Her mom continued smiling. "Never mind. What did you bought and how was school?"

"School was okay, I was late but the teacher didn't notice me, luckily. And I bought this!" Meg said while showing her lamp. "Nice!" her mother said. "I'm going upstairs, taking my books and putting this on!" Meg said, and went upstairs.

When she throwed her schoolbag on her bed, she putted the lava lamp on her messy desk.

She putted it on, and… nothing happened. Meg pouted.

She went to her bag, and putted it upside down, so that the books fall down on the purple floor. Then she looked back at the lavalamp. She thudded down at her blue office chair, looking a bit sad. She took the lava lamp, and rubbed it. "C'mon you, dammit!" She said. Meanwhile, she noticed her black kitty was sleeping near her pillow.

From nothing, a huge flash came out of the lamp, and the whole bedroom was filled with blue smoke. After that, another flash came out, and in a beam of smoke, something appeared, stretching its arms. When the most smoke was gone, Megan saw something that was supposed to be a man. At his tan arms were golden bracelets, his curly black hair was with a yellow fez up in a tail, he whore black sunglasses over his violet eyes, and he whore a teal suit without sleeves, with a red bowtie and matching belt, with under that a teal tail.

He was phoning someone. "So I said: No way… Yes, I know.." He saw Megan sitting, with her mouth open. "Gotta go." He said, and hung up his phone. "I am Norm, genie of the lavalamp! You must be my new master, and I have to grant you 3 wishes!" he said. He snapped his fingers, and a board appeared behind him, with the characters NORM on it.

Meg rubbed her eyes, but when she looked back Norm was still floating in the air above her his lamp. Norm rolled his eyes, snapped his fingers again and a sandwich appeared. Meg looked at it, then she looked back at Norm. "…wow." Norm grinned. "Are you gonna eat that sandwich or what?" he said, putting his hand at his hips. "er… No, not really." Meg stuttered. "Whatever. Then I'll take it." Norm said, taking the sandwich and biting in it. Meg saw him eating, realizing she wasn't dreaming, while Norm was scanning the room.

"Is this your room?"


"Quite dark. And what's your name?"

"Megan. But please call me Meg, like everyone does."

"Let's go on with that wishes." Norm said, crossing his arms. "What is your first wish?"

"Uuh… I dunno.." Meg said, starting blushing. "C'mon, think! You can wish for a thousand dollars, loads of prada shoes, and all the boys adore you!" Norm said. "Meg burst out in laugh. "Like I'm gonna wish for… Prada!" she said. Norm looked a bit confused. All the female masters he had, wished for something like that. "Anyway. What's your wish, kiddo?" he asked. Meg walked to her bed, where her kitty was still sleeping. She sat down on her bed, and started to care her kitty. "I seriously dunno. I should wish for homework free for the rest of my life, stopping the wars in the world, or I could wish for no longer famine.." she said.

"Are that your wishes?" Norm said. "No!" Meg said. "I mean, can I have some time to think about it?" Norm pouted. "Well, okay." He floated down, to Meg's office chair. "Well, tell me something about you." He said. Meg froze. Norm noticed it, but he didn't say anything.

"Well.. I'm Meg, I like to draw, read and technology stuff, watching tv, and cartoons. I also like animals and traveling." Meg said. Norm nodded. "I suggest you can wish for another cat?" he grinned, laying back. Meg smiled. "No, my parents would notice it.. And I wouldn't give my other cat an hart attack!" she laughed. "Well, what's about you?" Meg asked, and turned to Norm. Norm's eyes jumped open. He could tell her about his naughty (ahem) past..

"Well.. I did some stuff I bet you wouldn't be proud of!" he said. Meg raised her eyebrows. "You killed someone?" She said, with a flew of happiness. "Oh no, let me guess, you killed someone with a bazooka, and.." she stood up, and walked to her schoolbag, taking her books for the next day. "And you cutted his body in parts, and you dropped the organs in sea!"

Norm was speechless. What kind of psycho was this girl!? "Are you on vacation from the.." he started. Meg laughed. "Everyone thinks that. But no, I'm just interested in that kind of stories." Meg said. "…Okay." Norm said, frowning his eyebrows.

The kitty woke up, and yawned. Meg went to it. "You're my cutie-pie, heh? Yes you are…" Meg said, caring it. Norm was speechless again. This girl was just talking about killing people with bazooka's and now she was caring her kitty! "Ahem," he coughed.

"Sorry if I scared you; I always says what I think. I get regular in trouble for that." She smiled. At Norm's face raised a smile. Meg looked at her watch. "Shit!" She went to the cupboard where her books laid, and started pulling the drawers open. "What's up?" Norm asked. "It's late, I have to do my homework!" Meg said, stressed. Norm raised his eyebrows, grinning. "You can wish your homework was done.." Meg laughed. "That wouldn't be fair."

Norm eyes jumped open. "You're crazy!" he shouted. "Yes I am." Meg said smiling. She took her agenda and looked in it. She slammed it close. "I must do a few exercise for English." Meg said with a relief. Norm rolled his eyes. Meg swept the mess (including magazines, books, earrings, necklaces and pencils) off her desk. "MEG!! WHAT WAS THAT?" her mom yelled from downstairs. "Mickey destroyed my desk!!" Meg yelled back.

Norm flied to the book beam, and took one. "Do you mind?" he asked. Why the hell did I asked that? He asked himself, in silence. "Nope, act like you're home." Meg said, and turned back to her desk, to do homework. Norm readied the name of the book. 'Charmed, the power of three." He said in himself. He putted it back, and saw the collection of gems.

"Well, that's done!" Meg said suddenly. Norm froze, but he repaired in a second.

"MEG! Dinner time!!" her mom yelled again. "I'm coming!!" Meg yelled. She took her schoolbag, full of books, and went to the door. "Well, Norm I'm sorry… I'll see you after dinner, okay?" She said nervously. Than, she was gone. Norm noticed it. "Well, that's that for now. Let's sneak into her stuff.." He said, grinning sneaky. He flied over to her desk, what was full of jewels, magazines, papers, pencils and fineliners. Then he saw her black kitty, Mickey, sleeping on Meg's bed. "And who are you, little brat?" Norm said, poking Mickey's nose. Mickey opened one eye, then closed it and turned to the other side. Norm frowned. "Stupid little cat." He saw under the desk, two pink pillows laying, next to a white shoe-box.

Norm had a sneaky shining in his eyes. "I wonder what's in it…" He had almost the lid off, when he felt something fluffy was at his tail. "Oh, smoof!" He said angrily. "Get of me, cat!" He tried to get rid of it, to sway very hard with his tail, but Mickey still had grip.

"Meow." She said. Norm frowned his eyebrows, and putted her back on the bed. "Sleep, and leave me alone." Mickey started washing herself. Norm rolled his eyes. He looked around the room. On the desk was a big mess, but he could recognize an iPod, a mobile phone, and black bracelets. He floated to the small corridor, next to Meg's bedroom, with a wooden closet in it. He opened it, and saw a bunch of colors. Mostly Black, pink, purple and blue. He saw a blue tee with the text: 'Get out of My Space!' Another one, a black one with red, which was saying: 'LALALA I can't hear you LALALA'. He grinned. This girl had humor, tough she was weird. He saw Mickey walking into the closet. "Oh no, you don't.." He said, sweeping Mickey softly away with his tail. He floated back to the room, Mickey followed him.

She jumped into his arms. "Meow!" she did. Her green eyes sparkled. Norm sighed annoyed, and putted the cat on the desk. She walked on it, sniffing at everything, then she jumped at the bed, and thudded down. At the angle of the pink door, another, older cat showed her head into the room. Norm saw it, and gasped. He smacked with his hand at his forehead. "Great, how many cats do they have?" he asked himself, floating down the bed, lying at it with his hands behind his head. "Just two." Meg said, while she was opening the door, sweeping her mouth clear with her sleeve. "Looks like you like it here." Meg said. She putted a black bag at the desk, and opened it. There was a laptop in it. Norm raised an eyebrow. "Just for fun," winked Meg. "I'm a hardcore teckie."

Norm floated to the window, where you had an large view at the backyard, and the area. You could watch a kilometer far. "Nice view you have here," he said. "Yeah, but after 5 years it's betting a bit boring" Meg said. Norm floated over her. "What cha doing?" he asked. Meg clicked it away, a bit blushing. "Nothing." She said. "C'mon, don't lie to me!" Norm said, putting his hands at his hips. "I know there was something. Are you to shy to show it to me?" he said brutal. "Actually, yeah." Meg said, fast thinking. "I was searching for pics from a Disney movie." Norm tried to hide his amusement. "Really?"

"You don't believe me, do you?"


"I don't care." Meg said finally, ending the discussion. Norm sighed of annoying.

This girl hide something…


Autors´s note: Here is the first chapter of Wicked Wishes! Enjoy, Im busy with writing chapter two... and making the title card!