Unknown Facts About the Naruto Characters

I was REALLY bored when I decided to write this and on top of that I have a cold so what else to do but sit on my ass and write yet ANOTHER fanfiction. At the same time I am waiting for my dad to get home so I can go over my crazy friend Natalie's house to just chillax and make fun of Sasuke and stuff. Enough about me. These are just some facts about the Naruto characters that you didn't know. Hope you like it!

1.) You know Godzilla? Yeah...that was Choji.

2.) Gaara is cookie monster.

3.) Sasuke lives on emo farm with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

4.) Have you ever noticed that Orochimaru looks just like Michael Jackson but with longer hair?

5.) Sarutobi is a child molester. That is why he smiles around all the little kids...especially little boys.

6.) Gaara is the person who came into your house the other day and stole all of your cookies and coffee.

7.) Sarutobi isn't the only one who rapes little boys...Orochimaru does too.

8.) Sakura has facial hair (mustache, beard, ext.) and that is why Sasuke throws up every time he looks at her.

9.) Kankuro "plays" with his puppets. . .

10.) Gaara is in cookie rehab now. I found him in the bathroom. He had a spoon with cookie dough on it and a lighter and he was like "C'mon get warm! GET OUT!"

11.) Jaraiya went to women rehab. When he came back, he announced he was gay. That was one of the deleted scenes that they couldn't show you...not even on the box set.

12.) Kisame wears pink nail polish.

13.) From time to time Deidara likes to make out with his hand.

14.) Haku got so tired of people calling him a girl that he got a sex change and now he really IS a girl.

15.) Jaraiya is the person who sang "Baby got back"

16.) Orochimaru has one snake that Sasuke has not seen yet. . . . .

17.) The only reason that Lee ran 500 laps around the world is to get away from Gai Sensei when he told Lee that he would wax his eyebrows like his.


19.) Neji is a ballerina.

20.) You know the world is coming to an end when Choji says "I can't eat another bite!"

21.) Those blank cards that Kabuto has. . . they are really Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

22.) You also know the world is coming to an end when you go up to Shikamaru and ask him what 1+1 is and he doesn't know.

23.) In starwars, Deidara was like "Ino...I am your father!"

24.) They don't call Tsunade the HOkage for nothing.

25.) Itachi sings "I'm too sexy for my hair." in the mirror almost every day.

26.) Sasori is Gaara's long lost brother.

27.) Orochimaru got kicked out of the Akatsuki. He was raping little boys and giving a bad impression for the Akatsuki.

28.) Sakura is so ugly that even Naruto can't believe it.

29.) Hinata is the one who killed Hubert, Shino's favorite bug...and never even apologized!

30.) And finally...Shukaku is a rockstar.


Hope you liked the FF. I'm thinking about making another unknown facts one so if I missed a character that you want me to put in here tell me and I'll think of something.