chapter one
i wore my white dress

"Aren't you going to come too?" she had teased him with a small smile spread across her pretty pink lips freshly touched up with fresh layers of candyfloss lip gloss. It was obvious how hard she'd tried for the party (only 'cause it's 'cause it's Kairi's birthday, Roxas!) and the sight of her with her hair up and face shining was only a little off-putting. The only thing that reminded Roxas that it was Naminé, best friend Naminé who sat in the corner all through Kindergarten with a sketchbook and chipped wax-crayons, was that small smile and white dress.

She always wore white, and as a result was easy to pick out in a large crowd. Of that he could always be sure of, so even with the large blue eyes staring out from under curtains of make-up he knew it was her. It was a comfort, proof that she hadn't completely morphed into another being overnight.

"Hmn… Lemme think…" Roxas paused, leaning against the wrought-iron railings that ran around Kairi's house with one thumb hooked under his chin as if he were deep in thought. Ha.

Naminé shoved him in the side playfully with a swift air of indignation – she knew that look, that 'I'm-going-to-pretend-I-might-answer-with-anything-other-than-no' pose. The only time he ever actually concentrated was when he was factoring out his integers in Algebra under the watchful gaze of Mrs. Yunalesca. Much of the other time the only things on his mind were eating, sleeping and skateboarding.

"Why won't you go-oo-oo?" she pleaded as if her very life depended on it, stretching her words in that typically cute little kiddie way she'd done ever since the first time she met Roxas in the park.

Roxas, being a brat and a stubborn brat at that, hadn't budged on the matter and had stuck by her side ever since. Apart from now, of course, for reasons he was about to list.

"Well, one thing is I don't like Kairi. She's your friend. Plus I'm pretty sure Riku doesn't like me either. Sora's my own twin and going to a party with him there constantly whispering over my shoulder saying stuff like 'by the way, Rikku says you're to tidy your room when you get back' or 'Rikku says you're dead if you get another F in Algebra' would be way uncool. And speaking of Algebra, I really need to get that homework done and work on the lousy integers."

Yes, he'd been stubborn then and he was stubborn now.

Naminé sighed as the reasons washed over her, holding up her hands as if it would protect her from the barrage of words. He would not be swayed on the matter.

"Oh fine, okay, I get it. Geesh, Mr. Social Reject." But she tacked another one of her smiles onto the end of it, all of the same. Naminé never meant her insults, and even if she did they were always very feeble ones – if Seifer started on her (mostly, Roxas suspected, because he'd asked her out and she'd said no, thus putting a huge dent in his pride) Roxas always had to step in and protect her.

That would probably be why nobody really liked Roxas. If anybody dared to be his friend (not that he'd want them to, Mr. Social Reject that he was and appeared to be) Seifer would decapitate them. Really, behind that ludicrous ensemble and 'lamer' jab, he was pretty intimidating. Not you'd have thought it from the stupid outfit.

"Kay. Bye, Roxas," she said, spinning around and walking up the stone steps that lead to the door of Kairi's house, narrowing her eyes slightly at a lone spider scuttling along the bricks and mortar.

And thaat was the last Roxas saw of her, a big flurry of brilliant bright-white dress as she was ushered indoors by Kairi's ever-twinkly chime-like laugh, cliché in every sense of the word because she was a 'good little girl'.

Roxas thought idly, as he mooched down the monochrome black-and-white street to an exciting evening of multiplying fractions out of brackets, that he'd never gotten to say goodbye back.

Goodbye, Naminé.

a.n: a random halloween-esque fic i decided to write. i tried to give it a different style to this piece and make it all weird-ish and disturbing. all chapters will be pretty short, not how long the whole story will be, not sure when it will be updated, only got a vague plot idea. just a random something i wanted to try out. based loosely on the song happy birthday by the birthday massacre.