Joey Wheeler: The brother of Serenity Wheeler and a debt of 1000000000 yen.

Serenity Wheeler: The sister of Joey Wheeler and a blind girl she will be very soon.

Chapter 4: ATTACKED?!

A child...? thought Serenity, prying her eyes to open, when she got her eyes open, she felt her body was up in the air, she turned her body the other way. Instead if her looking at the dark sky, she was looking at a child who was mere at the age of six...his eyes widen, he stood there stiff. Not moving,. Serenity's eyes widen, not aware of what was going on, all she thought of was to protect the child, her arm were wide open as if she was getting ready to hug him, when she reached him, grabbing him along with her.

She felt her arms around the small child, who was frighten, crashing onto the hard cement, rolling down somewhere. A white smoke spread out as Serenity and the child came down from the crash, Serenity took one last look at the child and said, "Don't worry..." the child stared at her with a surprise wide eyes, the girl who he hardly knew was smiling at him, before closing her eyes...a small smile crease from her lips...

"Serenity!!" shouted Joey, dashing towards where Serenity and the child laid. So many thoughts and movements were in his mind, all he could do was to see if Serenity was still alive... was

"Riku!!" shouted two voices at once, two shadows came dashing down to where their son and an unknown women laid.

"What happen?!" demanded a male voice, he was breathing down hard, as if something horrible happen to his son. He was wearing a suit, his hair was spike up.

"Serenity!!" Joey called again, this time he was kneeling against Serenity's body, the child was crying fearfully as the young female came and hugged the child.

"Seto!! Answer me!" demanded the male voice again, the man called "Seto", only sighed and said, "One of my body guard was have a little fun with that man over there," he said, pointing to Joey who was gently reaching for Serenity's hand, "and the girl came in and got attacked, then Riku showed up."

"ATTACKED?!" roared Joey, who stood up, "SHE WAS HIT WITH A WOODEN BAT!! AND THIS CHILD CAME IN!!" looking very upset about what he said.

"WHAT?!" ask the female voice, who was shocked that something like that could happen to a young women.

"What..." called out a weak voice, the people around her looked alarmed and Joey, kneeled down to Serenity, rasing her head with his hands.

"What happen...?" she ask, looking around, blood was oozing from her bat wound and blood was starting to come out of her mouth, you could see a small blood trail from her mouth to her chin.

"Whatta 'member?" Joey asked, holding one of Serenity's hand.

"I remember being hit with something hard, and then I saw a child, in front of me, scared. I didn't know what to do, all I could think about was to shield the child, and then I blackout." she said, trying to think back, her head was hurting her, and her vision was a little blurry.

"Brother... why is everything blurry?" she ask, looking a little dizzy, Joey's eyes widen.

"Stay with me!!"

"I'm tired... maybe I need some sleep, Big Brother..." she said, as her eyes slowly close, but her breathing was alright.

"Come. We have to get her inside, other wise she'll freeze." said a female voice, suggesting to a answer, carrying the child with her, the young male ran to the female and nod his head. Joey took both of his arms and ran them under Serenity's back, lifting her up, carrying her in a bridal style, of course he was still hurting, but all he could think about was to make sure that his sister was alright and nothing else could go wrong...

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