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We sat in the car for the remaining hour of the day. Soon enough, the students began to pour from the classroom doors and the teachers followed soon after.

We waited patiently for Mrs. Black to emerge. Edward said that she was finishing up cleaning her classroom and she would be out in a few minutes.

After some time, she walked out the back door, locking it behind her and began walking towards her car. You could tell that she was looking for us; her eyes were wild as they searched the parking lot for any kind of movement.

"Let's go." Edward swiftly opened his door, running to mine, always the gentlemen.

"Mrs. Black?" Edward called out as we neared her car. I assumed it was to let her know of our presence, not wanting to frighten her.

Of course that didn't happen. She must have jumped several feet into the air, her hand flying to her chest.

"Oh gosh. I didn't see you there. You scared me."

"My apologies. I was trying to refrain from that." he flashed her his award winning smile and took another step forward.

She didn't seem frighten of us or our presence, now that we had announced ourselves. She made no move to back away or like she was shaking with fear.

Before anyone could say anymore, three tan, very familiar, men emerged from the forest. Hands shaking and trembles running through their bodies.

"Hello, Heather." I knew that was Sam, his features had not changed and even through my change, my human memories never faded. The one to his right I knew was Paul, his temper that worst, which was flaring at the moment. He had his eyes fixated on us. And the one on his left was a one I never saw before. I assumed another descent of the Quileute.

"Hello, Sam," Edward's voice was calm, not one bit agitated or worried. His eyes still a warm topaz, but watching the wolves as if they were preparing to run.

"What do you think you are doing so near her?" he skipped the pleasantries and went straight to the question.

"I believe I should start from the beginning."

"I think that that would be wise. Go ahead." He tucked his arms across his chest and the other two flanking his sides followed in time. It was all too creepy.

"As you know, another member of my coven, Alice, can see visions of things to come. But she can not see you, I will not go into details of why this is, and really we don't know exactly why either, but when one of us or any humans for that, decide to mingle their fate with yours, they too disappear.

"Well, of course, that is indeed what we are doing right now. So this morning, most of my coven's future disappeared early this morning. Of course, that struck worry of why, but when we arrived to find that a certain unpleasant smell on campus, which we know all too well, it explained a lot.

"We went on with our day, finding nothing unusual. But when we arrived at our last class, held with Mrs. Black, things turned upside-down.

"Long story short, we talked with Mrs. Black for a few minutes, before other students arrived. She kindly excused us from class and we waited in the car. We did however; make arrangement to met Mrs. Black after school hours. Because I don't know about you, but I think we have a few things to discuss." He finished, still calm.

Sam nodded his head slightly, thinking deeply. "I do agree, there are some things to discuss," he spoke calmly, a different façade taking over his face. "Why don't we make arrangements to met somewhere in the forest tonight? Say 11 o'clock."

"Yes, that should work. I know a clearing that we should be able to met. And no humans should find it of course. Go six miles north from your territory, straight to the ranger's station, go west for another four miles and you should come across it. We will be waiting."

"Sounds good. Till then." He turned to Mrs. Black. "Jacob will be waiting for you at home. You should get going."

"I want to come tonight, Sam. Please let me come." She stepped closer to him, giving him a sullen look.

"Why don't you ask your husband that question?" he grinned at her, like he knew the answer.

"Because you know as well as I do, that he would rather tie me up and lock me in the closet for a few hours, then have me be around the whole pack and a coven of vampires. Please, if you tell him I am able to come, you know that he can't resist. Pretty please, I promise to baby-sit for you for a month." She smiled up at him again.

"Emily can baby-sit just fine." he started to walk away.

"I didn't want to resort to this, but you are asking for it." She sighed and then began again. "Well then I guess I should just tell Emily about that one thing you told me to never mention to her. And I know that you know what I am talking about. Especially by that look on your face." She stepped closer and held his face in her hands. "You know, Sam, that's really not a good look for you." She smiled up at him. Her hands were clasped together in front of her, swinging back and forth on her heels. She looked like a small child that just blackmailed her parents into getting her candy.

I couldn't help but let a fit of giggles over come me. Not to mention, the look on Sam's face was priceless. I had spent my majority of time with the pack when I was still human and after Edward had left me. I had never seen someone get Sam to look so shocked and speechless.

"I guess that answers my question. See you late Sammy. And I look forward to seeing you Edward and Bella too." With that said, she climbed into her car, waved at Sam and speed out of the parking lot.

"Man, that was perfect. What exactly does she have on you, Sam?" the two prospect of werewolves howled next to him in laughter, seeming to ignore the fact that two of their enemies, vampires for that matter, were watching the scene in disbelief.

"Shut up, Seth. Come on; let's return back to the reservation. We have plenty to tell them." His face was once again composed, although his teeth audibly clenched as he tried to control his anger whether it was because of the surrounding vampires or the trick Heather had just pulled on him, I was unsure, but I was leaning towards the latter one.

"The pack will see you tonight. Until then." He nodded in our direction, before strolling casually into the forest, the other two flanking his side, just as they came.

If it's no ones fault,
there's just no one to blame and nothing to say.
This time it's no ones fault.

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