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Gentle-Fist Massage

Shikamaru Nara yawned, as he walked beside Neji Hyuga; Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka keeping a steady pace ahead of them. They were on their way back to Konoha, after a very long mission that took them to the Land of Earth. The small group only had about a day's long journey left for them, Shikamaru hardly being able to wait to arrive home. His body ached and he felt thoroughly exhausted, which he knew the others were feeling as well, based on their actions, or rather the lack there of.

The ladies in front had barely squabbled at all since they left the Land of Earth, which indicated to him fatigue. The Hyuga next to him didn't show any signs, but he must have been, considering all the work he had done during their mission.

The sun was beginning to set, and Shikamaru was relieved to see an inn sitting peacefully on the roadside. Steam rose from behind the building, and he sighed in relief. The inn had some hot springs. His back was feeling very sore and his feet ached.

"Well, Shikamaru," Ino asked, looking at him. "Are we staying at the inn, or do we keep going?"

As the squad leader, only Shikamaru could give a final decision. He nodded his head. "Yeah, we'll stay there for the night. I could use a good soak in a hot spring."

Without any objections, the group got rooms for the night.

Shikamaru was quick to undress and sit in the steamy water of the hot spring. He could feel his back muscles start to relax, and he leaned back against the stones, sighing heavily. He looked up at the ever-darkening sky, watching as stars started glittering from the darkness. Crickets chirped nearby, and the smell of fresh incense filled his senses. It was so… peaceful. The chunin hadn't been able to relax like this for a long time, and was starting to doze off.

Water splashing a bit made him turn, knocking him from his daze, to see Neji sitting beside him.

There was something… different about the Hyuga. Shikamaru looked carefully at how the soft reflections from the little bit of light danced on his toned skin. It seemed to be luring the Nara to come closer. His dark eyes drifted up to Neji's face, and he felt his heart skip a beat. The Hyuga didn't have his hair tied back, nor was he wearing the wrappings to cover the curse mark of the Hyuga clan branded across his forehead. Soft locks fell perfectly around Neji's features, and Shikamaru had to fight the urge to reach across the small distance separating the two and run his fingers through it.

The chunin swallowed. He had been attracted to guys before, but Neji…. Neji had just never been the type who would ever look so… seductive. Shikamaru had never seen the Hyuga in that light, as troublesome as it was, and he doubted the other was ever interested in that kind of thing, anyway. He was always so… aloof and nonchalant, never giving any indication as to what he was feeling, unless he was angry.

Still, Shikamaru wondered why he would feel so attracted to him now. Staring at his face, the chunin realized Neji didn't look so distant anymore. He looked very relaxed and content. His eyes were focused elsewhere, and it wasn't like the Hyuga to daydream.

'I wonder,' Shikamaru thought, 'if this is what Neji's really like, when no one's around.' A happy feeling spread through the chunin at the idea, although he didn't know why. So what if the Hyuga was dropping the walls that always surrounded him? Even he cannot keep them up forever.

However, Shikamaru could not tare his gaze away from the man sitting beside him. Until those penetrating eyes looked over at him.

The chunin quickly averted his dark orbs, a light blush covering his cheeks. 'Damn bothersome hormones.'

It didn't go unnoticed to Neji, and a smirk crossed his lips at what he saw in Shikamaru's dark eyes. There was a lingering lust in his gaze, and a want for something he probably didn't feel he could have. Confusion also flashed around, as if he couldn't figure out why he would feel such things.

'Well,' Neji thought, 'this is certainly a side to Shikamaru I've never seen before.' He watched as the water reflected off the chunin's tanned skin. Even the Hyuga had to admit; Shikamaru was very attractive. It was not the first time he had been attracted to men, although it had only been recently that Neji discovered his homosexuality.

Ever since that accidental night with a very horny Kiba Inuzuka, the Hyuga had been exploring it thoroughly, finding what qualities he liked in the males. Shikamaru was definitely at the top for best looking right now. 'Only….' His eyes rose to the tie keeping the other's hair tightly in place. 'I wish he'd take his hair down once in a while. He probably looks even better with those locks framing his face.'

Neji noticed the chunin was still blushing, and he had started to fidget, looking like he was no longer comfortable in his current spot.

The Hyuga's smirk turned into a smile. '…I wonder how far I can push this….' He dove beneath the water's surface, swimming to the middle of the shallow pool. Getting extra momentum from the ground, he surfaced, whipping his hair and splashing water. He stood in the barely waist-deep water and looked up at the sky, running his hands through his hair, his back to the chunin. "Nice night," he said.

Shikamaru's eyes were wide, as he gazed at the god-like body before him. "…Yeah," he whispered, watching as the water from his hair made tantalizing trails down his back and into the hot spring. The chunin began to wonder what lied just beneath the surface of the rippling water. His body began to heat up, cheeks still flushed, and he could feel his manhood starting to harden, as he continued to stare at the Hyuga.

'I… can't….' Shikamaru stood, quickly turning to step out of the hot spring. "I think I'm done," he mumbled, one hand covering his growing erection, hoping the other wouldn't notice. 'Fucking troublesome!'

The chunin barely made it out of the water, before a sharp pain shot up his back, and he kneeled on the ground. A small cry escaped his lips, as he reached around with his free hand to try and rub it away.

"Are you all right, Shikamaru?" Neji asked, suddenly kneeling beside him, concern floating in his eyes.

Shikamaru's face burned, but at least the pain made his erection go away. He never looked at the other as he spoke. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. It's just a troublesome kink in my back."

A warm hand touched his shoulder, and the chunin's eyes widened. He looked at the Hyuga, making sure to keep his gaze at the other's face, and only his face.

Neji was smiling. "Why don't I give you a massage?"

"Ah, no! That's okay, Neji," Shikamaru said nervously, slowly getting to his feet, the other rising with him. "It would be too bothersome. All I need is a good-night's sleep on a comfortable futon and I'll be better."

"…I won't hurt you," Neji whispered.

"That's not what I meant!" the chunin said, slowly walking back to the building, not wanting to meet the Hyuga's gaze. "I'm sure you're good, but I don't really need—" He was cut off as Neji grabbed his wrist and turned him, looking into his eyes.

"I am a master at gentle-fist taijutsu," Neji said, softly. His eyes were warm, and his touch almost made Shikamaru tremble. "Also, with my Byakugan, I'll be able to see exactly where your muscles are tense and causing the pain. Needless to say, if anyone was going to give you a massage, I would be the best."

Shikamaru chuckled, ignoring the way his heart skipped a beat, as he looked into the other's eyes. "You're certainly sure of yourself."

"Why not give it a try?" The Hyuga pulled the chunin closer, their bodies' only centimeters apart.

Shikamaru could feel the other's breath tickle his cheek, and found it quite hard to refuse his request at this distance. He nodded. "All right, Neji. You can give me a massage."

Neji smiled. "Good."

They walked back to their room, Shikamaru making sure the small towel he wore was as secure as it could get. He still wasn't sure how he was going to handle having those expert hands all over his body, but the chunin hoped he would just fall asleep when it started. By sleeping through it, he wouldn't have to live with the humiliation later.

He sighed, as they walked up to one of the beds.

Neji looked at him. "Lie down, Shikamaru," he gently requested.

The chunin complied, flinching slightly as he crawled onto the sheets, his back slightly protesting to the movement, lying on his stomach, and keeping his arms at his sides. He saw the Hyuga kneel beside the bed. A little towel warmer sat against the wall, and the older ninja pulled out a small bottle from within it. He opened it, and splashed some massage oil on his hands.

A fresh scent of lilacs reached Shikamaru, and he inhaled it deeply, just as Neji climbed onto the bed, straddling him.

His cheeks blushed again; feeling the Hyuga on top of him was quite a surprise.

"Relax," Neji's voice called to him. "This is the best way I'll be able to rub your back, but it won't work if you're all tense like that, Shikamaru."

The chunin nodded, forcing his body to relax. Warm hands touched his skin, and he almost moaned. They ran up his spine, curled around his shoulders, then ran back down, only to repeat the process again.

'That… feels really good.'

The Hyuga repeated the action several times, before applying more pressure to the base of his spine, running his hands out to his sides.

Shikamaru felt his pain melt away, and he sighed in contentment. 'He really does have magic hands….' He loved how they ran all over his skin, relaxing his muscles, making him feel dazed. It certainly was going to be an experience the chunin would ask for again, sometime, realizing it wasn't nearly as troublesome as he thought it would be.

For several more minutes, Shikamaru only focused on those expert hands, as they moved freely around his back. He was slightly disappointed when they stopped on his shoulders. '…He must be done,' he thought, slightly pouting. Then there was hot breath tickling his ear.

"Do you want… more, Shikamaru?" Neji asked, laying his body on the chunin's. "I can give you a full-body massage."

Shikamaru's heart began racing, and he opened his eyes, looking at the Hyuga from the corner of his vision. Neji's hair fell around his face, eyes full of seduction. The chunin swallowed, throat suddenly dry, and whispered, "…If it's not too much of a bother…."

The smile on Neji's lips widened, as he got off his comrade, moving to kneel by his legs. He reached out and began rubbing the bottoms of his feet. "When getting a full-body massage," he explained, "it is best to start at the feet and move your way up."

Shikamaru sighed; those hands of Neji's were just so good! He worked on both feet, then moved up to his calves. He wasn't having a problem, until those hands started rubbing his thighs. The chunin's blush deepened as he felt the Hyuga move the towel he was using to cover himself, so it barely covered his behind.

'Oh, shit!' he thought. 'I'm getting hard again!' His erection began pressing into the sheets beneath him, and he was silently grateful he was on his stomach.

"All right, turn over, Shikamaru," Neji commanded, his hands leaving the other's skin.

Shikamaru raised his head to give the Hyuga a questioning look, cheeks ablaze with embarrassment.

"I've already worked on your back," the Hyuga told him. "There would be no point in doing it again."

'…Right,' the chunin thought, trying to think his way out of this. 'If I turn over, though, he'll see I'm….' Of all the times he needed a strategy, this would be it, but his brain seemed to have shut off that section of his mind since he stepped into the hot spring.

"Well," he mumbled, "I'm… pretty comfortable where I am now."

Neji's eyes held a hurt look in them. "You don't want to get a full-body massage?"

"No! I mean, yes, I want one, but…." He trailed off, dark eyes looking away from the beauty beside him, lightly whispering, "Troublesome hormones," as he released a soft sigh. Shikamaru could feel those light-colored eyes stare at him, and his blush increased even more, although he wasn't sure how. He thought all his blood was being channeled to his erection, feeling as hard as it did.

"My eyes cannot be deceived," Neji said, softly, and he leaned in close to Shikamaru's face. "You are a man, Shikamaru. With proper stimulation, it's only natural that you would get an erection."

The chunin closed his eyes, wishing the Hyuga would vanish. It was embarrassing enough, and having his comrade say it in a logical way made it worse.

"It's okay, Shikamaru," he continued, and the younger shinobi opened his eyes again to see the other's smiling face, only a whisper away from his own. "It only means I am doing a good job. Your erection is the ultimate compliment." Neji closed the distance between them, giving Shikamaru a gentle kiss on his lips.

It was only a moment in length, but the tingling on the chunin's lips did not go away. He was in a daze as he looked into Neji's eyes; silently wishing he would have kissed him longer.

As if he could read minds, the Hyuga leaned down again, capturing Shikamaru in another kiss, this one lasting for several moments. The chunin felt a hand come to his cheek, as the other's tongue glided across his lips. He opened his mouth and the silky appendage slid inside, the hand reaching to the back of his head, pulling him closer. Neji's hand went up to the tie and released Shikamaru's wild locks from their prison.

His hair fell around his face, and the Hyuga ran his fingers through it, as he took his lips away from the chunin.

"Will you roll over now?" Neji asked.

The younger ninja was too dazed to argue, and turned to lie on his back. He looked away, though, as he saw the Hyuga run his gaze up and down Shikamaru's body.

"Let's get rid of this," the older shinobi said, pulling the towel from the chunin's hips.

Shikamaru nearly moaned, as his hot manhood was released into the cooler air of the room. He saw it was standing fully erect, as if waiting patiently for its turn to be 'massaged.'

Neji hardly paid it any mind, as he got to work rubbing the tops of his feet, stopping every-so-often to apply more oil to his hands.

The chunin tried to relax, but when those hands began massaging his thighs, his control slipped. He spread his legs a little and thrust his hips upward, a small moan escaping his throat.

"Patience, Shikamaru," Neji cooed, finishing off the thighs and putting more oil on his hands. He placed them on the younger ninja's abdomen, not going low enough for his liking.

"B-but," Shikamaru said, words a little shaky, "you said start on the feet and work your way up! Why are you skipping—"

"Because if I do that, you will undo everything I have done up to now. Just relax and try not to focus on it too much. It will be taken care of."

Shikamaru's erection was so hard; it was almost painful. He tried to relax, but those hands, so close…. Neji also looked very sexy, his eyes focused on the job at hand, his hair falling beautifully around his face. The chunin's breathing was fast and shallow. What little control he had left was quickly slipping away from him. He wanted to feel those hands bring him to his climax, wanted to see Neji's stoic features twisted in pleasure, and he wanted to run his fingers through his soft-looking hair. All these images flashed in his mind, and after seeing them for a few more moments, the chunin was going to—

"Breathe, Shikamaru," Neji's voice called to him once again. His eyes found the Hyuga looking at him very seriously. "Take a deep breath."

Shikamaru obeyed, noticing he felt slightly better as he released the air within his lungs.

"Just remember to breathe normally," the Hyuga advised. "Keep yourself relaxed by breathing the way you normally would." He smiled. "You'll see that is the better way."

The chunin continued to take deep breaths, wondering what, exactly, Neji meant by that.

The older shinobi continued the massage, without further interruptions. His comrade remained relaxed, even as he finished with the arms. Shikamaru looked like he had fallen asleep, although his erection was still waiting to be attended.

Neji put an oil soaked hand on the chunin's face, and dark eyes fluttered open to look at him. The Hyuga smiled, "Are you ready for the final part of the massage?"

Shikamaru nodded, spreading his legs when the older ninja gently pulled on one. Neji placed himself between them, removing his towel and grabbing the bottle of lilac scented oil once more, putting a decent amount on his fingers. He placed a finger at the younger ninja's entrance, and the other gasped. 'Having waited this long to be touched, it's no surprise he'd be extremely sensitive,' the Hyuga mused.

"Shikamaru," he said, dark eyes opening to look at him. "Don't forget that this is part of the massage; I want you to remain relaxed, so continue to breathe, all right?"

Again, the other's response was a nod, and he closed his eyes.

Slowly, Neji slid one finger inside Shikamaru, the other seeming to strain to keep his breathing normal. The Hyuga was careful and slow, making sure the muscles surrounding him were completely loose, before adding another.

In a few minutes, the older ninja had three of his fingers gliding easily in and out of Shikamaru, who was doing a surprisingly good job of keeping himself calm. Even so, his erection would twitch every now and then, and some pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Neji wanted so badly to taste him, but didn't dare to. He figured, in the state the chunin was in, any stimulation to his penis would probably cause his ejaculation, and the Hyuga couldn't have that, not when his own erection demanded some attention.

He removed his fingers and placed his manhood at the stretched entrance, carefully pushing inside the younger ninja.

"Breathe," Neji reminded, when Shikamaru's eyes whipped open, his muscles beginning to tense up again. "Breathe, Shikamaru."

The other obeyed; taking deep breaths, as the Hyuga slowly encased his erection within Shikamaru's flesh. 'Gods, he's hot!' A moan left his lips, leaning over the chunin, his hands on either side of him, their eyes locking with each other.

Neji leaned down to capture Shikamaru's slightly parted lips in another kiss. He played with his tongue, and began to move within the one beneath him. His strokes were slow and languid, and he parted from the chunin's mouth to gaze down at him.

Shikamaru was still doing his best to keep his breathing steady, his dark eyes glazed over with pleasure, his hair spread beautifully on the pillow.

"Just remember," Neji whispered, gently rubbing the chunin's cheek with his hand, "keep breathing normally. When your body is ready, it will release all on its own."

The ninja beneath him smiled, sighing contently, then fell back into the pleasure of the Hyuga's slow thrusts.

He kept the pace that way for a while, both enjoying the leisurely-timed sex. Shikamaru didn't think having sex so slow like that would feel so good.

When he masturbated, he had always been slightly rough and fast, but Neji was showing him the best way to be pleasured. He didn't think he'd ever touch himself the same way again.

Even as he breathed normally, he could feel his climax slowly start to build within him. Neji did pick up the pace, but only slightly, and Shikamaru could hear his steady breathing over his own.

'He's… so good at this,' the chunin thought. 'I could do this… all night.' He closed his eyes and focused on the wonderful sensation of Neji gliding so easily within his body.

Then, a gloriously intense feeling rolled over his body, like a wave slowly rolled onto a beach, and Shikamaru released a long moan. It was so fantastic; he felt as if he was floating on a cloud. His body was light and very relaxed, and he released a long breath, the white euphoria surrounding his mind keeping him from reality for several minutes.

When Shikamaru finally opened his eyes, he saw Neji still positioned between his legs, but he was no longer inside him. The older ninja's eyes were closed, and his hands were lightly rubbing the chunin's thighs.

'He must have reached his orgasm,' Shikamaru thought, then noticed the white mess on his stomach; some drops had even reached his chest. His manhood was no longer erect, and it drooped to the side, a single tear of seed still clinging to the tip.

The chunin smiled. 'I guess I reached mine as well.' He sighed heavily, not remembering the last time he had been so… calm and loose. His body felt lighter than a feather, and he loved the feel of it.

After a few moments, Neji opened his eyes and smiled at the ninja lying contently on the bed. Slowly, he rose and got a wet, warm towel, and began cleaning Shikamaru.

The chunin watched, as the smile never seemed to leave the older ninja's lips, and he finally got enough strength to reach up and place his hand within Neji's hair.

'It's so soft,' he thought, running his fingers through the dark locks.

The Hyuga didn't seem to mind. Even after he finished wiping away Shikamaru's seed, he remained where he was, as the chunin continued feeling his hair.

Shikamaru took one last, long caress through his mane, then dropped his hand back onto the bed.

Neji tossed the soiled towel aside, lying down next to his comrade, and grabbing a blanket to cover them both.

The chunin turned onto his side, giving the Hyuga more room, and smiled when two arms encased him.

"How do you feel now?" Neji asked, getting as close as he could to the younger ninja.

"Very… relaxed," Shikamaru replied, wrapping his arms around the Hyuga's neck. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'm just glad your back doesn't hurt anymore."

The chunin had to think for a moment. "Oh, right. That's one troublesome thing I'm grateful to be rid of." He yawned, and closed his eyes enjoying the warmth surrounding him.

"Good night, Shikamaru," Neji whispered.

"Mmm, 'night, Neji," he replied, sleep taking him into pleasant darkness.


Sakura yawned as she waited with Ino outside the inn. The two men were being extremely slow in getting up, and it confused the two girls.

"What could they be doing?" Ino asked, placing her hands on her hips, scowling at the door. "I'm giving them ten more minutes, then I'm gonna go in there and drag them out!"

Sakura was all for it, especially to watch the scene. Since Shikamaru had always been a teammate of hers since their genin days, it would have been fun to see her chew out Neji, who wasn't used to it.

Unfortunately for her, Shikamaru and Neji stepped out of the inn a moment later. Both of them were smiling, and Shikamaru even looked happy, despite the fact he had never been a morning person.

"Took you guys long enough," Ino said, taking in their appearance. "What happened to you, Shikamaru? You look like you're enjoying the morning or something."

A light blush came to the chunin's cheeks. "I just… had a really good sleep last night, that's all." He walked passed his long-time comrade, and the others followed, continuing their journey home.

"That's unusual," the blonde kunoichi continued. "You always told me you hated staying at inns, that their beds were either too soft or too stiff. What made this one different?"

"A proper massage makes all the difference," Neji said, walking beside Sakura.

"Huh, a massage?" Ino gave him a questioning look from the other side of her rival. "You gave Shikamaru a massage?"

"Come to think of it," Sakura said, lightly sniffing the air, "the two of you do smell like… oh, what is that? Freesia? Lavender?"

"Lilac," Shikamaru corrected. "The oil Neji used was lilac scented."

"Wow," Ino said. "That must have been one incredible massage, to have Shikamaru acting like this the next morning." She looked over at the Hyuga. "Could I get a massage when we get back to the village, Neji?"

"Actually," the pink-haired kunoichi said, a light blush on her cheeks, "my shoulders have been giving me a little trouble lately. I don't suppose I could have one, too?"

Neji smiled. "Sorry, ladies."

Both women scowled.

"Why not?" Ino asked in a high-pitched, whiney voice.

"My massage just wasn't meant for women. Although they have basically the same structure, there are some things different about men and women. So far, I've only specialized in men." His eyes looked at the chunin's back. "Wouldn't you agree, Shikamaru?"

"Uh, y-yeah, sure." He cleared his throat and didn't turn to them.

A few minutes later, Shikamaru slowed his pace so he walked beside the Hyuga, the girls on his other side. His cheeks were flushed as he looked at the older ninja.

"Neji, I was wondering," he said, trying to keep his voice low.

"Yes, Shikamaru?" Neji responded, not minding if the kunoichi heard him or not.

"Maybe… you could give me another massage… tonight." His eyes didn't meet the other shinobi's, and his face got redder. "See, I'm supposed to have dinner with my parents when we get to the village, and it's always so troublesome. My mother stresses me out sometimes, and I could use one after being with her for a few hours."

Neji smiled. "If you would like another massage, Shikamaru, I'll give you one."

Sakura and Ino glared at him.

"You're so mean, Neji," Sakura said, as the four walked down the path that would take them home.

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