"He'd be a Klingon Tony, there's no question"

"Not a Romulan?"

"Romulans are Vulcans with attitude, so that means, there'd be high levels of intelligence"

"You saying Gibbs isn't intelligent?"

"Are you saying he is Tony?"

"He definitely wouldn't be Betazoid"

"Remind me again Probie, what's a Betazoid?"

"Deanna Troi and her mom, from the Next Generation, they can read minds"

"Isn't that the ones who get married butt naked?"

"Yeah, trust you DiNozzo. That means he would have three R-rated wedding photo albums"

"So you are sticking with Klingon?"

"Yeah. Warrior race, not afraid of dying, eats worms, scares the hell outta Captain Kirk"

"I think you may be on to something. What about the uniform, fur and leather. I don't see that"

"He's like Worf and B'Lanna, he's a Starfleet Klingon, wrestling all of that duty and honor stuff with his deep rooted warrior instinct"

"Come to think of it, have you seen the wrinkles on his forehead?"

"Wait! What about Cardassian, they are mean sons of bitches"

"The hair's right with the Cardassian…high and tight"

"I can definitely see him more with a phaser than a bat'leth Tony"


"So if Gibbs was in Star Trek, he'd be….OW!"

"If I were in Star Trek DiNozzo, I'd stick a warp core up your ass to get you back to work!"

"Live, long and prosper boss!"

"Are you going to get some work done McGee?"

"Making it so Captain…Ouch!"