"It will be voting time again soon McGee, could you ever see yourself as President?"

"Never thought about it Tony, can you see me as President McGee one day?"

"Yeah sure, you can be anything you want to be, look at me, I've proven that"

"So you've reached your full potential...right! What would you do if you were President?"

"I'd declare a National Pizza day and I'd declare the Superbowl a National Holiday"

"If I were President I'd move the White House to Massachussets, where I went to school. At MIT"

"Nah, Puerto Rico, man, I love Puerto Rico"

"President McGee, that has got a nice ring to it. I'd need a pretty hot First Lady"

"Can you imagine Abby as the First Lady?"

"A Goth in the White House…that's unthinkable McGee!"

"Ziva can't be President"

"Why not, she could get US citizenship and then work her way into politics, look at Arnie"

"No Tony, she couldn't be President, because she can't reach the podium!"

"Ha! Good one Probie!"

"Tony….what would Gibbs do if he was President"

"President Jethro Gibbs….urrghhh! can you imagine McGee?"

"Starbucks on every street corner, abolition of speed limits"

"More Phys Ed in schools, corporal punishment, compulsory high and tight haircuts, National Service in the Corps"

"Staring at Senator's until they agree with him, whacking Governors heads"


"Would you two like to see my version of voting with your feet?"

"Uh boss, voting with your feet normally involves walking out, you're not leaving are you?"

"Ahem! McGee...he means, using his feet or rather his boot in a slightly different way"

"Getting back to work right away boss!"