Sean was on the computer and smirked a little seeing Emma on.

It's been two weeks since he's been back. Two weeks of finally seeing her face in reality instead of dreams. Two weeks of seeing her with him.

Sean glared as he signed on and smiled to Emma at his desk... and Emma gave him a smile back.

That was suppose to be his smile only.

He remembered when it was only meant for him. That happy yet teasing smile.

He hid his smile seeing Spinner walk passed Peter and flipping his books down on the ground.

Sean clicked on Emma and typed over to her.

Sean: Boy friend has some troubles...

Emma got the message and connected eyes with Sean until looking off to Peter who went to pick up his books but Jay who followed Spinner just stepped on them.

"What's this?" Manny jokes eyeing Emma's computer "Boy trouble in Emma paradise?"

"He's doing it just to bug me" Emma set her glare on Sean again and typed back to him.

Emma: Well, if only you'd get your buddies off his back, he'd be good.

Sean: What's that mean?

Sean looked up from the computer as the bell ring just in time to see Emma roll her eyes and stand up.

Sean went her way and turned hearing his name called "Cameron!" ...well, his last name.

Sean turned to Jay and gave him a what look as Spinner put arms out.

"You coming to the Dot or what?" Spinner shouts over.

"Gavin, can you keep your voice down?" Snake signed in annoyance.

Some girls giggled and Sean passed them, for them to gawk and wonder why he was always heading or looking at Emma Nelson.

"So... explain what my buddies have anything to do with Peter" Sean leaned on a desk making Emma's passage not so great.

"Dude!" Spinner called and Sean glared over his shoulder "Dot!"

"I heard you the first time" snapped Sean.

"The dot huh?" some girl on the cheerleading team and three of her friends smiled at him "See you there then"

Emma snuck a glare and rolled her eyes as Sean just smiled at them letting them pass, but not her.

"Move" Emma remarks.

Sean make a puppy look jokenly and stood up "I'm serious though. Do you really think your boy toy hits the cool spot without Spin and Jay?"

"He could if you weren't in the way" confirms Emma.

"W-what?" Sean coughs nervoulsy looking around "you think I'm jealous or something. C-cause I'm not"

Emma raised an eyebrow at him.


"Are you done?" she crossed her arms and turned the other way, sure it was long but she knew Sean wouldn't give up.

Sean scrambled himself together and chased after her to the Degrassi halls.

"Let's make a bet" Sean leaned on Emma's locker before she could enter it.

Manny stood beside her locker and grins "ohhh" she sang "A bet"

"Never would I make a bet with you Sean Cameron" Emma remarks and he grins.

"You scared?" he teased.

Emma snickers "Of you?"

"Yeah, never were, were you?" that's what Sean truly loved about her.

He had this huge repuation and image of some bad ass, never stopped her from believing him or anything though.

Emma bit her tounge and shrugs "Of what?"

"Boy toy" Sean said

"Can you just call him by his name?" pleaded Emma with a scoff.

"Nope" even Manny answered for him "It's some ex thing, Sean's job to nick name him. Not to make his life horrid though. Sean what really do you have against Peter?"

Sean went red and flicked it off looking back to Emma "If you make Peter accepted by the school and even my friends. I'll leave Pete alone"

"And me" Emma points.

"Why would I wanna leave you alone?" smiled Sean and Emma sent him a death glare "fine" he lifted hands.

Emma thought about it and narrowed her eyes at him "What if I loose?" she asks.

"I'll think about it" he mysertiously said and Manny put her hand up.

"No sex implies!" Manny blurted out

"God" both Emma and Sean said, hiding their blush and embarresment.

"What?" Manny shrugged "Just trying to make a point"

"Deal" Emma just ignored Manny and Sean raised an eyebrow.

Did he just get good girl Emma to make a bet with him over her own boy friend?!

Sean's smile went so wide his cute dimples were shown off "Alright" he says and puts out his hand.

"OH no. #1? Being the coolest guy in the schools girl friend... I can't be seen with a punk like you" Emma taunted and turned.

Manny even oh'd and grinned when Sean's mouth dropped.

"Coolest!?" exclaims Sean yelling down to Emma down the hall "Who's cooler than me!? ... not Peter" he grumbles and looks back to Manny "what?"

"Is this how you really wanted to start back at Degrassi?" teased Manny.

"How would you of done it?" taunted Sean and she laughed going back to her locker.

"I don't know. But if you wanted her back; I don't think this was the way" it was if Manny slapped him and Sean thought about it.

... even if he came back for Emma, she had a boy friend.

And with this bet now?

Peter was more in the game then at first.

Was this bet a good or bad idea?