The gym doors opened and Manny was laughing about Sean while Peter held her coat and held her hand walking down the steps.

"At least you didn't use violence this time" taunted Manny.

Sean faked a laugh while holding Emma in his arms "she's funny" he teased in Emma's ear.

Emma just shared a smile with Manny.

"Now we don't have to see sick love puppies anymore" Taunted Peter with a smirk.

"This started because of you" Sean remarked.

"Hey" warns Emma putting her hand on Sean's mouth and he just smiling taking her hand in his and held her tighter.

"What does that mean?" Peter asks.

"Babe" Manny said slowly "You were a bet" she teased.

His mouth dropped but couldn't say more since Jay and Spinner were on there way over in Spinners black car.

"This ain't no Domino's bitch" Jay yelled to Sean.

Sean just chuckled and pulled Emma along with him towards the car.

"Said you can borrow my car; not take it the whole night" Jay says to his best friend with a smirk

"Shut it Fonzi" Sean joked opening the back door for Emma.

"What do you mean I'm a bet?" Peter asks opening the door for Manny who rolled her eyes and just shoved him in the car with her.

"You know... I helped him move his pussy ass to get to you" Jay points out to Emma.

Sean rolled his eyes sitting beside Emma and Spinner started the car "Lets just get outta here" Spinner breaths.

The black car turned around and slowly left the Degrassi parking lot.

Manny and Peter shared a kiss and the view went on Emma who happily played with Sean's fingers, he put his hand on her chin and lifted it for a soft kiss.

And as they say... they lived happily ever after.