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Noah Don't Cry

Allen didn't know exactly when the change had begun. He remembered it had been gradual. A tiny sting on the surface of his skin that could be driven away with a scratch.

Then it didn't pass so easily, and he started having throbbing, vicious headaches, that only went away when he felt like his head was going to split, when the pain was so intense he confined himself to his room. The headaches were so painful he couldn't speak, his teeth ached. Not as often, he couldn't see. His eyes would pulse in his sockets, and the cursed left eye rolled in his skull. He didn't know how. More and more, he didn't care to.

After the headaches were gone, or at least only as bad as normal, the itching returned. Scratching it hurt, like touching incredibly sensitive sunburn with steel wool. One morning he woke up, and it felt more like a burn than an itch. He took to covering the heated area with packs of ice when he slept.

And then came the afternoon he woke from a noon nap with blood on his head.

He hid it.

Allen, at first, thought to take a leaf from Lavi's book and begin wearing bands across his forehead, but then he thought it would be too conspicuous. His bangs were long enough to cover the weeping sores without irritating the skin further, and no one suspected his change.

He dealt with it as best as he could, until the obvious solution finally broke from the cage he'd imprisoned it in in his head.

He had to leave.

So Allen left. The row of crosses across his forehead hidden by a swathe of white hair, the same tiny suitcase he'd brought with him under his arm, he'd turned back to look at the menacing black tower he'd thought he could finally call home, and bit back tears. Exorcists didn't cry.


Noah didn't cry.

As far as my position with the whole "Allen is a Noah!" theory, well...personally, I like the idea that Mana was a Noah more than Allen being one, though the idea is absoulutely wicked, not to mention hot, I just think it's unlikely. Can a Noah have Innocence? Cause I don't think so, but...