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Weasley Weddings

I. Maman and Dad

The first one was Maman and Dad's, and I've only seen pictures of that because I wasn't born then.

(Granny made a "hrmmph-y" noise when I said that to her once, and said of course I wasn't because weddings come before babies. But that doesn't make sense because Will and Owen were both at Uncle Charlie and Auntie Eleri's wedding – and David too, in Auntie Eleri's tummy. But when I said that, Granny made the noise again and said well, that hardly counted as a proper wedding anyway. Though I think it did, because it was fun, and Dad and Uncle Charlie practically never stopped laughing all day, and I thought weddings were supposed to be fun. But Granny obviously doesn't think that's the most important thing about them, so p'rhaps I'm wrong.)

Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing about Maman and Dad's wedding, because that came first, not Uncle Charlie's, but I'm not very good at keeping to the subject sometimes. Dad says I get that from Maman.

Maman and Dad got married in the middle of a war. They got married at Granny and Grandad's house, The Burrow, and they had to have all sorts of magic protection round it to stop Mouldy Voldemort and the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic getting in. (The Ministry of Magic were sort of on Voldemort's side, but not quite, because there were still some good people working there like Grandad, and Uncle Percy, though no one was really sure if he was good or not back then.) And the main reason Voldemort and his lot wanted to get in was because Uncle Harry was there, and he was the person that Voldemort hated most of all and really wanted to get rid of. But when you look at pictures of the wedding, you can't even see Uncle Harry (who wasn't Uncle Harry then, because it was ages before he and Auntie Ginny got married – he was just Harry, who was Uncle Ron's best friend). And the reason you can't see him is 'cos they made him drink Polyjuice Potion and pretend to be Cousin Barney Weasley, who doesn't even exist, just in case anyone told Voldemort that Harry Potter was at Maman and Dad's wedding.

So when I was really little and looked at the pictures of the wedding, I always used to say, "Who's that?" and point at this funny-looking red-haired man who didn't really look like a proper Weasley, and who looked like his dress robes were too tight. And Maman and Dad would tell me it was Uncle Harry, and sometimes I would say, "Okay," and other times I'd get cross and say it wasn't, 'cos Uncle Harry looks nothing like that at all, and doesn't even have red hair 'cos he's a Potter not a Weasley. (Not that all Weasleys have red hair now. Mine's sort of reddish blonde – Maman calls it strawberry blonde – and so's Sharlie's, but Remus and Art and Gabe all have proper red Weasley hair, and so do most of the cousins, but not all of them.)

And the other thing I used to ask when I was little when I looked at the photos was why there were two Uncle Georges in some of the pictures, though one of them had two ears, and Uncle George only has one because of Mouldy Snape, who cursed the other one off. (And everyone thought he was a baddy, and one of Voldemort's Death Eaters, but it turned out in the end that he'd been on Our Side all along after all, and was really brave, but that didn't make Uncle George's ear grow back, did it?) And then Dad would look sort of sad, and Maman would frown at me for making Dad look sad (though I never meant to, I just kept forgetting), and they'd say it wasn't two Uncle Georges, the other one was Uncle Fred, who was Uncle George's twin brother who died in the last battle against Voldemort when Our Side finally won. And they'd tell me I shouldn't forget Uncle Fred, even though he died before I was born, because he was really brave and good and funny – and I'm sure he was, because Uncle George is, and everyone says they were really like each other (like Art and Gabe) – but it's hard when you're little to remember about someone who you never even knew but only heard about.

And in the middle of the photos of course are Dad and Maman, looking really happy. (They didn't know then that Mouldy Voldy's Death Eaters were going to turn up and muck up the end of the wedding.) And Maman looks sort of shiny, and even more beautiful than she normally does; and Dad is smiling so much that you don't even notice the horrible scars on his face, which were even horribler then than they are now because they were so new. (Not that I ever notice them much anyway, because he's just my Dad and that's how he looks, and you don't really notice what your parents look like most of the time, do you?)

And Auntie Ginny and Tante Gabrielle, who were the bridesmaids, are there too, in really gorgeous gold dresses. (Maman says she wanted pink, but couldn't have it, 'cos pink wouldn't go with Auntie Ginny's hair.) And Uncle Charlie, who was best man (the best man ought to be the man getting married I think, but it isn't) is there in his dress robes looking really smart, which isn't like Uncle Charlie at all.

And there are lots of other people in the biggest photo – Granny and Grandad; and Grandmère and Grandpère; and Uncle George and dead-Uncle-Fred-who-looks-like-Uncle-George; and Uncle Ron, and Uncle-Harry-in-disguise, and Aunt Hermione (who was just Hermione then, but was sort of Uncle Ron's girlfriend already); and Teddy's Mum and Dad (who died in the same battle as Uncle Fred, and my brother Remus is named after Teddy's Dad); and Great Auntie Muriel (who is kinda scary); and Mr Lovegood and his daughter (who are nice-but-weird), and oh, loads of other people.

And after the picture was taken, they had food and speeches and dancing and all the other wedding-y things, and then really late in the evening, Kingsley Shacklebolt, who's the Minister for Magic now, but back then was a member of the Order of the Phoenix (like Granny and Grandad and Dad), sent his Patronus to say that Mouldy Voldemort had taken over the Ministry. And then all these Death Eaters turned up, and everyone was screaming and running away, and Dad laughs about it now and says at least they had an exciting end to their wedding, but I don't think he and Maman thought it was very funny at the time. But Grandad told him and Maman to Disapparate really fast, and they did, and went on honeymoon to Bordo (which is in France, and Maman would be cross if she knew I'd forgotten how to spell it).

And that was the end of Maman and Dad's wedding, and the next one (I think) is Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione's, though I'd better check with Maman, because I might have got that wrong.