Unexpected Girl

by Charming Slayer

Chapter One: The Mysterious Girl

Disclaimer: I don't know Doctor Who and I don't get paid for this. Trust me it would be a very different canon if I was in charge.

AN: It hit me at 11:30 PM when I was tired and had just taken some sleep aid/painkillers after reading one too many fluff stories with Rose/Doctor reunions in the marketplace of some alien world. I just had to write something a little different.

The Doctor looked around the market and smiled from his place on a bench in the middle of a crowded village square on the planet Isorif in the year 3046. Various forms of humans moved around him at rapid speeds talking with one anther, carrying their bags and grabbing along their offspring. He watched a few people at one shop for a few moments and grew bored of it quickly. Leaning back, he sighed and decided he would never agree to let Donna roam free in a market. The woman was good friend and good company with absolutely no romantic notions, but even so she was pushing his limits.

He blinked in surprise when an attractive young woman sat down next to him. She was dressed in what looked like early 21st century jeans and a red hoodie and pink lace up shoes which made him smile. "Glad you like the shoes," his eyes darted up to her face which she now turned to him causing him to blink. Something was so familiar about her, but he couldn't quite place it. The Doctor didn't even realize he was staring until he noticed that the girl was leaning on her arm against the back of the bench, watching him a smirk.

"Right sorry," he said quickly, "they are nice shoes." The girl grinned widely at him and her smile jolted something in him. He shook his head and finally asked, "Sorry, but have we met before." He rubbed the back of his neck, "I know this sounds like a daft human pick up line which I would never use of course, but you seem familiar to me."

The girl laughed outright at that, tossing her long blond hair back and covering her mouth in an attempt to contain herself. Brushing away a few tears of mirth, she cleared quickly said, "Sorry about that, but this is strange even by your standards." She reached up around her neck and removed a small pendant which looked normal until she turned it over, letting the Doctor see the circuits in it. However, that was not what was important. What was important was the feel of another Time Lord in his mind, the brush of a mind similar to his own and right in front of him. His jaw dropped as the girl giggled and closed her hand around the pendant before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small metal square with elegant designs on it.

Taking his hand, the girl set the box into the middle of his palm and grinned widely at him, "This has all the information you need." Nodding, clearly pleased with herself the girl stood and began to move away when the Doctor managed to recover.

"Wait," he jogged after her and stopped her with a hand on the shoulder, "I figure you think I should know this, but who are you?" he shook his head, "I mean you're a Time Lord, well Time Lady, but I mean..." The Doctor trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck as he turned the cube in his hand. The girl grinned and nodded to him,

"I'm a new generation... Dad." She laughed at his confounded blink and she pointed to the cube in his hand, "As I said that was the information you need." She turned to walk toward a statue not far from them. The Doctor looked from the cube, back to the girl and then back at the cube completely unsure of what to do first. He yelled out the best thing he could think of,

"What's your name?" Turning back to him, the girl smiled as she pulled out a key and touched it to the statue. She pulled open the door of her own TARDIS and yelled back,

"My name is Hopevitavertyler," her grin widened, "But my Mum just calls me Hope Tyler."

The Doctor could only watch in awe and joy as the TARDIS before him dematerialized, leaving only the busy market around it. Suddenly a hand snatched the cube from his hand and he turned sharply to see Donna turning it over in her hand, "What's this Doctor? Some kind of gizmo or food stuff." Snatching it back from her, the Doctor rubbed it with his thumb and answered with a grin,

"Oh this is so much better Donna. This is the future."