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For most of her life Toph Bei Fong was an only child belonging to one of the world's most prominent families. She was cared for, looked after, and given just about anything she could possibly want. She hated it. There was no fun in her life! She had no friends, she was not allowed out to play, and no matter where she went there was always a servant or a member of the family's security detail with her. Why baby someone so much? Because she was blind.

Being blind. What a stupid thing to be so worried about. Toph never understood what her parents were always so scared of. She could take care of herself just fine. Then again, her parents never really understood her special gift. Though Toph could not see with her eyes she was able to "see" things that no one else around her could. She was able to feel the presence of everything around her in a way that no one ever would have guessed. And the best part was, all she had to do was take off her shoes. With her feet pressed against the earth she could "see" everything clearer than most people who saw with their eyes. She could "see" people. She could "see" plants. She could "see" bugs. She could even "see" when people lied. Something that people around her seemed to do a lot of. Except that boy she met when she was twelve.

Aang was an interesting kid. He had broken into her home on a dare for the sole purpose of bringing out a flower from the Bei Fong garden. At first Toph was not even sure she felt what she was feeling. No one's footsteps were that light. She tackled the boy to the ground and held him there, threatening to call for security. The boy had just laughed and said he never knew the Bei Fong's had a daughter. After only a few minutes Toph had taken a liking to the strange boy. He seemed so happy and full of life. And the best part was he didn't care that Toph was blind!

Soon Aang's visits to the Bei Fong garden was something Toph looked forward to throughout the days. They would walk through the garden talking about anything and everything. They would play games and laugh and actually have fun! That was until her parents had found out. They absolutely forbade the boy from entering the estate again under threat of being arrested. Then it got better! Aang no longer came in, but he helped Toph to get out!

That was the best year of her life! Until Aang told her one day that his family was moving away. She would not get to be with her best friend anymore. Not long after the sad parting, Toph received a letter from Aang. Her parents had tried to hide it by throwing it away, but one of the security guards had brought it to her anyway. His name was Kuzon, and he had said that he had a daughter about Toph's age and knew what it meant for her to have real friends before he read her the letter.

And so things continued this way for four years. Letters back and forth through Toph's favorite security guard all the while hiding it from her parents. Her parents were no longer as protective or worry-warty about her anymore, but in Toph's opinion they were still too worry-warty and protective. It took her nearly two weeks just to get them to allow her to attend school like a normal kid.

In middle school she finally started to make some more friends. Older friends no less. Katara was first, as well as her eccentric older brother Sokka. Then came Suki and Zuko. Toph found she was a lot more comfortable around the guys, probably because they were the kind of people her parents were afraid she'd come to like. Her parents were not too keen on these friends, but so long as she was not associating with that strange little bald boy anymore.

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