My friends, it has been a long and fun road, and it has been my honor to have been joined by so many. "Gradual Changes" is the very first work I have done from start to finish, and I credit that achievement to all of my readers. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your reviews and support. I would like to especially thank kasplosion for her dedication to beta reading my chapters for me and helping me to eliminate some of the small, distracting errors that are often found in these longer works. I prostrate myself in gratitude before you. I would also like to thank my sister Pahoyhoy. As you all probably know by now, it is her death threats that help motivate me.

Now I'll get on with the part you've been waiting for. "Gradual Changes" is officially over, but don't cry! Look forward to the continuation of this story, soon to begin under the title "Summer of Change." I look forward to seeing you names on a brand new review board and hope to maybe see a few new ones as well. Be sure to stop by my profile page for further details. I'll be seeing you soon!