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She takes her right bracelet off, gently grasps his left arm and put's it on for him.

"What's with bracelets?" he questioned.

"They're the symbol of marriage for many people, including my own and the people of this world," she serenely responded.

"Okay. So, do the notches on the bracelets mean anything?"

"'My love of my life, I promise you that I will live with you and laugh with you; will stand by your side, and sleep in your arms; will be joy to your heart, and food for your soul; will bring out the best in you always, and, for you, will be the most that I can; will laugh with you in good times, will struggle with you in bad; will support you when you are downhearted; will wipe your tears with my hands; will comfort you with my body; will mirror you with my soul; and will share with you all my riches and honors as long as we both shall live,'" she recited.

A moment passes where only the bird-like creatures' loud singing and the now bustling food market in the courtyard below was heard. Suddenly, a thought came to his pain-filled head.

"We didn't actually do anything . . . did we?" he nervously asked, feeling dread and happiness at the same time.

She smiles a wicked grin.

Katie is going to castrate me as soon as she finds out. Ronon is going beat the crap out of me. And John is going to use me as target practice for the new recruits. I am so dead . . .

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