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Darrow and Calwyn lay side by side late that night. Darrow's arms were wrapped around her waist as she slept silently. He however could not.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw, he the time when he used to be a little boy nicknamed Mouse.

He would see his mother her face radiant and beautiful, and his father so strong and authoritative.

He would see an old sailor sitting in his hammock carving wood figurines while humming softly to himself.

He would see a young man, on the deck of Fledgewing, laughing with his older, bigger brother.

He would see a young girl, her honey hair blowing in the wing, inseparable from the love of Darrow's life.

Last of all, he would see a tall sorcerer telling him of his dreams to become the Singer of all Songs.

Darrow realised that no matter what happened he would always miss his mother and his father, old Arram the sailor, Xanni and Mica and in a twisted way he would also miss Samis.

But then again, maybe not so twisted. They did used to be friends.

Calwyn murmured softly and Darrow gently ran his fingers through her hair, soothing her.

Her words became more frantic and Darrow strained to listen.

"No Samis, I won't. Get away from me! I am not like you; I would never betray a friend. Don't touch me!" Her words became softer until finally se drifted once more into a dreamless sleep.

Darrow bit his lip to stop himself from crying out in rage.

He was wrong.

He would never miss Samis.