This is not, unfortunately, a new chapter!

It's more of an apology for not posting before and an explanation of why not, just in case any of my lovely readers are dying of suspense :)

Unfortunately I got dragged into hospital on the 29th February, and the swine kept me in until last Thursday. I had to have my abdomen drained of 11 litres of ascites (fluid to you lot) and a full course of antibiotics for my cough. Then they found a stonking great blood clot sitting right in my pulmonary artery, which is just fantastic! And on top of that the current chemo ain't working either, so quite frankly it's not been a very good fortnight :

Even worse, although they have released me, they only let me out on the condition I went to stay with my Mum in North Wales, 200 miles from my own PC! So not only can I not access what I've already written, I can't post it either!!

I'm hoping to get home for Easter Weekend, blood clot in the old Pulmonary Artery permitting, so I will try and post Chapter 19 at least that weekend!

Sorry again for the horrible delay, but do not despair I WILL be home and posting again at least by the end of March – simply because I'm off out for my 36th and damned if I'm gonna miss that!

And as I've said before, I promise not to expire before finishing the story :)

Happy Easter to everyone anyways!