Roji took in a deep breath as he stepped onto the city bus. Almost automatically, he tossed a handful of change into the farebox and took a seat a few rows down. Pressing his head up against the window, he watched as 'Muhyo and Roji's Bureau' slowly fell out of sight.

'I can't believe I'm really doing this...' Roji thought nervously as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. What he was planning on doing was against one of the most important rules of Magical Law: he was planning on visiting one of their past clients. And not just any client, either.

Glancing out the window again, Roji caught sight of his destination. Once the bus came to its first stop, Roji gave the driver a quick 'thank-you' before getting out and crossing the road towards the large mansion that seemed to overlook the entire town.

Every step that brought him closer and closer to the mansion's front door, Roji felt his heart slowly begin to beat faster. The girl that lived here was someone who was very special and very important to him. If anything, all Roji truly wanted was for her to be happy, as he did for everyone in his life.

Her name was Aya Shiratori, and she was the closest thing Roji ever had to a real girlfriend. Roji could barely keep himself from smiling whenever she appeared in his thoughts. For some reason, Aya had left a rather large impression on him after their initial meeting.

Once Roji had reached the large plated front doors of the mansion, he calmly reached over and rang the doorbell. The only sound within the overlapping silence was the melodic sound the filled the interior of Aya's house. Soon, a servant opened the door and let Roji in.


Glancing up from her piano, a smile spread out on Aya's lips when she saw Roji standing before her, looking as cheery and carefree as ever.Getting up, she ran over and kissed Roji powerfully on the lips.

"I'm so glad you're here...I missed you..." she whispered quietly as Roji kissed her forehead gently in response. Both of them were happy, and that was all that mattered to them...