(Author's note: This fanfic is related to the TV show "Cops".

Nani? What's going on? What is this place?

Sesshomaru awoke to find himself in an extremely odd world. It smelled terrible to his taiyoukai nose.

Hm. I guess I should just see where I'm at now.

Walking along a gray, boxed road, Sesshomaru couldn't control his curiosity enough to glance casually at huge, towering cubes with square pieces of glass and a pyramid sitting on top of the cubes. What in the kami are they?

Suddenly, his ears caught to sound of... of a roaring sound, irritating and annoying. And it was coming closer. Sesshomaru could smell gas pouring out of the creature approaching. Disgusting.

Resisting the urge to turn around and look, Sesshomaru jumped just a bit when an ear-piercing, toneless wail cut through the silent night air. Red and blue light flashed around on the cubes sitting on the ground. This time, Sesshomaru did turn around. To see... to see the most foreign, unfamiliar object he'd seen for centuries. A ningen stepped out, all dressed in black with gold stars stuck into his clothes and gadget slung over his waist. He also wore a black hat.

"Excuse me. What's your name?"

Sesshomaru was taken aback at the ningen's dare to actually talk, to talk to him, Sesshomaru, so casually. How dare he...

"It's none of your business, ningen," Sesshomaru hissed, narrowing his eyes.

The human stared at him.

"You talk as if you're not a human."

"Who said I had to be?" Challenged Sesshomaru.

The ningen glared at him for a few seconds, and then reached over to pull something of his waist. Sesshomaru tensed, seeing what this would do. However, the human only spoke a few words into it, and put it back onto his belt.

Within half a minute, the same, screaming siren shrieked through darkness, coming closer. Others were coming.

What is going on?!


kami: god/s

nani: what?

ningen: human

taiyoukai: great demon

(Author's note: Sorry it's so short, but I have to go now. R&R!!)