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As Temari sat beside Shikamaru on his hill as them watched the clouds, she got to thinking about how he and their relationship represented all 7 of the deadly sins.

1) He was the picture of sloth, lazy as he was.

2) He was lustful, obviously, because wasn't it he that she had lost her virginity to?

3)He made her envious of all those who lived in Konaha, because the saw him on a daily basis.

4)He was greedy when it came to her. She had to spend every waking moment of her time in Konaha with him.

5) He was wrathful if she even talked to a guy (excluding her brothers, of course) when he wasn't there.

6) His kisses were so sweet, if they were candy, she'd be a glutton by now.

7) Pride. They were both prideful before they even met each other. Now they were prideful for a different reason:

She was his and he was hers. And if she was to be damned because of him, as long as he was going to hell as well, she was fine with it.


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