I awoke with a smoldering stick in my eye

My uncircumspect nature had left me to cry

Anger seduced me, a pernicious turn

The stick No-One had sharpened was starting to burn

My wound was quite vexing, my warm blood flowed freely

In my beguiled state I could naught but think, "Really!

This insolent No-One gives me honey-sweet wine

And then ruins my vision and leaves me to pine?"

I'm indignant and cry out for help to my friends

"No-One has hurt me, my vision he'll end!"

And, as is the fortuitous way of the world,

Sweet laughter was what to me my friends hurled

"If no one is hurting you, why do you cry?

You sound as if you've got a stick in you eye!"

In great pain I staggered right out of my cave

And soon heard No-One's ship making ready to leave

No-One turned back to me and screeched his real name

I barely understood him, thanks to my pain

My eloquent thoughts were just such, "Now I'm ------."

My only goal was Odysseus to destruct

And I turned and I prayed to my father Poseidon

To bring revenge upon Odysseus with his trident

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