it was a clear day in the pride lands, at pride rock stood a lion, he stood proud over his land, his black main dancing in the wind, his green eyes watched like a hawk. out from the mouth of the cave came a lioness, her coat was a burn redish color, she apoched the lion. she nuzzled him

" Uru" the lion said after she nuzzled him " what are you doing?" Uru chucked

" Ahadi, is it so much trouble for you to enjoy a moment with me?" she asked

" Uru, I'm a king, the pride lands need me" he said, Uru frowned, then felt a muzzle rub against her back " but I love spending time with you" he said. Uru chucked.

Just then a small lion cub troted out of the cave wimpering, his fur was burn redish like his mother but had his father's black main color and eyes, along with his figure. he went up to his mother

" Mother, Muffasa bit my ear" he said.

" did not " another cub called out, he had his father's fure color, but had his mother's muzzle and eyes. " Taka almost triped, I tried to catch him by his ear thats all " the cub called Mufasa explained

" I'm not clumsy" the cub name Taka spated " your just up set that I beat you" he said. Mufasa rolled his eyes.

" Mufasa" a voice called out, a little lion cub with cream colored fur, with a dark tail tip and green eyes came running up to him

" hey" she said " let go play hide and seek". Mufasa turn to his brother

" hey Taka want to play hide and seek with me and Sarafina?" he asked. Sarafina disaproved with Taka joining them. Taka glared at her

" no thanks " he spated " I have better things to do" he said. Taka turned and headed back into the cave, Mufasa watched his brother leave, Sarafina poked him with her paw

" come on then" she said. Mufasa followed her off of pride rock.

just a qick introduction to the charaters,