Dawn had come, Uru walked in the row made of Lionesses, she caught of Glimps of Mufasa on the edge of Pride Rock, his head turn in regret. Uru continued her way and was never seen again. The Falen King was Given a proper funeral.

Mufasa wached over his Kingdom, how was he gonna rule this land with out guidence?, but now he was King he had to take care of somthing.

Sarabi sat with her mother, Mufasa cleared his throat to get their attention

" parden me Telu but may I speak with Sarabi?" he asked, Telu nodded, Sarabi left her mother to go talk to Mufasa, the two of them left pride rock.

Mufasa took her to a nice waterhole with shade just set perfict. the two layed down in the shade.

" Sarabi, I want to ask you somthing" he said, he placed his paw on her paw.

" yes?" she asked

" Sarabi, Since I'm now the new king, would you be my queen?" he asked. Sarabi blushed, Mufasa just asked her paw in marage and to be his Queen.

"oh my, Mufasa it's so sudden but I acept" she said, the two shared a kiss under that Tree.

Months have past, Mufasa waited at the edge of Pride Rock, Rafiki painted the Simbole of groom on his fore head, and a head dress of ostrich feathers on his head.

" Mufasa relax" Zazu said as he flew in landing. two line of Lionesses sat out from the cave to the edge, Sarabi walked out of the cave, she had the mark of bride on her forehead and she had a head dress made out of vines, with a white flower tucked behind her right ear. To guide her to mufasa was her Mother Telu on her right and Boba on her left, they guild her to Mufasa, then they departed and sat next to the lionesses. Rafiki Aproched Mufasa and Sarabi

" what a day this has been, we are here to unite a King with his Queen" he said

Mufasa faced Sarabi.

" Mufasa do you take Sarabi to be your Queen?" Rafiki asked

" yes I do" Mufasa said

" and Sarabi, will you take Mufasa to be your king?" he asked

"yes, I do" she said. Rafiki broke open a friut, he diped his hand in one of the haves, scopping out the juice he rub it on Mufasa's and Sarabi's forehead. taking some dirt he spinkled on them

" The sun and the moon will join together to celebrate this day, and with ther stars and clouds I now pronouce you King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi" he said, Sarabi and Mufasa nuzzled and then kissed as the lions roared. Sarafina watched from the back and left the seen, Mufasa saw her leave.

Sarafina sat crying, she had mix feelings now and didn't know how to handle it

" Sarafina" Mufasa called, Sarafina turn with tears in her eyes " is every thing ok?"

"oh, it's nothing, weddings make me cry" she said, Mufasa knew she was lying, he saw through her

" Sarafina, don't lie to your king" he said, then a idea came to him " Sarafina" he asked, she looked up to him " come with me" he told her".

A young male sat talking to Boba, Mufasa and Sarafina apoched him

" Sarafina I like you to meet Nahte" he said, Nahte was a nice looking lion, he had a dusty color mane with bright green eyes, Sarafina felt a new feeling for this lion

"hi" she said blushing

" hi" he said

" I'll just leave you two alone then" Mufasa said walking away.

The sun was setting on the day, Mufasa and Sarabi sat watching it

" isn't it beautiful, your first day ask king" she said " and what a sunset". Mufasa nuzzled her

" it sure is" he said " I though of a name for our cub" he whispered, Sarabi blushed

" oh you did?" she asked, Mufasa nodded

" what do you say we name our cub Simba, in honnor of your brother" he said, Sarafina nodded in agreement

" that would be nice" she said.

In the darkest part of the pridelands Taka sat on a high rock watching down on the hyena's.

" Scar I can't believe you got your mother banish and get away with killing your own father" Shenzi said

" I know, with out Uru Mufasa would fail at being King and would have to let me take the throne" he said. the green steem shot up making a gree cloud.

time has past, and joy was filled, and the sun rised with a cry of a newborn cub. Sarabi cradled the cub, the ball of fur nuzzled in his mother's strong arms.

" he beautiful" Sarabi said giving her son a small lick " and just in time, Sarafina's cub now has a play mate" she said looking over at Sarafina with her own cub, A little squeek made Sarabi turn back to her cub. Mufasa came over, he Nuzzled the cub with his nose, the cub sneezed, Mufasa gave out a laugh

" he's quite a cub" he said

" yes" Sarabi said " and we agreed on the name right?". Both lions nodded they turn to their cub

" Simba" they both said.

The End

well thats it, this is my story, hope you enjoyed reading this