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"Alright, Al. Time to let it go," Edward Elric said to his brother and opened his armor.

A white rabbit jumped out and hopped away. Al was staring at its disappearing figure when Ed laughed.

"You really shouldn't keep animals in there for too long. The poor thing left its gratitude for ya." Ed pointed at the little black pellets in Al's suit.

"No Brother!" Al yelled when Ed made a move to sweep the filth to the ground.

"It's just poop, Al. You're not gonna keep that too, are you?"

"Of course not, but what if someone steps in it?"

Sighing, Ed bought a cheap purple bag and gathered up the bits. "I'll throw it in the trash on my way to Mustang's."

(Author's Note: Sorry about this. I don't know why I wrote this part of the chapter. Just for kicks, I guess… Well anyways, on with the story.)


Ed stopped in front of Mustang's office door. There was a small pink sack there full of chocolate with a card. It read:

"To Roy Mustang, my love for you burns as bright as your flames."

Ed almost puked. He slipped the package into his coat pocket.


Roy Mustang was sick. It was flu season and he would've been glad he caught it if Hawkeye had let him stay home. What's more is that Ed's arriving today. And speak of the devil, here he comes…

The door banged open and Ed stomped in. He put the report on Mustang's desk then froze. "What's with you?" He stared at the colonel's blood-shot eyes and red nose.

"I have a cold, Fullmetal." Roy was irritated that Ed wouldn't just leave.

"Really?" Ed wanted to laugh at Mustang's voice. It was higher than usual and sounded like someone was pinching his nose. But he couldn't. The poor man looked so beat down. "Are you alright?"

His concern was genuine, but Mustang didn't think so. "What's it look like?!" he growled. Coughing had kept him up and lack of sleep made him short-tempered.

"Fine, remind me not to worry for you ever again." Ed was furious, to say the least. He was concerned for the colonel and then the bastard yelled at him.

"Well anyways," Ed continued with barely controlled anger, "some fan girl of yours left you a present."

Ed tossed the bag to Roy and watched as Mustang opened it. He popped a piece in his mouth and chewed.

"Aren't you gonna say thanks?"

"Right, tell the girl of my gratitude. These are good."

Snarling, Ed left.

Mustang smiled when the blond shut the door with a BAM! He loved making the kid angry, particularly because Ed couldn't do anything to get him back without being caught. Oh Mustang, he thought, chomping another candy, you're just too good.


On the train, Al watched as Ed ate away his obvious rage.

"Whose are those?" Al indicated to the creamy cubes Edward was stuffing into his mouth.

"The ass hole's. I stole them."

"Brother! You shouldn't do that!"

Ed looked at his younger brother. "Naw," he replied. "It'll be wasteful to let Mustang eat these delicacies. He's got a cold. His nose is so stuffy, he can't taste shit."

Ed's voice thickened with cruel satisfaction, "Literally."

For those who don't get it, Ed fed Mustang the rabbit shit and took his candy. This wasn't my best but it's mine all the same.