Possessed Love

By KellyQ


Fog lay heavily on the forest floor as a mist of rain came down and the wind started to pick up. The long grass swayed back and forth. All was quiet until a loud barking began. Birds started to scatter as a demon creature tore through the forest. He had brown hair and cocoa brown eyes. His long pointed ears were flattened against his head as he ran, and his crooked tail streaked behind him.

He went by the name of Judai Yuki – a second class demon.

He looked over his shoulder to see the hunters dogs close behind. Judai smirked. That's right, he thought. Follow me...

Judai ran into the house startling his boyfriend, Johan. He also was a demon. Johan had white ears, and a long tail. He wore a dressy white blouse, black pants and boots to match. A basket sat right by his side. In the basket were two of their babies, Haou and Yubel. Haou looked a little like Judai but had white ears and a tail. Yubel looked like Johan, except for her crooked tail and long ears.

"What's going on, partner?" Johan asked.

"It's the humans; they're hunting early this year," Judai explained. Johan paled. "Don't worry..." the brown haired teen reassured. Judai stepped up and gave Johan a kiss. "I'm not going to let anything happen you or our children. Now get yourself and the kids to safety."

"What about you?" Johan asked, grabbing his things to go. Judai narrowed his eyes playfully. Johan knew the look in his boyfriend's eyes. "Alright," the teen sighed. Johan picked up the basket. "Just be careful, partner."

Judai turned a sharp corner, jumped into a tree, and waited in the shadows. The dogs came around the corner a few seconds later, with three humans. Judai had the sudden urge to drop from the tree and show the humans that he wasn't some push over.

"We should just let the dogs loose," one man grumbled.

"Why do you think we have split up?" another man said, holding onto the ropes tied the dog's collars.

Judai's eyes widened. They separated us on purpose?

"Wait! One more thing, Johan. I want you go to Kenzan and Jim's place and wait for me there."

Yubel started to fuss and reach for Judai. Johan and Judai looked down. Judai leaned in and nuzzled his face in the small demon's chest, making Yubel giggle, with the feeling of protection and love. The brown haired demon pulled back and gave Johan one last kiss before he headed out the front door.

Rain started to come down in sheets as Johan made his way to the swampy area of the forest. Haou and Yubel started fuss and whimper.

"I know you're hungry," Johan said. He walked to a thick oak tree and placed the basket down on the ground. Johan reached for Yubel as she started to and cry. "Shh. It's okay," he soothed, holding her close. He put a blanket around his daughter, and rubbed her back.

After a few moments, Yubel calmed down. Johan place his daughter next to his son. The young Anderson couldn't help but smile. He had to admit that having Haou and Yubel in their lives did wonders for them. Judai displayed a new side that no one had ever seen before - even Chazz had to admit that Judai had grown up to take responsibility.

Judai ...

Suddenly, something smacked right against his head, and Johan remembered nothing more until he woke up to the sound of teenagers arguing.

"You need to be more careful, mate," came an Australian voice. Johan knew it was Jim.

Johan opened his eyes and looked around and noted that Kenzan was standing there, scratching the back of his head. "Where's Yubel and Haou?" Johan asked dizzily.

Jim smiled and pointed to his right. "They're a sleep now. Haou was a little fussy, but after I gave him something to eat, he calmed down."

Johan got up, but soon regretted it when he felt dull pain in the back of his head.

"Sorry about that, soldier," Kenzan apologized. "I didn't mean to hit you with a rock. You can never be too sure with people."

Johan smiled. "Don't worry about it," he reassured. He got up carefully and walked to his babies. "Judai should be here shortly. He said that the humans are hunting early this year."

A shadowy figure crept into the house and made its way to Haou and Yubel. Johan woke to the smell of a human – or so he thought. Johan narrowed his eyes and slowly crept to the drakened form. He was ready to pounce, but the shadowy turned and grabbed Johan and pulled him close.

"Let go!" Johan cried.

Soft lips claimed the green-eyed demon's lips, to keep Johan from waking anyone up. The passionate teen blinked a few times. Johan moved his hands up and down the stranger's sides. Green eyes narrowed, as Johan sniffed again. An annoyed growl escaped from the back of Johan's throat.

"Judai ..." Johan whined, as he felt his boyfriend lick his neck.

"Shh. Not so loud," Judai murmured, continuing to clean his boyfriend. "You might wake them up. Besides, you're dirty."

"I'm dirty? You're the one who smells like a human," Johan teased, claiming Judai's lips.

"Sorry about that. I needed to throw the dogs off the track," Judai explained. "I also need to get the others and bring them here."

"I'll come with you," Johan offered.

"No," Judai said firmly. No one touches you but me. "Last time that happened, you nearly got raped by human hunters, lead by Giese Trapper - I don't want that to happen again!"

"Mar – Marcel…" Yubel uttered.

Johan and Judai turned their heads and stared at their daughter in shock. Had she just talked?

Judai smiled proudly. He walked over and picked Yubel up and swung her around. "Is that what you want? You want to see Marcel and Blair?"

Yubel nodded her head. "Marcel!" she repeated loudly.

"Not so loud, you'll wake your brother up," Judai chuckled. The warning came too late; Haou was already awake and tried to sit up, but failed. Judai laid Yubel down. "I don't like the idea of you going out there by yourself ..."

"He's not going alone. Shirley and I will go with him," came Jim's voice from the doorway.

Judai and Johan turned to see Jim, Kenzan, and Jim's pet crocodile - Shirely standing there. "Alright," Judai sighed. "How about this. You acompany Johan and the kids to Marcel, while I got get Chazz, Bastion, Zane and his little brother Syrus, so we can find out why they're hunting early this year."

The rain had stopped by the time Johan, Jim, Shirley, and Kenzan started to make their way Marcel's place. The bath was long and winding; they came to a fork in the road. Johan was about to go stright, Shirley growled and turned right. The others followed the crocodile. Haou opened his eyes and started to kick his legs, and reached for the string that was hanging from the handle. At the end of the string was a flat plastic toy. Haou put the thing in his mouth and started to chew on it. The chewing and kicking woke Yubel up. Johan looked down and noticed that Yubel was about to cry.

Johan stopped walking and put the basket down.

Shirley growled. This time, it was type of growl Jim was familer with. Jim sniffed the air. He could smell the dogs alright. They were hound dogs by the smell. The hound dogs were really close. Jim stared at Johan. "We need to keep moving. The dogs have picked up our scent and will attack us at any moment."

"Judai …." Yubel murmured. "Want Judai!"

"I know you do," Johan murmured. I want my partner too.

The dogs were waiting in the bushes, ready for an opportunity to strike. Shirley was the first to growl, and everyone stayed still. All was quiet until one of the dogs jumped right for Johan. The rest of the dogs jumped on the other demons.

Johan moved out off the way with the basket in his arms. He was not going to let them hurt Haou and Yubel! Another dog jumped out and knocked Johan down, causing him to through the basket. Johan hit his head hard on a rock near by. Before he black out, he saw one of the dogs caching the basket. Another dog walked up and took Yubel by the neck. The dog holding the basket in his mouth threw the basket near a throrny bush, with Haou still inside.

To Be Continued...