Possessed Love

Chapter Seven: Is this it?

By KellyQ

Haou let out a cry of anger and thrashed around. He bit both snakes at the back of their heads. He lunged for Cobra, but Venominon whacked him with his tail, sending the cat demon to the ground. Haou jumped to his feet, and changed to his demon form. He leaped for Venominon, ready to attack him.

Yubel still sat there stunned. No! That has to be a lie … she shook her head, trying not to have images of her parents lying on the ground, dead. "No! You're lying!" without thinking, Yubel lunged for Cobra with rage in her eyes.

Cobra moved out of the way just as Yubel landed in the crouching position. She whipped her head to the right and glared at the snake demon leader. Yubel's crooked tail twitched, and her eyes flashed. She wasn't going to let Cobra get away. Yubel was ready to pounce again when large rocks started to rain down from the heavens. Yubel yelped in shock as she moved out of the way. She looked up to see an Eagle flying over head, dropping rocks.

"Hey, watch where you land those thing, Cobalt!" Haou snapped, after dodging one.

The rock hit Venominon right on the head. The large snake shook his head and Haou found the opportunity to lung at the large snake again. The brown cat demon dug his claws into Venominon's chest, earning a hiss of pain coming from the large snake.

"Venominon, what are you -" Cobra started to say.

Haou then sunk his teeth into the snake's skin and tore it off. Blood and acidic venom splattered all over his face. I'm not going to give up, Haou thought as he cried out in pain. He used his back paw to make the hole even bigger. By now Venominon was thrashing around, hitting everything in his path.

"Venominon, stop it!" Cobra ordered.

Yubel watched with horror and awe. She didn't think that her brother would conjure enough courage to go up against a large and powerful snake. Cobra ran up and tried to stop Venominon from coming near his son's ashes. He was so fixed on stopping the large snake he forgot about Haou and Yubel. It didn't take long before Cobra remembered.

"You planned this all along, didn't you?" Cobra barked turning to face Yubel; his eyes started to slant, and his skin sowed scales. Yubel's eyes widened in horror as she watched Cobra slowly change into a snake.

Venominon had stopped thrashing and Haou slowly slid down from his spot on the snake's chest. The few smaller remaining snakes seized the opportunity to finish Haou off. They both sprang at Haou and bit him on the back of the shoulders. Yubel watched Haou's body fall to the ground with a thump. She stared back at Cobra for a moment. This is for you, Haou, she thought. Yubel lunged forward and sank her teeth into Cobra's neck, tasting the warmth of his blood and sharp acidic venom down her mouth. They both went crashing to the ground and Yubel kept her hold on Cobra's neck until he stopped moving.

Johan's long ears went straight up at the sound of shouting, hissing, and thrashing. Please don't let them die! The white cat demon hoped. Johan almost lost Judai and he didn't want to lose his kids.

After Yubel was born, she brought joy to Judai and Johan. Sure, they had had hardships when it came to other demons wanting to take Yubel. Johan growled. I'm going to kick Cobra's ass like I did with Amon! They never cared about how anyone felt. They only cared about themselves! The memory of Amon taking Yubel was something Johan would rather forget; including memories of being hunted down by Giese Trapper. Johan never understood why the man was so fixed on him when there was plenty of demons to hunt.

Giese had a smug look on his face and stared lustfully at Johan. "You can grant wishes," he said, walking toward the bound demon cat. "And I know you're pregnant ..." Johan tried to scoot away from Giese, but the demon hunter stomped on the demon's tail. "You want to guess how I know? I can smell it ..." Giese smirked when he noticed that Johan turned pale.

"How ..."

Giese snickered. "I'm part demon, that's another how I know. And with you pregnant, dogs will have something to practice their skills on when the baby is born."

A squawk snapped Johan out of his painful memory. He stopped and looked up to see that it was Cobalt Eagle. The bird landed just as Sapphire came galloping up with two figures on his back.

"Oh no ..." Johan murmured feeling fear in his pounding heart.

Sapphire lowered himself so Johan could get a better look and he let out a horrific scream. Blood covered both Haou and Yubel's wounds. Their bodies were bashed up. Johan could smell Poison. The turquoise-haired demon gently slid both of his kids off of Sapphire and laid them on the ground.

A moan came from Yubel's lips. "J - Johan ...?" she breathed, but it was more like a gurgle.

The green-eyed demon was by her side in a matter of moments. "Yubel! Are you alright?"

"T -that's a - a - stupid question. But you guys don't have - have to worry about - Cobra. He - he's gone." Yubel closed her eyes for a brief moment and looked over at her dead brother. "Haou did most - most of the fighting," She started to explain. "You would've been proud - of - him." Yubel glanced back at Johan and put her shaky hand on his cheek. Yubel stroked Johan's cheek lovingly. "You're just as soft as I remembered when I was a baby, and just as beautiful." the last part came out as a moan. "I'm really sorry for causing you so much pain ..."

"Don't talk like this," Johan panicked. He looked at his faithful flying companion. "Cobalt, go see if you can go find Ms. Fontaine, and hurry!"

"J - Johan ... you don't have to ..." Yubel wheezed out, seeing the Eagle take flight.

"I'm not going to let you die, Yubel," Johan said looking at his daughter to see that her eyes were already lifeless. Horror swept across Johan's face. He started to shake his daughter. "Yubel, wake up - don't do this to me!" Johan continued to shake Yubel's lifeless body, and that's when he realized that she was gone. "I'm so sorry, sweetie," Johan murmured, holding his daughter close.

Judai found himself floating in complete darkness. He looked around and spotted a familiar figure in the darkness. "Yubel?" The figure turned and sure enough it was her. Judai's face lit up as his body floated toward her. "Yubel, you're alright!" The two pulled each other close. It wasn't long before Judai started to sob. "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Yubel blinked. "You have nothing to worry about, papa," she reassured.

It was Judai's turn to blink as he pulled away just a little. "What are you talking about?"

"Cobra. He's gone. You don't have to worry about him anymore."

Judai's eyes widened. "You killed him?"

Yubel nodded her head, hoping to get some sort of reward for doing something good. Judai was about to open his mouth then he remembered something. "Wait! Where's Haou - and Johan?" Yubel closed her eyes and when she didn't answer right away, Judai started to panic. "What happen to them, Yubel?"

"Johan's fine," she reassured. "But Haou's gone too." Yubel chewed on her lower lip, wondering if she should tell her dad that he was dreaming.

Judai closed his eyes and a tear came down the right side of his face. "I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen," he murmured, pulling his daughter in a warm embraces. "And I'm sorry that I didn't come and save you."

Yubel chuckled and kissed Judai on the cheek. "You're silly daddy. I should apologize. I didn't mean any of those things I said." she smiled.

"Partner, please wake up," came Johan's worried voice.

Yubel watched her father look for the source of the voice. "Precious ..." Judai murmured.

"Go to him," Yubel said.

Judai turned and bright light filled his vision.

Johan leaned over Judai with fear in his emerald eyes. After he returned with the news that Yubel and Haou were dead; the others told him that Judai may not make it. Johan pushed passed them and went over to his mate.

"Partner, please wake up!" Johan shouted. A light moan came from the back of Judai's throat. Johan's face lit up. "Judai!"

"J - Johan ..." the brown-haired demon said in a raspy voice. Judai tried to open his eyes, but he could only open one at the moment.

"Judai!" Johan pulled his mate close, and held him tenderly. It didn't take long before Johan started to sob.

Jim looked sympathetically at the two. "We got there too late to do anything," Jim spoke up. "But we don't have to worry about the snakes anymore. Haou and Yubel managed to kill Cobra and Venominon," the crocodile demon explained. "Now that they don't have a leader, we might have enough power to make peace with the humans and stop them from hunting."

Jim waited for a reaction, but he could tell that Judai was focused on Johan. The others in the room saw it too and they all decided to leave.

"Precious ..." Judai murmured, feeling that Johan wasn't going to let go him any time real soon. "Johan ...?"

"They're gone ..." Johan murmured, shivering a little. "I'm sorry. I ... I tried ..."

"Shush," Judai soothed, rubbing his mate's back. "What happened wasn't your fault. We shouldn't feel grief for them. We should be proud of them. They brought peace and we can start over again."

Johan pulled back and looked away with guilt in his eyes. "That's just it ... I can't get pregnant anymore," he said in a quiet voice.

Judai's expression softened and he stroked his mate's cheek with a weak shaky hand. "And that's okay, Precious. I still love you Johan Yubel Anderson ..." he murmured, pulling his mate close and they both lied down, cuddling close to each other. Judai sighed in content as he closed his eyes and allowed the warmth and darkness to consume him.

Shepherd looked up with sympathy in his eyes as Johan handed the peace treaty documents over. The poor lad, he thought. Losing his children first then his mate had taken a toll on his heart. The news of what happened didn't take long to spread and the death of Judai Yuki was a great shock to half of the forest. No one ever thought the great Judai would die. Johan took it the hardest though. After Judai's death, Johan shut himself off from the others.

The poor cat demon only kept to himself and he became a little bitter to anyone who came anywhere near him. Johan did things on his own, and his beautiful emerald eyes became an orange-possessed color. No one liked the new change in Johan, it was like part of him had died.

Johan now wore all black and over it, he had on a gray cloak and hood, that covered most of his face. All you could see was orange-possessed eyes and the outline of Johan's face.

Shepherd sighed and handed the documents over to Johan. The young cat demon looked the documents over before he rolled them up and walked out. Shepherd let out another sigh.

I don't think he's ever going to mate again.

The End

I want to thank my editor for helping me! He's so cool!

Oh, there's going to be a sequel to this story. It should be up soon called "What Hurts the Most". A song by Rascal Flatts.