Twilight series drabbles from Twilight to Eclipse to the potentials of the fourth book. :)


Bella shifted restlessly, blanket suddenly cast aside, her pale stomach glowing in the moonlight. Sharp golden eyes widened briefly before he quickly pulled the shirt back down. He sighed and rolled his eyes, pressing a hand against the side of her cheek gently.

She smiled in her sleep and settled, finally cool.


"Alice," Jasper muttered unhappily, sliding next to her on the couch. She was currently watching Project Runway, watching avidly as the contestants ran around getting supplies from a plant store.

She looked up at him expectantly, butterscotch eyes sparkling. "I know."

"Edward's radiating so much happiness I feel like I'm on Prozac."



Emmett was lounging on the bed, flipping through the various international sports channels. He glanced back at Rosalie, who had walked to the bed and slid under the blankets, luxurious props they had purchased a few months ago.

"It's nothing," she responded, rolling and stretching so that she bumped against Emmett's legs. He pressed a leg closer to him, massaging gently. She smiled for a brief moment, eyes flickering back to the shadows in the corner of the room as the memories replayed themselves again. She thought about Bella, and wondered how Bella saw her now.

The urge to cry had died long ago, leaving a bitter hollow that felt numb.


"Hey Edward -"


"But -"


Edward looked up and found Jasper shooting him a pleading look.

Image of wrestling popped into Edward's mind, followed immediately by Alice sending predictions of heavy downpour. The vision of wrestling shifted to include the mud.

"No, definitely not," Edward repeated.

He had a brief moment of preparation before Emmett lunged to put Edward in a breaker hold.


"What do you want for your birthday?" Edward whispered.

Bella stretched and rolled over in her sleep, bringing her inches away from Edward's lips. He backed up to give her a little more room. He repeated the question, to which she replied, after a pregnant pause -

"ā€¦buttered asparagus cheese casseroleā€¦" She turned over again restlessly.


"You have got to be kidding me," Bella stated. She was wearing a black coat, hood up to protect her hair from the frizz she knew was coming from the light drizzle.

Edward gave her a quizzical look.

"Soccer?" she replied. "With that?" She indicated the small pile of bowling balls in the corner of the field.

"I know," he responded, holding up a thick helmet. Edward pulled the hood down and placed it on her head in one fluid motion. "Just in case."