A/N: As you can tell by my constant new stories, I'm a little bored; but campus life can do that to ya. Well, this is my first crossover. I won't tell you what I'm mixing Wicked with but I think you'll like it. This may seem a little crazy, as most things I tend to write, but weird things happen when you can shower between classes—again, only when you live on campus. As always, I don't own anything.

"I'm not like you," Elphaba yelled, fighting back the tears. She hugged the goat in her arms even tighter. "I'll never be like you and I'll fight you till the day I die!"

The Wizard laughed. He moved to the back of his great mechanical head and called for his guards. Instantly soldiers in green uniforms and guns entered the throne room. The goat in Elphaba's arms ran off to the balcony where it would be safer, leaving the green witch alone. Elphaba looked at her captors. She recognized one. "Fiyero?" she whispered.

The Captain of the Guard stepped forward.

"Fiyero," she grinned, "it is you!" She stepped forward to embrace him but he raised his gun at her.

"Silence, Witch!" he yelled.

She quickly moved back. Fiyero turned to his men. "Get me some water" he ordered.

"Sir?" one clarified.

"Water, as much as you can carry. Hurry!"

The other guards saluted and ran off. Fiyero still kept his rifle trained on Elphaba, sweat poured down his brow.

"What's going on here?" a voice came from the doorway.

Elphaba recognized the voice. She turned to see Glinda staring wide-eyed in to the room. The other also recognized the green witch. "Elphie?" she cried.

Elphaba gave a grin in response.

"Oh, Elphie!" Glinda hugged her friend, "Thank Oz you're alive!" She then turned to Fiyero who had removed the Wizard from behind the mechanical head and had him at gun point as well. She placed her hands on her hips. "Fiyero, have you misplaced your mind?" she scolded.

"No" was the reply.

"Then what are you doing?"

"Getting ready to leave." He turned to Elphaba, "Get your things ready."

"What?" cried Glinda.

"Don't you see?" Fiyero replied; his eyes met with Elphaba's, "I love her."

Elphaba was taken aback; she wasn't expecting this.

"So," teared Glinda, "it's been this way all the time, behind my back?"

"No, Glinda" replied Elphaba, "it wasn't like this."

"Oh, but it was" said Fiyero.


"We don't have time to explain; my men will be back soon. Elphaba, gather your things together and trust me." He turned to Glinda. "Bye, Glinda."

Glinda tried her best to fight back the tears. "Fine!" she cried as Elphaba and Fiyero flew away on Elphaba's broom, "Go! You two deserve each other!" She turned her back to them and let the tears fall.

"Here," a sympathetic voice came from behind, "drink this. It deadens the pain."

She turned to see the Wizard offer her a drink in a green glass flask.

"No thank-you" she whispered.

The Wizard shrugged, "Suit your self." He toasted her health and took a hearty swing.

"Is it true?" a plump woman entered the throne room, "Has your betrothed brought her into custody?"

"No, Madame Morrible" Glinda replied.

"It seems our Captain of the Guard had other plans" finished the Wizard.

The woman's face dropped. "Oh dear...Surely, there must be some way of capturing her."

"Her sister" Glinda muttered.

"What was that, dear?" asked Madame Morrible.

"Her sister!" Glinda said louder, "Spread a rumor telling her that her sister is in danger and she will fly to her side."

Both the Wizard and Madame Morrible liked the idea.

"Now, if you excuse me," Glinda's voice became softer, "I have a slight headache." She curtsied and left.

"For a blonde," commented Morrible, "she's quite smart. But we can't use a rumor, Elphaba's too smart for that."

"Then what?" inquired the Wizard.

"I think we need a little help from outside..." the other smiled evilly.