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The six people finally got around to sitting at the table, the meal waiting for them as they prayed. Ma and Da took the ends of the table, Murphy sitting next to Jayne on one side, with Julie and Connor on the other. Once the prayer was finished, everyone started to dig in. Everyone smiled appreciatively at Julie, who blushed and said "Jayne and Murphy helped."

"Aw, no," Jayne shook her head. "You did the most work, you get the most credit."

"'Sides," Murphy shrugged. "I just stirred a few pots."

Ma gave Julie a playful glare. "This is better than anythin' I've ever made in me entire life."

"Now that can't be true," Julie smiled. "You fed both of these boys something to bring them up to be such fine men."

Connor laced his fingers with hers under the table, lovingly brushing his thumb across her knuckles as he watched her smile. The night went by with everyone chatting and enjoying their meal. Connor constantly found his eyes turning to Julie, enjoying how happy she seemed to be. She was nothing but smiles and warmth and joy as she watched everyone enjoying what she had made for them. A few times, she caught him looking and would blush before turning her attention to another conversation. Finally near the end of the meal, it was too much for him. He'd been planning it for a week and a half, and now with all the family around, and his brother's encouraging smile, it seemed as good a time as any. Putting his hands on the table and pushing his chair out, he stood.

"Ma, Da," he said looking down the table at either one of them.

"Aye, Connor," his mother asked expectantly. His father nodded toward him.

Julie saw Murphy watching him with glee in his eyes, trying to hide the smile on his face. Jayne looked lit up as well, like a kid on Christmas. Shaking her head slightly, Julie looked up at Connor to hear what he had to say.

"When ye go back ta Ireland," he began. "I want ye ta tell Cousin Liam he's not the only one in the family who'll be tyin' the knot."

Julie watched Ma and Da's faces furrow and she felt the same confusion. He looked down into her eyes intently, a soft smile on his face. "That's assumin' a course, that Julie says yes ta me proposal."

Her eyes went wide as her jaw nearly did hit the floor. Jayne began to giggle, Murphy putting a hand on the back of her neck and looking up at Julie. "Well, Julie? Are ye goin' ta make me brother the happiest Irish bastard this side a stone-sober?"

Connor waved his brother's comment off, eyes never leaving Julie's face, watching her expectantly, nervously. "What d'ye say, Julie? Will ye marry me?"

She blinked, finally able to breathe again. Then a slow smile spread across her lips as she jumped up into his arms. "Yes, of course Connor! Yes, yes, yes!"

He laughed triumphantly, burying his face in the crook of her neck and holding her tightly before their lips found each other. There were answering cries of approval from Murphy and Jayne across the table, each raising a glass in salute before drinking the contents down. Ma made a strange, happy squealing noise and rushed over to Julie taking her into a big hug.

"I knew ye'd be me daughter-in-law soon enough," she beamed, then smirked at her. "An' from now on, ye'll be the one ta cook at the family get-togethers."

Jayne went over to join them, congratulating Julie and starting to discuss wedding plans with Ma. Julie remained blissfully silent, glancing at Connor who had been taken up in a huge hug by his twin.

"Ah, Conn," Murphy laughed. "Always knew ye'd be the first a us ta get hitched. But it's amazin' how ye take yer sweet time gettin' 'round to tellin' 'er ye love 'er, then as soon as she says it back, ye've proposed. Ye're a hopeless romantic, I tell ye."

Connor was about to reply when Da's hand fell on his shoulder. He looked up into his father's stern face. "Ye sure about this, me boy? What with the life we MacManus men lead?"

"The Lord's seen fit ta bring 'er into our lives, Da," Connor answered, nodding thoughtfully. "An' it seems He's also seen fit ta make 'er strong enough ta take this kind a life. So why not do what me heart tells me ta?"

"Well, ye couldn't a picked a better lass ta be yer wife," Da smiled, ruffling his hair a bit. "I'm proud a ye, boy. Both me boys."

Murphy smiled back as his father reached over to tousle his hair as well. Then Da walked over and took Julie into his arms, welcoming her more officially into the family. The phone rang then, but everyone but the twins seemed too engrossed in the events to notice. Connor turned to answer it, but Murphy grabbed the receiver first, shooing his brother away.

"Go celebrate with yer bride-ta-be," he chuckled. "I can handle a phone call without ye."

Connor smiled at his brother and joined the others. When Murphy brought the phone to his ear, he heard the familiar voice of one of their informants. Quickly jotting down the information on a piece of paper, he hung up and shoved the paper into one of his pockets. He turned back with a smile, and no intention of bringing up what was said on the phone. For this one night, there were no sinners, no Saints. Just a family enjoying each others' company, celebrating an engagement, and let the world just this once be peaceful.

Murphy returned to the group, patting Connor's shoulder in congratulations again and giving Julie a kiss. Laughing, Connor promptly pushed his brother away and pulled Julie into his arms again. Jayne smiled as Murphy gladly threw his arms around her, nuzzling at her neck and whispering that it would be the same way between the both of them some day soon.


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