Elphaba took a breath. Brave, confident, fierce, fearless-all adjectives she knew people would use to describe her. Now if only she didn't feel so terrified. What was it about bouncy blond curls that could drive fear straight through her? Oh yes, the inevitable makeover.

At least Galinda was in an exceptionally good mood. Maybe she could weasel out of the worst of it. The first time she naively thought it might be fun. Galinda had managed to work miracles, but one look in that mirror had shown Elphaba her true colors as it were. No amount of makeup or pink flowers could hide the fact that she was ridiculously green. It was foolish to think she could be beautiful, and after that crushing disappointment, she had steeled herself not to get her hopes up again.

Galinda, on the other hand, clung to the belief she could make her roommate popular, and for her friendship, the makeovers were to be endured, however painfully. After all, Elphaba had never really had a best friend before. Maybe torture was a routine part.

Already giggling, Galinda whisked Elphaba into her chair by the mirror. "Ok, I think today's a very lilac-y day. So…lavender eye shadow…" she listed the various ingredients as she prepared them, leaving Elphaba's brain free to wander to her history report. If she studied two hours today, then she could spend tomorrow working on her project. "Ouch!"

Apparently she had left herself unprepared to battle Galinda and the tweezers. For a little thing, Galinda was surprisingly strong as she held Elphaba down to finish the job. She suffered through another round of hair pulling, brushing, curling, pinning and re-brushing before Galinda finally surrendered. A silly dress and some very impractical shoes later, Elphaba was finally released from her beautification ordeal. She knew better than to attempt to undo Galinda's work, having been caught doing so often enough.

Elphaba sighed, squared her shoulders, and then left to face the world. After all, she couldn't look much sillier than she normally did.

Fiyero was actually on time to class, a feat he felt particularly proud of today. He had really wanted to sleep in, but Elphaba's last lecture had been enough to inspire him to rise and shine as it were. Speaking of, he saw her distinct green figure growing closer. It was impossible to miss the puffy purple dress even from a distance, and he saw as she got closer that her face was coated in makeup. "Poor girl," he thought, "Galinda must have trapped her into another makeover." He was never happier that he was male, and therefore immune to makeovers.

She looked so miserable, the poor creature. He knew she despised wearing all that silly makeup, clothes and such, and he certainly didn't blame her. The stares directed at her annoyed even him, and he didn't have to endure them. She reached him, giving him a half-smile that clearly begged for mercy.

"Hey," he said sympathetically. "How are you?"

She merely grimaced, pointed at her face and sighed.

He suppressed a chuckle. "It really isn't that bad. It could have been much worse."

"Oh, I know. She couldn't find that purple glitter, but at the last minute she found the passionate plum lip gloss." She shook her head, clearly trying to bravely face her fate.

"Ooh, the plum is my favorite," he said without thinking, suddenly realizing that was the wrong thing to say. Best to hope she didn't notice, however unlikely. "But really, it's just a little too much here," he brushed away some of the blush lightly with his fingertips, "and here." He swept his finger over her eyelids, appreciating the cute way Elphaba's face tilted up as her eyes closed. A reckless moment seized him, and he leaned closer. "And here," brushing his thumb over her soft, very glossy lips. Plum really was his favorite, and he very nearly gave in to the desire to kiss it off instead.

Reality crashing back in, he pulled back to admire his handiwork. "Much better."

She smiled, looking down at her frilly dress. "Now if only I weren't wearing a giant ball of purple gauze."

Laughing, they found their seats, hoping Galinda wouldn't notice Fiyero's alterations. Class started, and Elphaba's attention was quickly on the subject matter. Fiyero leaned over and whispered in her ear, startling her. "You really do look beautiful." He didn't add that he meant before the makeover as much as after.