Elphaba sighed as Galinda sniffled again. "I can't believe this is the last makeover I'm going to give you, Elphaba Thropp." The blonde burst into tears again, throwing her arms around Elphaba. "I'm going to miss you so very much. You were the bestest roommate, and bestestest friend ever!"

"I'll miss you too." Elphaba for once didn't feel the need to roll her eyes, and she patted her friend's arm awkwardly. This much emotion always made her more than a little uncomfortable.

Her sister chose this moment to wheel in, lifting an eyebrow at the hysterical girl draped around Elphaba's shoulders. "Galinda, are you alright? It's nearly time."

"We mustn't keep Fiyero waiting," Galinda hiccupped. She fussed Elphaba's hair and makeup a little more before declaring her beautiful. It was a true sign of their friendship that Elphaba didn't roll her eyes. She took a step away, only to fling her arms up and around Elphaba again until Nessa tugged her hand impatiently.

The two girls gave her a few more reassuring smiles and over-emotional hugs, and then they vanished to take their places. Now without the benefit of their distraction, she felt nerves crush into her. She still was unconvinced about the ceremony, feeling it largely unnecessary. How would it make her suddenly more in love with him? It couldn't possibly make him more committed to her. As far as she could see, it was only a long, embarrassing ritual designed to make every woman in a thirty mile radius weep endlessly.

She thought back to that night not long after his first exhibit. He'd been acting odd, more so than usual, and she was suspicious when Fiyero had burst into her room in the middle of the night saying he had something important to tell her. Pulling her after him, he'd led her to that fateful tree that had watched their first kiss. Sighing, he'd pulled his hand through his hair, and for a second she worried that he was ready to leave her for the better life he deserved. The anxiety in him was palpable.

Even now she couldn't recall the words he'd said, her heart somewhere in her throat, particularly when she heard him talking about what he wanted for his future – his life, his wife, his family. "And I can't imagine any of it without you," he had said with such passion that these words were emblazed in her memory. He had knelt and proposed, and only a very stupid fool would have declined. And she was not a very stupid fool.

That's not to say she was convinced, and he had spent most of the time persuading her in various forms. Even now, she was worried, and no less so after meeting his family and facing the responsibilities that came with marrying the crown prince. She'd tried to call it off several times, but he could be so damned patient and reasonable. She didn't know how he did it, but somehow he managed to appease her without giving any ground. He would make a fantastic king, she thought with a smile.

And she would be his queen. What an unsettling thought that was. She still thought this was a mistake, not for them so much as for the kingdom. But it was important to him, and he was important to her. Weakness though she knew it to be, she couldn't refuse him this.

A tap at the door shook her out of these revelries, and she kicked herself for having such a sentimental reaction to the ridiculous ceremony. She would be glad when this was all over. The music cued her entrance, and she steeled herself for the stares.

Whether or not they were staring, she'll never know. At her first step into the hall, she caught his eyes, and the rest of the crowd vanished in the intensity of his gaze. She didn't remember walking down the aisle, but she must have for she found herself in front of him, taking his hand. Galinda pulled the flowers out of her hands when she forgot to pass them, and the rest was a blur.

His eyes were bright with emotion, but the passion held in them when he spoke their vows melted even her heart. She fidgeted when it was her turn, disliking this very public expression of her private feelings, but he held her eyes so she spoke only to him. It was nothing he didn't already know, but he still beamed at her when she finished. Then he slipped a ring on her finger and pulled her to him. His lips were soft as they caressed hers, and she blushed when she heard the catcalls as he was slow to release her.

They were announced, and it was over. Or so she thought. Several hours later, after she'd met been congratulated by half the free world and danced with the other half, Fiyero finally squeezed her arm and nodded toward the door. They'd nearly slipped away when Avaric made his toast as benefit his position as best man, and Galinda led a dance as maid of honor. The ceremonies were endless, and the sky was darkening rapidly by the time they finally escaped.

Fiyero chuckled at her as they finally reached the safety of the carriage. "Most women adore weddings."

"Most women are fools," she countered fiercely, in something of a foul temper after having been kept from her new husband so long.

"And that's why I married you, my darling wife," he teased, kissing her throat, "you are distinctly unique."

"I think you mean odd."

"No," he kissed her again, lingering until she squirmed, "I mean extraordinary. There is no one in this world like you, my queen, and now there is no one in the world as happy as I."

There was much less talking after that until hours later curled together they whispered their more honest, more lasting vows of eternity, devotion and love.

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