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Chapter Six- Family Bonding

Edward Point of View

After Bella's birthday the taunting from the other children at school became worse. The little girls in her dance class have nick named her "Dizzy Izzy," but that's not the worst of it. During recess today her classmates formed a circle around her and teased her, telling her that she must be adopted or a freak because she's not as pretty as the rest of her family. One girl pushed her down; Bella fell and ended up breaking her right arm, so now we're in the emergency room getting her arm put in a cast.

"Daddy it hurts! Please don't make me go back!" She cried.

It broke out hearts to hear her crying because she was not only in physical pain, but emotional pain as well. Her face was soaked in tears that would not stop, her bottom lip trembled, and she kept begging not to go back to school.

Carlisle doesn't know what to do, he doesn't want to pull her out of school because he feels it is important for her to interact with other humans, especially ones her age, but he can't stand hearing her cry, begging not to go, no father wants to see their child in pain.

"Its okay angel, sit still for daddy, I need to put the cast on your arm," Carlisle tried to soothe her, but she kept on.

"Please! I'll do anything," she wailed. I held her still long enough for Carlisle to put her cast on.

I picked her up to take her home, Carlisle came with us because she wouldn't calm down, he wanted to make sure she wasn't having some kind of panic attack. Carlisle drove as I held Bella in the back seat trying to calm her down.

Nothing I tried worked and as soon as we were home, my door was pulled open and Bella was taken from my arms by Esme.

"Mommy! I don't wanna go! Please!"

"Of course not baby, you can stay with mommy," Esme cooed.

"Esme, we need to talk about this first," Carlisle spoke, to low for Bella to hear, not like she probably would have over her crying.

"There's nothing to talk about, Edward was right. I'm not sending her back there! I won't! They hurt my baby! They broke her arm!"

Esme was almost as hysterical and adamant about Bella not going back to school as Bella was.

My father gave in a little, "We'll give it a week and we'll discuss it."

"There is nothing to discuss," my mother hissed before taking a sobbing Bella into the house.

Carlisle and I followed, in the living room where my siblings were waiting with gifts for their injured little sister.

"Look Bella! It's teddy!" Emmett exclaimed, holding up her favorite bear, the one I had found her with, she calmed down a bit after taking the stuffed animal from Emmett.

Bella didn't calm down until she passed out from her hysterics; Esme changed her and put her to bed.

The next morning no one woke Bella for school, none of us went either, wanting to spend the day with her.

When Bella finally wore up she was groggy and weak from crying, Esme made her breakfast, but she barely ate any of it.

She didn't bring up not going back to school; in fact she was silent during most of the day until Carlisle came in to check on her.

"How are you feeling," he asked. He took her temperature and check her arm, all was normal.

"I'm good, but Teddy's not," she told him.

"What's wrong with Teddy?"

"He broke his arm," she answered, bending the bear's arm so it looked broken.

"We'll fix Teddy right up then," he smiled, taking the bear and making a cast out of gauze. "There good as new."


"Yes, Bella?"

"I want to be a doctor just like you," she smiled for the first time today and Carlisle lit up. He mad Bella her own medical bag and the rest of the day she went around the house playing doctor.

"Emmett I have to take a look in your ear," impersonating Carlisle, we watched her, very amused.

"Why Dr. Bella?"

"Edward said you don't have a brain," she sold me out. He went along with it for her sake, but cursed me out mentally the whole time.

She went on to examine every family member, but we had to draw the line when she wanted to put a popsicle stick in Jasper's mouth and look down his throat, Alice didn't need to look into the future to know it wouldn't end well.

We ended up spending the rest of the week at home with her, each of us bonding with her in our own ways.

I played piano to her and read to her, quiet simple things that we both enjoyed and wouldn't put a strain on her health. I played her lullaby and she leaned against me on the piano bench contently, a small smile on her face.

Alice knowing that she couldn't play dress up with her due to her broken arm played Barbie instead, usually Bella didn't really enjoy playing with her Barbie dolls, but she had a lot of fun playing with Alice.

Carlisle showed her how to use some of his medical equipment, including his stethoscope, but she was a little disappointed that the only person she could use it on was herself.

Esme watched Disney movies with her, holding her while they laid content on the couch, she was still adamant about Bella not going back to school, which I completely agreed.

Rosalie worked on her car, reworking it so it will go faster, Bella watched her, asking what each part was and what it did, Rose was more then happy to instill her knowledge of mechanics on Bella.

Jasper, well he spent everyday watching General Hospital with her. Jasper has been watching the show since it premiered in 1963, pretty much everyone on the show is related one way or another through marriage or dating, Bella has to keep asking about the relationship between the characters.

Emmett's quality time with Bella is the most…interesting.

"Go Go Power Rangers!" Emmett yelled, dressed in shiny red spandex, as one of the rangers, Bella next to him in a smaller pink costume.

Each day they would watch Power Rangers and then reenact the episode, Alice had bought the outfits for them, Bella's I didn't mind, but I could have gone eternity without seeing Emmett run around in skin tight red spandex.

No it wasn't Bella who got Emmett interested in Power Rangers, it was Emmett who became obsessed with the series and made Bella watch it with him so he wouldn't look like such a creep.

We all thought it was a bad idea for Bella to running around with a broken arm, fearing she might damage it more, but Emmett was keeping true to his word about being extra careful with her.

Finally our week of family bonding was over and it was time to decide if Bella would go back to public school or not.

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