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Title: Techno Fox

Summary: In cyberspace, she is known as Kyuubi, the only hacker in the world who was able to hack into Area 51's top secret files, and not get caught until just before she completely withdrew from their servers. Many groups of dangerous people are desperately trying to find her real identity, but she wears many masks. Her new high school won't know what hit it.

Pairings: GaaNaru. Onesided SasuNaru, KibaNaru, ItaNaru, SaiNaru, NejiNaru.

Other pairings: ShikaTema, ChouIno, JiraTsun.

Future pairings: KibaHina, NejiTen, SakuLee.

Warnings: Chapter rated T for some content not suitable for younger audiences.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. If I did, Naruto would be a girl, Sakura would be flea, and Sasuke would be bowing down to Naruto's every whim.

Notes: I do not know if some of the stuff in this chapter is actually fact. So, I'm happy that its fanfiction and not wikipedia.

"I'm speaking here!" – talking

I'm a monkey's aunt – narrating

I don't care who you are – memories/flashbacks

"This is so lame." – online chatting/information

.:Walking Disaster:.

Itty bitty Kitsune, all alone,
Looking all vunerable, prone, prone, prone.
Come with me little Kitsune, and if you behave,
I'll allow you to bid the world one last wave.

"Like this?" A small blonde haired girl with amazing blue eyes asked, looking up at the person next to her.

The person next to her just looked at the flashing computer screen in amazement. How did she do that? Feeling expecting eyes on him, he swallowed and grinned slightly, "Yes, you did my little Kitsune. Very well. Now, I want you to practice a lot from now on, don't stop."

The blonde grinned back, and nodded happily, going straight back to what she was doing. It was really easy, actually. She didn't understand almost all of it, but her guardian showed her how, and she's only doing what he showed her. She learned quickly, doing different things.

Her guardian walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table and smirking, "Well, well, well, looks like I found a diamond in the rough. Who knew such an innocent looking girl could do something like this? How is her physical training going?" He asked in a certain direction, and a smooth voice answered, "Very well. She already has the basic katas down, and has started on more advanced stuff. I've never seen a four year old that could learn that fast."

The owner of the voice walked calmly into the kitchen, and stood not two feet away from the man at the table. The man nodded, looking thoughtfully at the girl that was still at the computer. He stood up, the chair he was sitting on scraping the floor slightly, "Indeed. I truly cashed out this time. We will continue her lessons, then, I shall have the person I need for my plans. Just… up her training a bit, won't you?"

"Hai, Sir."

The blonde tried her hardest to hit her sensei, she really did. But a six year old could only be so good. Not two minutes later, she was hit on the cheek with a fist, sending her back several feet. She did not cry out, just stood up shakily, and charged back at her mentor. The same thing happened not three minutes later. Again, she did not cry out. She just stood up, and charged back into the spar.

Her guardian watched from the sides as his tool kept getting stronger.

"Can I go outside for a while? Please, I finished what you told me to." The little blonde pleaded, looking up at her guardian with big blue eyes. She knew that if she cried at all, he would hurt her. She didn't want to be on his bad side.

His yellow eyes flashed with anger, "Iie, you may not go outside. Practice more, or go to your mentor, you are not going outside."

The little blonde sighed, and bowed, "Hai, Sir. Right away." She hurried to her fighting class, her tears, which were threatening to fall, were pushed back roughly. She can't cry, it'll only make everything worse. She has to be tough, strong.

The eight year old hadn't been outside for years now. Sure, the windows were opened sometimes, and she could hear the outside sounds, but she couldn't go outside. He wouldn't allow it. Sometimes she really hated him…

She roughly pushed away the thoughts of hate, 'he's only making sure no one can hurt me. He's only making sure no one can hurt me. He's only making sure no one can hurt me…'She repeated the mantra in her head, but somewhere down, deep inside, she knew it wasn't true.

She was now ten years old. She knew when her birthday was, but she didn't dare mention it to her guardian. She tried very hard to stay on his good side, but lately… he's been in a very bad mood. She faintly wondered why.

"Sir, are you alright?" She dared ask, lowering her eyes to the floor. Making direct eye contact with him means you're directly challenging him, and she learned, a long time ago, that doing that only meant pain. A lot of pain, and being locked in the closet. Oh, how she despised the closet. She was only put in there if she was bad, but it was so small, with little to no air, and soundproof. It completely cut off the senses, she hated it.

He looked at her briefly before turning back to what he was doing. She knew he was in somewhat a good mood, for he didn't snap at her. She kneeled down on the floor and stayed like that until he was done.

"I'm fine, my Kitsune. What do you want?" He pulled off his gloves carefully, and discarded them. He liked to experiment with the bodies he got off the black market. She had long gotten used to the scent, sight, and leftover bodies that he no longer used before getting taken care of by his assistant, who was also her martial arts teacher.

"I just came to tell you that I have done as you told me to… a-and to ask a question i-if I m-may…" She mentally berated herself for her stuttering. She shouldn't stutter! He hated it when she did.

However, he must have been in a better mood than she had anticipated, for he only chuckled, and nodded, "Go ahead."

She let go of the breath she didn't know she was holding, and steeled her nerves, "If I may ask… can I know why you've been in such a bad mood, sir? I know it's not my place, but…"

He only chuckled again, and laid his pale hand on top of her head, "The bad guys were giving me some trouble, but I dealt with them. No need to worry, my Kitsune. Now, go practice some more, and make sure you are on time for your lesson, your sensei wants to teach you something new today."

She smiled and nodded, "Hai! If you'll excuse me, sir."

He only removed his hand, and waved it lazily in a sign of dismissal. She stood, bowed, and left, going to practice.

He chuckled again, but darkly, before returning to the body he was working on.

She stood in front of her guardian, and her sensei, waiting for what they were going to say. Her guardian started first, "I have something important for you to do, my Kitsune. If you do it correctly, without getting caught, I'll give you one boon. If you are caught… well, let's just say the closet is going to have company for the next few days. Understand?"

Showing no emotion, the thirteen year old only nodded. Something brushed up against her leg, but she ignored it. Her sensei addressed her next, "I cannot teach you anymore than what you know now. Just make sure you continue to practice. Practice may not make perfect, but pretty damn close."

She nodded, and bowed, low, "Permission to leave?"

Her guardian nodded, and turned to his assistant. He nodded, and followed after the older man, who was following the blonde to her room.

The sun felt good on her skin. She ran around outside, not even breaking a sweat as she looked at everything in the backyard of her guardians house. Said man was casually leaning against the house, in the shade, watching her. He was also thinking.

She didn't really care at the moment what he was thinking about, just focusing on how good it was to run around outside again.

She faintly heard her sensei talking urgently to her guardian; too busy enjoying the fresh air, and the blue, blue sky. She was snapped out of her joy, however, when her guardian abruptly grabbed hold of her arm and began to drag her back to the house.

"What is it? Is there something wrong?" She asked, hurriedly running after her guardian. He didn't say anything, just ran into the house, and in the direction of the closet. Her heart thumping in fear, she began to struggle slightly. He only tightened his grip on her arm, and pulled the closet open. He roughly shoved her in, before closing the door. Right before he completely closed the door, she heard the front door crashing open and several voices yelling. Then, there was darkness.

"Uzumaki Naruto, please come up to the stand." A booming sound commanded. She shot a look at her guardian, only to see a slight nod. Sullenly, she did as she was told and went up to the stand.

A man in a grey suit came up to her with a bible, and stood in front of her, "Please put your right on the bible, Miss Uzumaki."

She only stared at him like he was not of this planet. He probably was, seeing as she didn't see anything but her guardian, her sensei, and the bodies that they are usually cutting open. He stood there patiently, still holding out the bible.

"Miss Uzumaki, please put your hand on the bible." The man to her right said in a commanding voice. She just stared straight ahead, not looking at either, nor putting her hand on the bible.

Her guardian, who was flanked by two officers, and in handcuffs, only smirked and said, "You will not get her to speak, she answers to no one but me. And I'd go to hell first before ordering her to testify against me." He chuckled darkly, sending a look full of pride at what he molded.

She swelled up in pride at the look. She only got those rarely, only when she really pleased him. She sealed her lips shut.

The jury roared with anger, wishing to see his death. Without her testifying against him, they could only put him in jail for the rest of his life. This man deserved death! Why wouldn't she say anything?

"Order in the court! ORDER IN THE COURT!" The judge boomed, pounding the mallet on the stand. The jury settled down almost immediately. He sat back in his chair and stated, "Hebi Orochimaru, you are hereby sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment, with no chance of parole, or bail. Take him away."

Once she heard those words, her face morphed into one of horror. "NO!!" She screamed, jumping the stand, and running towards her guardian. The police officers tried to stop her, but she managed to dance out of their reach and hugged her guardian around his waist. Before being pulled away, she discreetly slipped something into his waist band, and heard whispered words in her ear.

"I will come back for you, my Kitsune. Just you wait."

Naruto looked at the school in front of her with detached awe. Her hand tightened on her bag slightly before she made her way up to the front doors.

Making her way to the office, she looked at all the posters, banners, and papers that decorated the walls of Konoha Community High. Garbage littered the floor every few feet, but the lockers were in relatively good condition.

It didn't take her long to find the office, and came face to face with a young woman with kind dark brown eyes, and short black hair. The woman smiled kindly before saying, "Ohayou, my name is Fenikkusu Shizune, and you are?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, new student." Naruto replied shortly.

Seemingly not taking notice of Naruto's behavior, she smiled again, "Ah, you are the new student we are expecting." She stood up, and led her to a closed door, before motioning for her to wait there. She then opened the door and slipped in, closing the door behind her. All Naruto could hear was a huge bang, and Shizune came back out, smiling. God, why did she smile all the time?

"You can go in now; she's ready to see you." She flashed another smile and went back to her desk. Naruto rolled her eyes before entering the spacious office. A honey blonde haired woman with the biggest bust Naruto has ever seen was sitting at a desk near the back of the office. She was writing furiously on a piece of paper. Naruto just stood there for her to finish.

Not a minute later, she looked up. She had honey brown eyes, and a tattoo of some kind of her forehead. Her hair was in two ponytails that went down her back some, and was wearing casual clothes. Huh, Naruto thought she would've worn something more… suitable? Oh well.

"Your name?" The woman asked bluntly, quirking a honey gold eyebrow.

"Uzumaki Naruto." She replied, wanting to get this over with.

"Ah, you're the student we've been expecting, no? Good, good. Now, take this note, go to room Seven-fourteen, and give it to your new homeroom teacher. Shizune will provide you with your schedule, and your teacher will get someone to show you around. Now, get lost brat, I have work to do."

Eyebrow twitching slightly, Naruto nodded, grabbed the note, and left the office. She walked up to Shizune, tapped on her shoulder and said, "Can I have my schedule please?"

Shizune nodded, and grabbed a piece of paper off a stack, and handed it to her. Naruto nodded, and walked away.

"Are you sure you don't need anyone to show you around?" Shizune half asked, half yelled after Naruto's retreating form. Naruto didn't even bother turning around. Shizune shrugged before getting back to work.

Naruto looked at the schedule she was given. First, she had double Chemistry, followed by break, then double Gym, then lunch, after that was double Information Processing, then break, and finally, Biology. She checked her watch, seeing it was quarter after nine, so her first class has already started. No problem.

Finding room seven-fourteen in five minutes, she knocked on the door, and waited. The voice inside, which sounded like it was lecturing, stopped. The door then opened, revealing a beefy man with scars on his face, a black bandana on his head, and a black trench coat that went down to his ankles that went over a black turtleneck shirt. He also wore dark brown combat boots.

"Who are you?" He asked gruffly, glaring.

"Uzumaki Naruto." She replied, returning the glare.

"Hmph, got a note from the principle?"

Naruto nodded and handed him the note. He read it quickly before crushing it in his hand, and moving away from the door. Naruto stepped into the class, and the teacher closed the door.

"Students, this is Uzumaki Naruto."

Sasuke wasn't even listening to the teacher. He was too busy thinking of ways to avoid his stupid fan girls. Bunch of banshees, useless, loud, annoying banshees.

He faintly hears a knocking at the door and Ibiki-sensei shuts up to answer it. Sasuke just keeps staring ahead until Ibiki moved out of the way to let the stranger in. His eyes flicked over to the person.

It was obviously a female and he had to admit, a good looking one. She had caramel colored flawless skin, waist length blonde hair, that was tied back, pure blue eyes with a touch of black eyeliner, making her eyes stand out even more, and three whisker-like marks on each of her cheeks.

She was wearing an orange tank-top with black strips down the side, and words that says, 'I can make bad things happen to you'. She had black khaki pants with many pockets on, a belt that was loose on her waist, so one side stayed up, the other slid down some, black sandals, and black fingerless gloves. Both her ears were pierced, one more so than the other, and so was her belly button. She has a tribal tattoo on her flat stomach, a necklace that looked like three commas stuck together was around her neck, and a black backpack was slung over her left shoulder.

Sasuke heard many intakes of breath around the room.

"Students, this is Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto rolled her eyes at the reaction.

"Introduce yourself, brat, and then sit down where ever you want. I don't have all day."

"Hold on to your panties, jiji, or else they're going to run away," Naruto remarked, and then introduced herself, ignoring the death glare being sent her way. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. That's all you need to know about me."

She picked a desk near the back, in between a redhead, and a wild haired brunette. She set her backpack on the floor beside the chair, and propped her legs up on the desk.

When the teacher began to talk, and write things on the board, she dozed off.

"Wake up, brat. I will not tolerate sleeping students in my class." Ibiki yelled, throwing the chalk at her. Naruto leaned to the left ever so slightly, the chalk missing her and hitting the wall behind her.

Slightly stunned at her lazy dodge, he then said, "Since you think you can doze of in this class, why don't you solve the problem on the board? If you get it wrong, I'm deducting thirty-five points off your next test. In fact, I'm going to do that to the whole class if you get it wrong."

There were several groans of distress; many were glaring at her now. She ignored them and studied the problem.

"It's false." She answered, closing her eyes. She missed the brief look of complete shock before coughing, "And why is that, Miss Uzumaki?"

She opened her mouth to respond when the bell rang. Ibiki scowled and then yelled out their homework for the day.

Naruto picked up her backpack, and slung it over her shoulder, ignoring the boys that approached her.

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