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Day 1

Kirihara gritted his teeth to his senpai.

"Now now, Akaya-kun," Niou teased, "it's the rules."

He smirked and handed Kirihara a bag of clothes.

"Yeah Bakaya, it's your fault for betting against Niou," Marui chuckled.

"What's in the bag?" Yukimura asked smilingly.

"Just something he has to wear for a week" Niou smirked.

Kirihara grabbed the bag and stormed into the club house.

"Even during practice?" Jackal asked.

Niou merely nodded happy.

Sanada shook his head disapprovingly.

"We can't have other teams-" he started, but was cut off when Kirihara emerged from the club house.

They all stared… and went into shock. Even Niou was quite surprised.

Before them, a slightly embarrassed Kirihara was wearing a girls school uniform.

The skirt was blue and quite short, and the white shirt revealed his smooth, silky skin whenever he moved. In his hair he had two red ribbons that tied it up in two cute knots.

"Oh my," Yukimura mused.

Yanagi dragged out his notebook from nowhere and started scribbling like mad.

Beside him, Marui was trying to decide whether to laugh or cry, Niou was smirking satisfied, Yagyuu quirked his eyebrow, Jackal gaped and Sanada fainted.

"You perv," Kirihara snarled to Niou.

"He's gonna practice in that?" Jackal said astounded.

"Not only is he gonna practice in that. He's gonna wear it to school everyday for a whole week."

Sanada looked like he was about to hit Niou (he had unfainted himself), so Yukimura quickly announced that they were starting practice.

Half an hour later, Marui had finished his match against Yagyuu and decided to take a little break.

On his way to the water fountain, he saw a large mob of girls standing beside one of the courts.

'What're they looking at?' he wondered and went over to look.

He sneaked his way to the front of the mob to see what was going on.

On the court, Kirihara was playing a match against Sanada.

"Who's leading?" he asked Niou who was watching from the bench.

"Kirihara," Niou announced.

"Whaaat?" Marui said shocked.

"There's a reason for that through," Yanagi said, suddenly standing beside Marui.

"And that is?" Marui asked when the initional shock of Yanagi's sudden presence vanished.

"Wait and see," Niou smirked.

A few minutes later, Sanada hit a lob and Kirihara jumped to smash it…giving everyone a good look at his ass on the way up and his chest on the way down.

Marui thought he saw Sanada blushing faintly, but surely that must have been his imagination.

"You even made him wear women's underwear," Marui croaked out.

Niou laughed loudly, earning a scold from Yukimura whose also decided to watch.

Marui wondered if both Yukimura and Sanada had gotten a cold, because both of their faces were slightly red.

Marui didn't understand what all the fuss about Kirihara was about. Who cared about his clothes? Even though they did make him look like a sweet sailor girl.

He wondered if womens underwear really was as soft as the rumours said.

He then blushed furiously as the image of his hand touching and feeling Kirihara under his skirt flashed through his head.

"You OK Marui? Your face suddenly match your hair," Niou smirked.

Marui coughed a few times and mentally tried to force the blood down from his head.

"One week you said?" he muttered to Niou.

"And what a fun week it'll be," Niou hoied back.

And that was chapter 1. I've concluded that there'll be 7 for each day Kirihara has to wear those clothes..

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