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Kirihara's cell phone vibrated, signaling the arrival of a mail. He sighed and raised his body from the bed, where he had just been dreaming a wonderful dream, and walked over to the desk where his phone was.

Good morning. I trust you to be up already. Since our official battle against Hyoutei is not far away, we shall be training all day today. I expect you to arrive at the school's tennis courts at 11:00 AM sharp.


Kirihara glanced at the clock which showed the time 10:15 and sighed relieved. Luckily he didn't have to rush because of his foot. Kirihara carefully switched the bandage, brushed his teeth and walked to his closet to dress. He suddenly stopped when an eerie feeling hit him.

'This is the last day, right? Then why isn't there a bag lying in my room?'

In a way Kirihara felt he should be happy, but in another way he kind of…missed it? No, that couldn't be it.

He looked around his room for any sign of intrusion, but found nothing. He then looked outside the window, outside his door, under his bed. Nothing.

'Has he forgotten? Or maybe what happened yesterday made him stop?'

Kirihara sighed angrily. Ok, so he was beaten up, but he was fine. Except for a couple of bruises and a twisted foot, he was just fine.

"Damn it. I'm not gonna quit this bet when it's the last day," Kirihara muttered.

He walked over to check outside his window one more time, still finding nothing. Suddenly he froze and a sly smile spread across his face.

Kirihara had gotten an idea.


Sanada looked at his clock and grumbled unhappy.

"He's late."

Yukimura smiled charmingly at the stoic man and patted his shoulder.

"Well, it is Akaya we're talking about. Perhaps he fell asleep on the bus again."

Everyone nodded at that statement.

"I hope he will come, though," Marui said silently. "I mean, I want to apologize and stuff."

"Yeah," Jackal agreed.

The group fell silent, everyone thinking about yesterday's happenings.

Sanada sighed and drew a deep breath.

"What are you all standing here for? Practice has started. Everyone; 10 laps around the courts!"He shouted.

The group jumped a little at the sudden outburst, but started running right away.

"Sorry I'm late," a voice shouted from the club house and everyone quickly turned to see.


"You came."

"About time brat, we...I...WHAT?"

Everyone fell silent as the second year approached them.

"Akaya," Sanada said silently, "what are you wearing?"

Kirihara smiled goofily and made a little twirl, making his skirt flutter lightly around him.

"Well, I didn't find any bag lying in my room this morning, and I wondered if Niou forgot. "Not a chance" I then thought and decided he must have deliberately not put any clothes in my room. Why would he do that? Well, maybe he was guilty because of what happened yesterday. Anyways, I decided not to quit in the middle of my punishment and borrowed some clothes from my sister."

Kirihara smiled and blinked to Niou.

"You look tired? Anything happened?"

"He's getting punished," Marui chuckled.

"What kind of punishment?" Kirihara asked.

"Run until you faint," Yukimura said and smiled his "Damn-you-for-getting-our-ace-hurt-just-a-few-days-before-an-important-match" smile.

Kirihara sweat dropped. His buchou was very scary.

"Then, everyone start warming up," Yukimura said. "After that I will pair you and you'll have a set of matches against each other."

Kirihara sat down on a bench as his teammates started running.

"You know," a deep voice said beside him, "your clothes are not matching."

Kirihara laughed and turned towards his fukubuchou.

"I know. I just took some girly clothes from my sister's closet. I didn't even give matching a thought."

They sat in silence for awhile watching the other's practice.

"So…This is your last day."


Sanada was silent before taking a deep breath.

"I think I'm going to miss watching you all dressed up," he joked and pushed his cap down to hide his face.

Kirihara snickered as he saw a faint blush on Sanada's cheeks.

"You know…," he said in a seductive voice, tilting his head up to bring it closer to Sanada's.

"W-what?"Sanada stuttered.

"If you want me to, I'll dress up as anything…" Kirihara smiled and began walking towards the club house, his hips swaying in a deliberate manner.

"…Just for you."

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