Save Me

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any other characters in the story. If I did, there would be more yaoi in it.

Summary: After a vampire comes into Yugi's room late at night and kidnaps him. Can he break the cold heart of the vampire or forever be torture by him. If he does then what will happen if his father gets to him and escapes. Can the vampire save him or will he die by the vampire or his fathers hand. Warning: Torture and violence and maybe a lemon in the future. Don't like don't read. Simple. Pairings: YYxY, SxJ, later BxR and YMxM

Chapter 1
16-year-old Yugi Motou sat at his desk making the jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. He had only his desk light on. His room was small but nice. He lived with his grandfather in a small house/shop. His grandfather ran a game shop and the top level was the house. Yugi's parents were separated; his mother had disappeared and his father was always drunk. The childcare officers put full custody to his grandfather, who was ecstatic. Yugi loved his grandfather who loved him in return. All of that happened a year ago.

Yugi had nearly finished the puzzle when he felt a cool breeze hit him. He looked around to find the window open.

"That's funny, I swear I closed it." He said out loud to himself.

Yugi stood, and walked over and closed it. He drew the curtains to hide the streetlights. He turned and walked back to the puzzle. Unknown to him something had come in the window before he had closed it. It was watching him hungrily. Yugi slid the last puzzle piece and looked at the completed puzzle.

"Yes, I completed it and without the picture." He stretched his arms in the air and then yawned.

The figure took the chance and raced forward, placing a hand around and covered Yugi's mouth and the other hand held Yugi's arms. Yugi tried to scream but it didn't work. The figure used Yugi's arms to raise him to his feet and push him to a wall. He let the boy's hands go and used that hand to tilt his neck to the side. Yugi's hands were hitting the figure but not fazing him in the least. The figure lowered his head next to Yugi's and opened his mouth to show two sharp pointed fangs. Yugi struggled more but to no avail. The figure sank his fangs into Yugi's neck and drank. Yugi screamed for all that it was worth, not that anyone one would hear him. He felt the fangs pierce his skin and it caused much agony. He felt his knees give way as his life was being drained away.

The figure felt the boy's knees give in and he pulled away, not really wanting to. He wiped away the blood on his chin and licked the puncture wounds to stop bleeding. He had already decided to make this boy his new toy. He loved the taste of his blood and wanted more of it. It was so pure and innocent. He lifted the now unconscious boy and tossed him over his shoulder and in a flash vanished.

Yugi woke to find himself chained to a cold stone table. He looked around the room. It was dark apart from a couple of candles that provided light. He noticed strange objects on the table in a far corner. A few he recognised as a torture devices and others he didn't. He felt tears hit his eyes, but shook them away. He suddenly noticed he was naked and cold. Yugi then wished he was home with grandfather, in safe warm arms and it was all just a dream.

Yugi heard something enter and looked in the direction. He saw someone with a hooded clock enter and close the door behind him or her. The hooded person approached the naked boy.

"H-Help m-m-me p-please." Yugi stuttered not knowing if this was the person that brought him here.

A deep chuckle was heard. "Why would I help what I stole?"

Yugi's eyes widened with fear that now shot straight through his body. The hooded person moved the hood from his head to reveal his face. An evil smirk crossed it. Yugi noticed he looked similar to himself, apart from the extra gold in his hair and the bright crimson eyes and the fangs…

Yugi trembled as the vampire's eyes roamed the boy's body and then a hand trailed his stomach, sending goose bumps through his body.

"L-Let me g-g-go." He pleaded.

Another chuckle. "I don't think so. You're my toy and do you know what I do to my toys?" Yugi started to shake uncontrollably. "I torture them to relieve my own stress. From now on you will address me as Master, understand?"


Yugi felt tears run down his face when the word 'torture' was mentioned. He couldn't hold them back anymore. Suddenly a hand came in contact with his face and it caused Yugi to cry more.

"Stop crying." The vampire commanded.

Yugi couldn't help it; he was so frightened it just caused more tears. This annoyed his Master a great deal.

He walked to where Yugi's feet were. He grabbed a chain and attached it to his ankle brace then disconnected the chain that held them to the stone table. He lifted the chain, causing that leg to life in the process. He placed the end of the chain on a hook and then did the same to the other. He now had a good view of the boy's entrance. He walked over to the table and picked up a device and walked back over.

"Tell me your name." Yugi didn't respond, he kept crying. "No? Alright then."

The vampire took the device. It was long and narrow like the width of a wooden soon handle. It was made out of metal. He changed the settings to low and manual. He forced it in Yugi's entrance. Yugi's eyes shot open and he cried more. The vampire held the button for 3secs. The device in Yugi's entrance came to life. It sent low volts of energy through his body. Yugi screamed and thrashed in agony, until it stopped and he cried again.

"Now are you going to tell me? Or do I need to do it again?"

"YUGI!!!" he screamed. "My name is Yugi."

"Ah Yugi, now either stop crying and screaming or I will program it to go off every three minutes for 10secs."

When Yugi heard this it sent him into a world of tears. The vampire reached for the device but stopped.

"YAMI!!!" a sandy blond yelled entering the room.

"WHAT?!?!" voice low and dangerous

"You need to come, they're having the same argument again. Even after you told them to stop last week."

"Fine I'll be there in a minute." The sandy blond left.

The one named Yami, turned back to his toy that was crying on the table. He changed the settings, so that it would go off every 3mins for 10secs, but turned the volts down a little bit. Yugi's body thrashed around in the restraints as the volts shot through his body. Yugi screamed bloody murder, making his wrists where the restraints that held him down hurt. Yami walked over to Yugi's face and ran the back of his finger down Yugi's cheek.

"Be good. I'll be back soon. I hope."

What he didn't tell him was it would only happen four times.

Yami left the room, leaving Yugi to cry and scream. Another dosage of volts 2 minute later, then another two dosages of volts 3 minute apart. Once it finished and no more came Yugi's wrists were red raw and he was crying. His back caned and he just wanted to be home with his grandfather in his safe warm bed.

He slowly fell asleep, not that he wanted to but his body was so exhausted he couldn't stay awake. He was surprised he could through the pain he had experience before.

Yugi woke later when another set of volts coursed through his body, jolting him awake. He screamed and thrashed, hurting his wrists more. Once it stop he noticed his master was standing where the device was and laughing at his pain.

"Hello, Little One." He said laughing evilly.

Yugi didn't like being called little one by him and shot back. "Don't call me 'Little One', you have not right to."

"Oh, but I do, seeing as you belong to me. Also you spoke out of turn, Little One, that's a punishment in its self."

Yugi froze in fear before thrashing and screaming again as a higher amount of volts went through his body. Yugi could feel his wrist sting as the metal cut his wrist and caused it to slowly bleed. Yugi cried forgetting the vampire in the room.

Yami smelt the blood coming from the boy and stopped the punishment. He never wanted to cause him to bleed, just be in pain.

'Where the hell did that come from? He is my toy, my pet, I can hurt him if I want, even if that means drawing blood.'

'No you like the boy, that's why you haven't drunk from him again like you did with your other pets. You don't want to physically hurt him just teach him to respect you, and that's not ever going to happen if you keep going the way you are.'

'Shut up. I don't like the boy. He is my pet and only my pet, nothing else.'

While Yami was having an argument with himself, Yugi was trying to see how bad his wrists were. He pulled his hand towards him a bit to see as much as possible, it only caused more pain, but he didn't stop. He noticed it was red raw and bleeding so couldn't see the extent of the damage. He looked at his other knowing how much it hurt to pull the other. He pulled it quickly as to not cause more pain, but it was worse than the other and he yelped in pain and fresh tears rolled down his face as he let his arms relax again.

Yami was brought out of his argument with himself at the sound of someone yelping. He looked to see Yugi trying to see the extent of the damage on his wrists. Yami noticed the blood hid the actually cut and it wasn't going to stop soon. He walked to Yugi's side and knelt on the ground, opening a cupboard that was under the table. He pulled out to bandages and stood back up. He placed on bandage on the other side of the table.

He looked at the boy who was crying, his eyes closed. His eyes softened a little before returning to their old scary look. He undid the brace on Yugi's hand and lifted his arm up, not touching his wrist. He could feel Yugi tense up, body start to shake and his eyes opened to look at what he was doing. His eyes held so much fear that Yami gently put Yugi's arm on the table. He picked up a bandage and wrapped it carefully around the bleeding wrist. Once secure he reattached the brace to Yugi's wrist and did the same to the other. Yugi watched Yami's movements carefully through the whole thing. Once Yami finished reattaching the brace to Yugi's other wrist he walked towards the door. Yugi was so angry that the vampire who had just tortured him was now helping him heal. It angered him that he was still chained up and if the vampire was just going to mess with him like that, he would rather be dead.

"What was the point in that?" Yugi yelled at him. "You're just going to come back and torture me later. So why bother making my wrists feel better when the rest of my body feels worse."

Yami walked back over and slapped Yugi in the face. "Don't speak unless spoken to, pet."

"I don't care anymore. I won't listen to you."

"Fine have it your way. I was going to give you time to rest. But if you insist on disobeying me, then well I guess then you don't need rest."

Yami walked back to the device that was still inside Yugi. He set it up like it had been when he left a while ago. This time there would be 2 more sets of volts making it 6 all together and a higher dosage. Yugi screamed and his body thrashed around in the restraints tears rolling down his face. He sobbed out of pain. This is time it was worse, his body already sore and more volts hurt even more.

'I wish I didn't have to do that.' Yami walked over to his face and caressed it with his finger. "Be good, I'll be back as soon as possible."

Yami walked out leaving Yugi all alone again. Another set of volts came through and Yugi screamed for all that it was worth. Just after it finished a hooded figure entered. Yugi figured it was his so called Master. The man walked to Yugi's entrance and removed the device and turned it off. He walked to the table and placed it down only to return with other things in his hand. A chain, collar and a ball. The man opened Yugi's mouth and forced the overly large ball in his mouth, causing Yugi to nearly choke. He then lifted Yugi's head and placed the collar around it. Yugi tried to scream as he felt the sharp spikes pierce his skin but couldn't. The collar made sure Yugi wouldn't move his neck. If he did it would sink in deeper. Yugi had no idea what the chain was for and it scared him. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, he placed it on the stone table next to Yugi's arm. The man grabbed Yugi's right nipple and forced the end of the chain through. He than brought it up to his neck and forced it in between the collar and Yugi's neck, causing the spikes dug in more, then pulled the chain down to his left nipple and forced it through. Yugi would have screamed but he couldn't instead let the tears fall down his face. The man walked back over to the table and carried back a huge device. He set it up above Yugi's forehead.

"This will last for 3days, hopefully your Master won't come back in that time." The man said.

Yugi didn't even hear listen to him speak so he didn't even know if it was his Master or someone else. He felt a drop of water hit his forehead. He opened his eyes to see another drop fall. It did this every 2seconds, but with an even break in between. He saw the hooded man leave the room, leaving the knife there.

It had been about 12hours since the hooded man came and set up his torture and it had taken affect. It took only 1hour for Yugi to start twitching because of the water dripping on his forehead, but he hadn't gone insane. But it caused pain each time as the collar prevented him from moving his neck, but he could stop moving his head. Each time hurting more and he was feeling really weak. The blood seeping slowly out of his nipples where the chain entered and left. The blood seeping from his neck where the spikes entered. Although the amount of blood coming out was small it was enough to make him to start to feel weak. Tears slowly running down his face.

Yugi heard the door open and a gasp from whoever was there.

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