Last chapter. Hope you like it. This is very hard core so if you don't like the idea of extreme toys then don't read it. There will be a warning for when it get close. If you are at school to read this I wouldn't if I were you cause it will be very embarrasing if you get caught reading this. Parts have been cut out and the full version will be on adultfanfiction.

Chapter 54

Bakura had his arms wrapped around Ryou when they returned to the castle. Bakura laid Ryou on the bed and stood up looking at him. Ryou smiled before frowning when he saw Bakura wasn't moving and was just staring at him.


"Huh?...Oh um... could you wait outside till I call you. Please?"

"Um...ok...i guess. What's wrong?"

"Nothing I promise I'll call you in a few. If you want you can go get a drink from the kitchen."

"Actually I think I will. I'll wait outside if I'm back before you tell me to come in."


Ryou sat up and kissed him gently on the lips before jumping off the bed and leaving the room. Bakura smirked and he heard Ryou walking down the hall. He smirked and went to the cupboard and pulled out the bag that was in the back. He had brought this when they went shopping the day before. Bakura pulled out everything. He placed them on the bedside table and grabbed the handcuffs that he couldn't break and put them on the bed head and placed the key on the bedside table. He then removed a few items from the wrapping and threw the wrapping in the bag that was on the bed. Bakura gulped he still couldn't believe he brought some of this stuff.

He pulled out the power pack and set everything up and attached the urethra sound attachment. He placed on the bedside table along with that was a ball gag, a vibrator, cock cage that he had used on Ryou a lot, lube and also the 'Prince's wand'. It was the same as Marik's but he had brought it.

He grabbed that and the leather pants and went into the bathroom. He slipped off all of his clothes and picked up the wand instructions. After he read it he gulped and grasped his penis and slipped his penis through the ring before he carefully slipped the wand in. Bakura felt his penis twitch at the sensation. Bakura bit his lip and grabbed the pants he had brought and pulled them on. Once on he slipped back to the bedroom and lit a few candles and turned the lights out and went over to the bed. He slipped onto the bed and he attached his wrist in the handcuffs before settling on the bed.

\Ryou you can come in.\

/Ok I'm nearly back./

Bakura gulped he had to do this. For Ryou. He was a little scared but he knew Ryou wouldn't hurt him and that's all he had to think off. He saw the door open and Ryou came in. He heard him gasp as he closed the door behind him.

Ryou saw Bakura laying on the bed in black leather pants that looked one size to small and he could see the apparent arousal he had. His upper body was naked and his arms chained to either side of the bed. Ryou also saw toys on the table and one confused him. Ryou walked over after locking the door and looked at him confused. Ryou sat down next to Bakura and ran his fingers through his hair. He knew this was one of the things Bakura liked.

"I know how much it meant to you to want to take me. I decided to let you have some fun as well."

Ryou smiled and kissed him gently and Bakura opened his mouth to him. Ryou slipped his tongue in his mouth and mapped it out. Ryou pulled back when they needed breathe and gave him a quick chaste kiss before standing and he slipped his shirt off. He grabbed the ball gag and moved over and straddled Bakura's stomach and gently slipped it in his mouth and tightened it behind his head. Ryou kissed his forehead and smiled down at him.

"If you don't like something tell me ok? I don't want to hurt you."

Bakura nodded and Ryou could tell he was trying to smile. Ryou looked over at the strange black power box that had a lead running out of it and attached to a thin round piece of metal.

"Bakura what is that."

\I'll tell you when we come to that part.\

Ryou could tell Bakura was smirking when he said it. Ryou just nodded and he proceeded to strip his clothes off in front of Bakura. He could see Bakura's eyes running across his body. Ryou then leaned down and ran his tongue down Bakura's body and stopped to suck at his six pack that was there. Ryou then moved to where his pants were and he stripped them off Bakura. What stopped Ryou was the fact that there was a ring wrapped around the top of his penis and there was something inside it. Ryou looked to Bakura wide eyes.


\Marik suggested it. I thought it was disgusting at first. You remember that black power box and metal rod.\ Ryou nodded still staring at Bakura's erect penis and the strange thing inside it. \Have an idea what it's for now?\

Ryou gasped and looked at him. "You can't be serious. You want me to stick that up your penis. Bakura no!" Ryou looked mortified at Bakura and tears were filling his eyes.

\Let me go for a minute the keys on the table there.\

Ryou did as he asked and unlocked Bakura and he took Ryou into his arms and rocked him. He took out the gag. Ryou just wrapped his arms around him.

"Ryou when I brought it the people in the store said that it doesn't hurt when done properly. Would you like to try it. I promise that if it hurts I'll stop."

"Alright." Ryou said softly.

Parts from here have been removed so that i don't have this story deleted. If you want to read this part than you'll have to go to adultfanfiction to read it.

Bakura laid there panting softly and he could still feel the tingling in his penis and was still squirming. Ryou picked up the cock cage and the vibrator keeping them hidden from Bakura. He thought of something and grabbed his shirt from the floor and ripped off a strip and tied it over Bakura's eyes so he couldn't see. He heard Bakura give off a grunt and Ryou giggled and kissed his forehead.

"Wish I could kiss you on the mouth?"

\Yes.\ Bakura growled and Ryou just giggled.

"Don't be angry. You'll love what I'm going to do I'm sure."

Ryou slipped the cock cage over Bakura's swelled penis and Bakura groaned through the gag and though the link. Ryou giggled and slicked up the vibrator. Ryou carefully remembering what Bakura would do to him he used a slicked up finger and ran the finger around the ring of muscle of Bakura's entrance. Ryou felt Bakura tense and he thought against it. He removed the blind fold to see Bakura's face scrunched up. Ryou eased the gag out of his mouth and kissed his lips.

"We can stop if you want?" Ryou whispered against his lips.

"No I'll be fine."

"You're not. You're shaking I can feel it Bakura."

"Just do it Ryou." Bakura growled at him and Ryou flinched lightly and Bakura sighed having seen it. "I know you won't hurt me. Please I don't want to be afraid of giving myself to you."

Ryou smiled and kissed his lips gently before he moved to Bakura's neck and he sucked, kissed and nipped at the skin. He used this to distract Bakura and he slipped his finger in his entrance. Ryou felt Bakura clamp down around him. Ryou sat up after kissing him again. Ryou slowly pushed his finger in and out. He felt him relax a little later before he added another. This continued till he had all three in and had stretched Bakura. Ryou looked down at the vibrator sitting in front of him and then to Bakura before back to the vibrator. Ryou slowly and gently slid it in. He knew it would hurt Bakura and he was glad that he had gotten one of the thin ones so that it didn't cause as much pain as his penis would if he took him after this. Ryou flicked on the switch and watched as Bakura withered in pleasure on the bed. He heard Bakura moan and while he was he slipped the gag back in and he saw Bakura give him a small glare.

"You still love me." Ryou said as he kissed Bakura's chest, neck and stomach.

Ryou left Bakura with the vibrator for nearly 10minutes. He could tell Bakura was straining now under the cock ring and he was sweating. Ryou flicked off the switch and he heard Bakura give off a whimper crossed with a sigh. Ryou pulled it out before placing it somewhere on the floor before sliding up Bakura's body and settled on his stomach. Ryou removed the gag and kissed him gently.

"You ok?"

Bakura could only nod as he tried to calm his rapid breathing. Ryou smiled and lay down next to him while he ran his hands through his hair and caressed his face. Bakura gave a smile through his breathing before he looked to Ryou with a longing. Ryou gulped and settled between his legs and he lathered up his penis and moved closer. Ryou felt Bakura wrapped his legs around him pulling him closer.

"Bakura I want you to keep your eyes locked with mine ok? Don't close them."

Bakura nodded and Ryou slowly pushed in. He kept his eyes locked with Bakura's the whole time. Ryou was finally seated to the hilt and he reached over and caressed Bakura's face. His face was scrunched up in pain but he kept his eyes locked with Ryou's. Ryou smiled and brought his hand down and stroked Bakura's penis that was still trapped. Ryou gave a shy smile and he removed the cock cage and Bakura gasped as he was released from the torment.

"Sorry, forgot about that."

Bakura gave him a playful glare before he shifted and nodded to Ryou. Ryou held his hips gently and started to lightly pull out before he pushed back in and he continued this action. His eyes trained on Bakura. Ryou angle on of his thrusts and he brushed gently against a set of nerves which had Bakura gasp and moan. Ryou smiled and continued at his gently pace. He was in ecstasy at the warmth that surrounded him.


"No Bakura... this is how I'll go...this is both our first this time."

Bakura groaned and Ryou continued at the same pace. After 5minutes he reached down to Bakura's swollen penis and grasped it and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts. It caused Bakura to come a minute later with a cry of Ryou's name as his seed shot out smothering his chest and Ryou's hand. Ryou gasped as Bakura tightened nearly painfully around him and he thrusted in a little harder and faster trying to find his release. Ryou gasped and cried out Bakura's name. Ryou felt himself finish his release and he eased himself down onto Bakura's body and he panted.

That was the end of the hardcore lemon. It's safe to read after this.

Once he regained his breath he lapped at Bakura's essence before he slipped from Bakura's body pulling a whimper of pain and discomfort from him. Ryou unlocked the handcuffs and he pulled Bakura up to him and cradled the tired body to him. He was scared the he may have scared Bakura.


"Mmm?" Bakura mumbled and relaxed in Ryou's arms.

"You ok?"

"Mmm." Bakura replied. \Don't worry I'm fine. Thankyou Ryou.\

/I was good?/

\You have no idea.\

Ryou blushed and he slipped down the bed with Bakura to his body and he wrapped them both in the blanket. Bakura was cuddled to his chest, having turned around as Ryou grabbed the blanket. Ryou wrapped his arms around him and held him close to his body. He was glad he got to do that and he didn't worry about scaring him with making love to him.

"Don't worry about anything anymore. I enjoyed that and will defiantly get you to do that again."

Ryou smiled and kissed him gently. When Ryou pulled away he held Bakura tightly to his body not wanting to let him go. Bakura smiled and in return wrapped his own arms around him and soon fell asleep listening to Ryou's heart beat and gently breathing. Ryou smiled when he saw him asleep. He turned to the candles and brought out one wing and he blew them out before taking it back in before he fell asleep with Bakura in his arms and he listened to his breathing.

During the same time Ryou and Bakura were making love, so was Yami and Yugi and Malik and Marik. Malik and Yugi were seme to their loved ones. Though Malik had already done it before with him he enjoyed giving him the pleasure and enjoyed having a go. Yugi had taken Yami gently like Ryou had and it drove Yami crazy.

After that time they lived together in the castle and eventually after many year of school for Yugi, Ryou and Malik they moved city and went to a different country and Yugi, Ryou and Malik went out through their work still going to the castle with their loved ones when they needed to go to meetings. They lived at the castle when they wanted to but otherwise stayed at their apartment buildings when needing to. They would still feed of the criminals they found lurking around the place and would also go the castle for meals.

But I guess you could say Yugi, Ryou and Malik were surprised as the years passed by when the technology would change and things would become more advance. And they loved it.

That was the last chapter for Save Me. Hope you like it and it was the last lemon also for the story. There will be no sequal to this story so sorry if you were hoping otherwise. Hope you enjoyed the story.