Ever since the attack of the Kyuubi, Naruto was shunned as 'Konoha's Demon' when he was born with the Kyuubi sealed in him. His life was miserable beyond grief. Time passed by and he has slowly proven himself as its jailer instead of its incarnate. But despite this, love never truly touched the young jinchuuriki's heart until death came over him.


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Kyuubi Talking/Jutsu
'Kyuubi Thinking'

Chapter 26

Perfect Insanity

With the letter of truth now unfolding…


The time of awakening has come. The air was thick with sound within the stadium of Konoha and everyone's hearts were set on the next exciting match to come in the Final Exam of the Chunin Exams. Events like these happen only once in a blue moon and never in the same place so today was something special and the excitement could be heard by the impatient crowds that jeered for the next match to come. However, not everyone was in high enthusiasm as three boys in the balcony of the waiting room were having a deep conversation on the identity of the blonde one known as Naruto.

The crowd rioted so loudly that only those three boys heard when Shikamaru said, "Naruto, are you…a shinigami?"

All of the remaining participants heard what Shikamaru said and looked at Naruto with mild interest. Naruto looked down at the remaining crowd before comically facing them and smiling devilishly as he said, "And what if I am?"

Shikamaru frowned and said, "It is the only logical explanation and the most plausible answer. No one else has access to abilities long before your own birth aside from the Sandaime and those who survived the last Shinobi War. The jutsu itself was lost with its creator so any other means of learning it from the survivors is impossible. The only other means to learn it would be from the creator himself but because he is dead, you need to access the other side. It just happens that the medics from the last preliminary matches have a deep understanding of spirits like the hollows and have a connection with you. From what I've understood, the reason you have that jutsu and other unusual jutsus is because you already accessed the other side long before your associates arrived and they are here to act as a constant connection between this world and the next."

Shino heard this clearly and thought, 'So that is what is happening. I've always had my suspicions about Naruto with the way he has been acting lately. But now it is clear that he is not what we can see right now.'

Naruto was surprised with what he heard. He knew Shikamaru would catch up quickly but he didn't know he would catch up this fast. The young blonde was caught speechless by his wide-eyed surprise.

The lazy genius started to become confident in his theory after seeing Naruto's expression of perplexed fear. Shikamaru spoke once again. "Even if you accessed the other side recently, to master a jutsu of that caliber would mean that you would need time beyond six months. The time of arrival of the new medic-nins gives you three months short of what you need to at least use the jutsu properly. But the fact that you can use it in more ways than it was originally intended means that you've mastered it even longer than the minimal requirement. Am I right so far?"

Naruto replied with a smile, "You really are interesting Shikamaru. You have confidence in the theory you made from the little inconsistencies yet you ask me if you are right. I expected this much."

Shikamaru was wide-eyed this time and Shino raised his eyebrows. Shikamaru asked a little hesitantly, "What do you mean?"

Naruto replied, "I knew from the start that you'd catch up very fast. A little inconsistent, but right there at the end. But how far are you willing to follow me?"

Shikamaru was confused at this point but he was able to reflect and think, 'I've been following the momentum of his strategy all along. He left those trails knowing I would follow him. I've made the most basic of errors and fell for such an obvious trap.'

Naruto replied, "Are you curious of seeing what its like on the other side Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru stared at Naruto not knowing where he is getting at yet curious of his words. The young blonde lent out a hand to him and said with a sharp yet confident look, "How about we go there to see this world that has caught your gaze so intently."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in the box where Sarutobi was seated, the old Hokage gave some thought upon Sasuke's arrival and was let down by the decision he has to make this time. He replies to the shinobi attendant, "I have no choice. Sasuke is disqualified."

The disguised Orochimaru looked at Sarutobi and replied, "Uchiha, Sasuke is disqualified?"

Sarutobi faced him and said, "I must."

"Why?" said a voice that was familiar to the master and student. They turned around and saw Hikaru there, with his two personal guards beside him in their normal attire with Tokage on his right and Polgas on his left.

Both Sarutobi and the fake Kazekage were surprised that he was there. And furthermore, he slipped passed them completely unnoticed. Before any of the two could speak, Hikaru replied, "The feudal lords came far and wide to watch the Chunin Exams that only happens as often as a festival to the gods. I don't think they want to see a sudden change in schedule after that last match."

The fake Kazekage replied, "He is right you know. If they find out that he has forfeited, we will lose the respect of the crowd and both our standings as Hidden Villages would drop."

Sarutobi replied with keen eyes, "So what do you propose?"

The fake Kazekage replied as he looked at the arena below. "Postpone his match. As long as he hasn't arrived, then the matches will continue."

Sarutobi thought about Orochimaru's words, 'So it has come to that. Even now he still seeks the power of the Sharingan. And with Hikaru-sama backing his decision, I have to comply. He's moving very carefully and there are no signs of him attacking meaning his goal has remained and we are moving in his pace. I just have to be a little more patient.'

He sighed and replied, "Very well then. We will put his match on hold and wait for him."

The shinobi attendant asked him, "Hokage-sama, are you sure?"

Sarutobi replied, "Tell the Examiner."

The shinobi attendant nodded and said, "Hai." He made a handseal and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Hikaru smiled and said, "Thank you for understanding, Hokage-sama. I hope you don't mind if I sit here. It's so much fun talking to the two of you."

Sarutobi replied, "You may stay here if you wish Hikaru-sama. But keep in mind that for your own safety, you shouldn't move around so often. We might lose sight of you if you suddenly disappear like that again."

Hikaru pouted cutely and said as he sat down in an extra seat beside the old Hokage, "Meanie."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hinata and Kiba were brightened by the progress of the matches especially since her true love had defeated Neji for her sake and shook his heart.

Hinata thought as she had a grateful expression, 'Naruto-kun has defeated Neji-nii-san. He never lets anyone down and now I feel more confident in him. Naruto-kun…'

Kiba looked at the jeering crowd and thought, 'He really got everyone fired up since his match. But now that everyone's fired up, they're getting impatient and they can't wait for the match of Sasuke and that dangerous Sand Nin.'

But as Kiba was deep in thought, his loyal companion Akamaru, sniffed the air and grumbled to Kiba. Hinata also noticed this and said, "What's wrong Akamaru?"

Kiba replied, "Akamaru sniffed the air awhile ago and said that there are ANBU all over the stadium and scary ghosts underneath us."

Hinata was slightly surprised and said, "He really said that? What does he mean by scary ghosts?"

Kiba looked at Akamaru and the dog grumbled in a slightly higher note. Kiba faced Hinata and replied, "Akamaru said that they smell different and they feel like monsters who are hungry and in pain. I don't like the sound of that. Can you use it and see what's going on?"

Hinata nodded and casually but silently said, "Byakugan!" when it activated, Hinata noticed that her Byakugan had slight deviances than normal. Now, she could see people in different shades of color amidst the black and white background. Most were gray, some were blue, some were red.

She was a little shocked and Kiba saw it in her expression. The dog boy asked, "What's wrong?"

Hinata replied, "It's nothing. It's just that, I don't just see their chakra coils. It's as if, I can see their alignments."

Kiba was confused and Hinata replied, "Otou-sama once told me that there was a person in the Hyuuga family who could see and sense the alignment of another person. He described it as seeing the person's heart. If they were good, they would be blue. If they were neutral, they would be grey. If they were evil or had evil intent, they would be red. He also said that that person doesn't just see their alignment but also feels it and the intensity of the color."

Kiba asked her, "Is that person still alive?" Hinata nodded and said, "Hai. He left Konoha after I was declared the heiress of the Hyuuga family. Otou-sama said it was a rare case that happens once in a hundred years when one's spirit overcomes their body in a near death experience and this ability is unlocked."

Kiba was astonished to hear this. He knew that the Byakugan was powerful but not to this extent. And even more that the Hyuuga family had such a deep history. Kiba remembered a detail that Hinata told him and asked her, "You said that red means evil intent."

Hinata replied, "Hai. Four people are red. One is in the rightmost stands, one in the middle, another in our stand and one in the stand of the daimyo. And the ANBU behind us is constantly shifting from blue to grey to red. What should we do?"

Orihime replied, "We should wait."

They looked at her with confusion. The orange haired woman replied, "Sometimes it is better to be vigilant than to immediately take action. We don't even know how powerful they are so attacking them would mean that we would put many in danger."

Kiba looked around and thought, 'I see. It's true that the ANBU behind us is suspicious. If there are people like that around here, then that means the entire crowd is their hostage including the daimyo. And that could also mean that that ANBU is a lookout in disguise. We're really in a pinch here.' Kiba looked at Orihime and thought, 'She's pretty calm right now even though she knows that we are all in danger. I have to be calm as well.'

Orihime said without looking, "Hinata-chan, don't worry. We'll be alright. Let's trust the shinobi of Konoha to know what to do."

Hinata was a bit convinced and nodded as she deactivated her Byakugan.But the tension wasn't only kept within the walls of the arena nor the village of Konoha.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the outskirts close to the East wall of Konohagakure, a huge force of Oto shinobi about at least five hundred strong, gathered within a forest. Each shinobi was checking their equipment and making sure they were ready for the attack. Most of them, if not all were sitting on the grassy floor awaiting orders from their leader, Orochimaru.

Amongst the group of Oto nins, a large man in a sleeveless version of the Oto Nin uniform, was looking at a map of Konoha and the battle plan of Orochimaru. It was a simple siege with the entire armed forces of Oto and Suna surrounding and attacking Konoha from all sides. It is a very effective plan for a large army with little capabilities of intricate movement and also a practical plan since it revolves around simply choking Konoha to death so that Oto and Suna can eat up the spoils once the very framework of their army is crushed. The plan was just like a snake coiling on its prey before making a meal out of it.

Though Naruto's plan was made to stop this very situation, the unexpected can happen in more ways than one and it just so happened that one female oto nin came in to report to their leader. She said to him, "Sir. We captured a Konoha shinobi wandering behind us. He might be a scout."

The leader replied, "What? Bring him here."

Two Oto shinobi were carrying an average sized but well built man by the arms to the leader. You could tell he was a Konoha shinobi by the insignia on the metal plate of his red hitai-ate tied on his head as his swept back black hair with a short, low ponytail behind him, flowed with the wind. The man was wearing a traditional training Hakama with the pants, blue and a sleeveless white Gi. But if you would look closer, you would notice that his Gi actually had the sleeves torn off and his pants though ripped from traveling and battles. The ends were tied at the ankles with worn out rope to keep his bandaged bare feet from stepping over them. But his feet weren't the only ones with bandages. His hands up to his elbows were also bandaged and dirty. He looked like a normal traveler if it wasn't for his hitai-ate and his pearl white eyes that could only indicate that he was a Hyuuga.

The oto shinobi carrying him tossed him at the leader's feet while keeping watch behind him. The leader looked at the man and said, "What the hell is a Konoha shinobi doing out here? I thought every Konoha nin was watching the matches so what is this guy doing here?"

The female oto nin who reported handed the leader a black, guardless Kodachi with the Hyuuga emblem on it's hilt engraved on it and the Kanji for the words, 'Ashura or fighting demon' engraved on the saya of the weapon.

The female nin replied, "He was carrying this behind him when we found him."

The leader looked at the weapon and unsheathed it to look at the blade. It was clean and had that glow in the sunlight to indicate it was well taken cared of. He tossed down the saya on the floor and said to the nin while pointing the blade at him, "Ohhh, tough guy huh. What kind of pussy are you huh?"

The Hyuuga rubbed the back of his head while making a comedic smile as he stood up. "Gomen, gomen. I was lost and when I overheard some of your people talking about Konoha, I thought I could follow you guys back."

The leader then exploded on his subordinates, "What the hell did you guys do?! You let this faggot follow us and I'm gonna get blamed for it!"

The rest of the East wall siege force heard him and stared as the three nins took the words of their commander. The leader faced the Hyuuga and raised the blade up and said, "Shit like you thinks you can take me on? No chance for you!"

The man swung down only for the Hyuuga to step inside his guard, avoiding the attack. While the man was still in that motion, the Hyuuga moved forward, putting his left arm under the man's right armpit the Hyuuga grabs the back of the man's right shoulder while grabbing the wrist of the man's right arm with his right hand. Following the action, he throws the man over his shoulder in a typical overhead reverse shoulder throw except this time, he kept his head and neck over the man's triceps and his body weight on it while his left elbow stuck to the man's neck. The Hyuuga slammed the man hard on the floor while his left elbow, crushed the man's throat and spine, effectively killing him in the deadly throw and elbow drop combination.

The Hyuuga let go of the body and took back his weapon quickly and sheathed it before attaching it to his back just at the waist for him to pull out with ease with his right hand. The other nins were shocked and drew their kunai to attack him. The Hyuuga looked around and said, "I'm hungry. I wonder if there's food in Konoha?"

Fifty oto nins charged and attacked him. With speed and lightning reflexes, he swerved through the crowd with ease. But at the end of his run, the entire force that attacked him head on fell to the ground, lifeless. Luckily or unluckily, the rest of the nins that didn't charge looked on in shock and bewilderment at what just happened. One nin looked at the Hyuuga with a frightened expression as he said, "He just killed our leader without breaking a sweat and killed fifty nins faster than we could see."

Another oto nin said, "So-sore wa ningen ja nai."(That is not human.)

The Hyuuga noticed a leaf fall on his right shoulder. He picked it out with his left hand and said, "Well, I guess we can work things out if you give me some food." His stomach suddenly answered with a growl.

One oto nin charged with a kunai in hand and screamed, "I'll kill you, bastard!"

The Hyuuga saw the nin leap at him and when he was in range, the Hyuuga put his arms up to guard the sides of his face as he raised his right foot and gave a snappy, round house kick to the face of the oto nin, sending said nin's head flying to the left side, completely crushed by the force of the kick. It hit a tree and splattered into many pieces of blood and flesh as the body fell at the Hyuuga's feet.

The oto nin's were more than just scared….they were terrified. Especially since not a single drop of blood stained the man's clothes nor his feet. But what frightened them even more was that he still had that goofy smile on his face that only an innocent child would have.

They begun to back off until one oto nin started doing handseals. His companion replied as he held his two hands from continuing, "Yamero. We're supposed to keep our location a secret. If we use a jutsu now, the plan will fail."

Another oto nin said to him, "Oi! Don't kid with me. How are we supposed to fight that?" and yet another nin spoke, "There's plenty of us and one of him." But another nin retorted, "But you saw what happened? We couldn't even see him attack!"

The Hyuuga saw their frightened and agitated stances so he began cleaning his right ear with his right pinky. When he was done and flicked the dirt off, his stomach grumbled again so he said, "Does anyone here have food? I'm starving already."

One oto nin stepped forward and showed him a bento box full of onigiri, takoyaki and some sausages cut to look like a small octopus. He said as he put the lid back on, "Here! Now leave us alone!" he threw the box. The Hyuuga caught it and said, "Gee, thanks!" he threw the lid back at the nin and it got caught in between his teeth. The nin panicked but the lid exploded, turning him into a pile of burnt mush.

One oto nin said, "He knew that there was an exploding tag on it? But how? He didn't even activate his Byakugan!"

The Hyuuga replied in between bites of the meal, "It's not nice to throw dangerous things at people. Someone could get hurt. Why don't we all be as blue as the sky today? It's scary seeing so many red people."

The Oto nins were confused but one nin became agitated and couldn't take the pressure. So he said, "Screw this. Forget the plan. I'll take you down myself." He then made several handseals and four nins followed making handseals of their own as they ran and surrounded the dining Hyuuga. The five nins finished their seals and held their breath before blowing a huge stream of fire at the Hyuuga who looked completely calm before being engulfed in flames. The nins brightened up seeing the flames until they rotated clockwise and dispersed showing a small crater in the center with an empty bento box.

The agitated nin looked around and said, "What happened?" suddenly the Hyuuga landed on top of him with his legs holding on to the nin's head in a headlock. The Hyuuga twisted his legs and body back, twisting the nin's head and killing him. The Hyuuga leaped off him and was on top of another nin in a handstand while holding the nin's head. He twisted it back before gravity pulled him and he landed on another nin where he gave a quick punch to the nin's neck, shattering his spine in that area. The Hyuuga leaped of him and stood straight in an unguarded stance and said, "Hmmm….I guess none of you are going to let me leave. And none of you have any good intentions. Looks like it's time to exercise."

The Hyuuga then moved into the Hyuuga fighting stance as the crowd of oto nins attacked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About three miles from Konoha's entrance, a group of Oto nins about three hundred strong hid in the forest. They too were making preparations until from behind them, a circular wooden sliding door opened and light shone through despite the fact that they didn't see it nor notice it or even sense it's presence. Out of that light stepped out Hinamori Momo, Izuru Kira, Hitsugaya Toushirou, Matsumoto Rangiku, Madarame Ikkaku, Ayasegawa Yumichika, Namikaze Kushina and Namikaze Minato. As the light behind them faded and the doors shut and disappeared, Minato stretched and said, "It's good to be home."

Kushina replied, "It really is. I can't wait to see Naruto again."

Before any other shinigami could speak, the Oto nins turned around and one of them said, "I smell blood. But where is it coming from?" another nin held his nose and said, "The smell is too strong. Where is it coming from?" another nin looked around and said, "It smells nearby but I don't know where. Did someone die?"

Kira replied, "Hinamori-san. It's your Haori."

Hinamori replied, "There's nothing I can do about it." she sighed and said, "No matter how many times I wash it, the smell of blood never leaves."

Matsumoto said as she waved her pointer finger in a teaching manner, "That won't do. You need to get rid of the smell or else everyone will notice it."

Toushirou replied, "It doesn't matter what brand of detergent we buy the smell stuck to it permanently."

Yumichika saw the bewildered and confused Oto nins. He placed a hand on his chin while supporting his elbow with his other arm. "I wonder who these people are. They have no sense of beauty at all. Those clothes are horrible."

Ikkaku replied as he drew his zanpakuto, "They look like they want to fight. What should we do with them?"

Minato replied, "These are the Oto nins that my son said were going to attack Konoha. What else should we do with them?"

Hinamori drew her zanpakuto and the rest followed her lead. Hinamori leaped into action first and started cutting down the Oto nins left and right. The shinobis were dumbfounded and frightened as their numbers dwindled without any sign of an enemy nearby. They were being slaughtered mercilessly and they didn't know how to deal with the situation except break rank and flee only to be cut down by Minato and Kushina who were more familiar with the terrain than anyone else thus allowing them to predict the nin's movements and trap them effectively and efficiently. When the carnage finished, they sheathed their swords and Ikkaku yelled, "So boring!!! Aren't there any strong guys around?"

Minato replied, "I doubt that's the last of them. They were lying in wait to ambush. It's most likely that they have Konoha surrounded and are waiting to attack it all at once."

Kushina added, "The Chunin Exams are going on so Konoha is in high alert. They can't attempt to attack it now."

Toushiro replied as he looked at the fallen, "No, it's the perfect opportunity. From what I understand, the Chunin exam is an important event like the graduation of new recruits. While all eyes are focused on the event, they can strike where security is at it's weakest. Even if they secure all sides of Konoha, against a siege they never expected, they would be too late and easily brushed aside with little effort."

Minato replied, "Right now, the weakest point of Konoha is all its sides. Their defenses are spread too thin because everyone is watching the matches. If I were the enemy who knows about the exam, my best bet would be to hide my forces so that I can attack them when it's weakest. We have to get to the other areas around Konoha."

Kira took out his GPS and saw several Oto nins just a few meters outside of Konoha. Most of which were close to the west wall. Kira replied to them, "There are enemies close to the west wall. We should go there."

Minato replied, "Let's do that then." They shunpo'd out of sight.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ishida was running down the halls towards the box seats where the Hokage was seated in. he was in a long corridor with 19.5 x 10 in. windows on both sides of the wall. As he ran, his thoughts were focused on the enemy he had just encountered. 'That woman was an Oto nin. But why would she attack the head of the Hyuuga Clan? Is Orochimaru planning on taking down Konoha's best defenses from the inside? No, he would attack Sarutobi first, instantly killing the chain of command. So whatever she was after wasn't included in the plan. It's a personal grudge. But we can use this to our advantage so I better hurry.'

But as Ishida ran, he sensed an evil but familiar presence. He stopped midway as Hollows suddenly appeared in front of him and behind him. Ishida looked around and thought, 'It's a trap. They conveniently appeared all in one location while I was running through these halls alone. Their master should be nearby. But first, I have to clear these things out.' "You're in my way. I have no time for any of you so tell your master I'm in a hurry."

The Quincy quickly drew his bow and fired a rain of arrows to the front, killing the hollows and dashed forward, evading the hollows behind him. He continued his frontal assault until the hollows in front of him were exterminated. Seeing a clear path, he charged forward towards the end of the hall where he saw a door. He opened it and faced the corridor he came from while taking a step back into the next room. He aimed his bow and suddenly poured extra reiatsu in it, causing the bow to expand to the frame of the door. He pulled back the hand he used to anchor the bow, allowing a strait but spear sized beam of reiatsu to form as he stretched it back while four strings of reiatsu held on the spear like an arbalest. Ishida said as he let go, "Suzume no Ishiyumi!" the energy spear flew forward as two 'wings' spread just three inches behind the spearpoint. The energy spear cut straight through the mob of hollows and through the wall and into the distance past Konoha. Luckily, it missed the shinobi guarding the walls by hair's width.

The bow of reiatsu disappeared since Ishida was no longer controlling it and the Quincy closed the door as he said without looking, "Even if I'm not a shinobi, I can tell that you're there. Come out."

The room he was in was a rectangular room about as large as a classroom of the shinobi academy. It was filled with cleaning materials and some mirrors on the wall to the left hand side of Ishida and on the right hand side had the only other door towards the main floor where the stands were located. The Quincy turned around and saw across the room, the same assassin from before in the same Oto nin uniform with a giant scroll on her back, tied by rope. She still wore the gas mask to hide her identity but the killing intent she radiated was very obvious. Ishida analyzed her stance carefully and said, "I don't think that what you did earlier was part of Orochimaru's plan. In fact, you're not even an Oto nin."

Tokage smirked and said, "Yes, that's right. I don't work for Orochimaru. My battle doesn't concern you at all. I only need one target. So if you can move away, you won't need to waste your energy trying so hard."

Ishida readied his bow and said, "I think it is you who will waste energy trying so hard to outrun me."

Tokage quickly did three handseals and said, "Ninpou, Hebi no Shinkokyuu!" grayish smoke burst out of her entire body and filled the room. Ishida wasn't blinded and felt her location shift to the left corner of the room. He fired three shots at her. One, aimed directly at her, another to her left and another to her right, giving her no time to move in those directions. But as the arrows of pure reiatsu flew, they began to bubble up as if they were infected. They eventually fell to the ground just in front of Tokage and the three arrows turned into three hollows that charged towards the now surprised Ishida. He rolled to the side and evaded their attacks while Tokage replied, "It's true that I will waste energy trying to outrun you but you missed out the fact that I can distract you long enough to get away. Have fun with your creations." The cold beauty ran out the door leaving Ishida to fend for himself.

Ishida made some distance from the hollows and fired at them each a shot only for the same thing to happen again making three additional ranks to the hollows. He thought as he swerved in and out of the path of the hollows, 'chikuso. She had more than one trick up her sleeve. She's no ordinary shinobi to be able to turn my weapon against me. Could it be that she's with the elemental gods? In any case, I have to get out of here. That jutsu she just used must be the way she turned my arrows into hollows.'

Ishida ran back out into the corridor he just came from, allowing the hollows to follow close behind. When they were close enough to him, he shunpo'd back and fired six précised shots at them, killing them instantly. Once they were killed, Ishida thought as he ran back to the box seats, 'I have a bad feeling about this. I have to warn them before its too late.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Soon enough, Gekko Hayate called out Shikamaru and Temari to the arena leaving Naruto with Shino, Gaara and Kankuro. As they watched the match that was about to proceed, Naruto asked Shino, "How much do you already know?"

Shino kept his blank stare at the arena and replied, "As much as you allowed us to know."

Naruto replied, "I see. Is there something wrong Shino?"

Shino adjusted his shades as the winds that Temari created with her fan blew by. "Naruto, why are you doing all this? What is your real reason for being here?"

Naruto replied, "I never expected you to worry so much about me before Shino."

Shino replied, "I'm not the only one worrying. You've changed. No…you've grown into something no one can understand. Even Hinata is worried about it."

Naruto listened in at this point as Shino said, "Hinata has never been this focused before. She pushes herself to her limits just so she can catch up to you. You have always been in her mind. But now, the Naruto we once knew has become a different person altogether. It's becoming very scary. Everyone can feel the change in you already and Hinata is being taken into the pace you've set for her."

Naruto was a bit wide-eyed when he heard Shino say these words. Shino faced him and replied, "Naruto, you have a power that I cannot describe. But I do know that anyone who you meet instantly feels that power grip them. You have always had this power from what I see."

Naruto replied as he scratched his nose, "No. I don't have anything like that."

Shino replied frankly, "But now, its as if that power has been amplified by a hundred fold and because you are not aware of this power, you do not realize that those who follow you are being dragged in without their own knowledge."

Naruto was speechless at this point. Rarely does Shino speak but his words struck Naruto to wake up from his stupor. He thought back to what happened within the last six years. 'I…I….I never knew this. All I did was act myself and didn't realize that I had that much influence. That's very scary because it also means that everyone who is close to me is falling in the dangers I am facing….Sasuke…Sakura…Shikamaru….Chouji…Kiba…Ino…Neji…Lee…Tenten and Hinata is the same. Everyone in Konoha that I've ever met is changing because of what I've been doing. It's as if my entire presence alone changes everything.'

Naruto replied to Shino, "You're scaring me Shino. Somehow, it feels like you're telling me that the weight of the world is on my shoulders."

Shino replied as the crowd cheered, "Is it Naruto?"

Naruto replied with a smile, "I don't know about the world but, Konoha is the place that I'd gladly give my life to protect. I'm a proud shinobi of Konoha, and I'll protect my home no matter what. Because one day, it will be the home of the next generation who's smiling right now. I want to see their smile last forever."

Shino raised his eyebrows as the referee declared victory to Temari.

Shikamaru walked up the steps to the box seats where the rest of the examinees stood to watch. When he entered the stand, he saw the deadly look that Gaara was giving Naruto. The lazy genius thought, 'Just when I could relax a little, that guy gives that look. Mendokusai. At least it won't be boring while I wait for the next match.'

Shikamaru thought back to what Naruto said as he eyed the young blonde. 'Is he serious about what he just said? This is even more troublesome than that sand nin. Well, it doesn't have anything to do with me. I'd better not stick my nose in anymore.'

Shikamaru went beside the young blonde while the crowd rioted for Sasuke to show up. Naruto asked Shikamaru, "Shikamaru, how long does it take for a chunin to get to the West Wall from here?"

Shikamaru looked at Naruto as if he was crazy. The lazy genius replied, "What do you need to know that for? But it'll probably take five minutes if he's in a hurry."

Naruto nodded and said as he donned a serious look on his face, "Everything will be alright then."

Shikamaru saw the look Naruto was giving. He had a calm but restrained aura around him showing that he was perfectly fine but was getting a little impatient. The lazy genius thought, 'He must be wondering about Sasuke. All our matches are done leaving him and Gaara to end the first round of the final exam. And the crowd is too excited at this point to wait any longer for them. Will Sasuke really come by now?'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The four men that Hinata mentioned to Kiba began to move uneasily. They weren't trained in the art of stealth except maybe for two who knew where to hide.

"Is it really that boring?" the hairy one asked as he touched the inside of his right ear. He had cropped up but standing brown hair and sideburns that ran the length of his face. He had deep-set brown eyes and wore a red sleeveless jacket over his bare chest. He also wore green shorts and black shinobi sandals and carried a red staff over his back and had a set of knives across the back of his shoulders. He was currently seated in the rightmost stand.

"No, but it's not important." Said the man hiding in the corner of the daimyo's box. He had the cloak of the ANBU and a rat's mask. Nothing else could be seen about him shrouding him in a bizarre mystery. The masked man replied, "I'm hungry for beef."

Another man replied from the middle box, "Ohh. You want to eat that cow that eats meat. You're sick." He wore a grey jacket with dark grey sleeves and black pants and blue shinobi sandals. On the right sleeve at the start of the upper arm, there was the Kanji for horse but across the front of the jacket at the chest was written in English, 'smoker's high' in black. His dark brown skin contrasted with his red hair that was cut into a two and a half inch tall Mohawk from the top of his forehead all the way to the middle of the back of his head where the rest of his hair was a long lock of braided red hair that ended at the place in between his shoulder blades. His wrinkled face said he aged but his sharp, grey eyes said he wasn't too old to fight. The old rocker pulled out a pack of cigarettes and looked at it as he said, "I'm almost out. Are we going to do this?"

"Okay, wait first. So we're going to kidnap the fat kid?" said the man in the left box just behind Chouji. He was wearing a light blue polo with a chain mail undershirt. He wore red pants and bandaged cloth shoes that ended just above his ankle. Around his waist was a belt with several pouches and a main pouch just over his crotch area. He had rectangular glasses over his roughly square face and short black hair in a semi flat top. Right after his inquiry of obvious stupidity, he heard a clicking noise in his earpiece that indicated that they turned off their radios.

The idiotic man tapped his earpiece while saying, "Hello? Did you just turn of the radio? Hello?"

Chouji frowned as he said, "Did you hear what that guy just said? I thought I heard him say…."

Ino waved her hands dismissively as she said, "You're just imagining things. He's just a weirdo who talks to himself."

Sakura smiled a little before setting back into a frown as she thought, 'Sasuke-kun. Where are you? Everyone's waiting for you.'

Sakura was still nervous for Sasuke's sake. The raven-haired boy hadn't shown up and it was racking her nerves. Where was he? What was he doing? Did something happen to him? Many images passed through her mind as she patched together the possibilities of why Sasuke hasn't shown up.

The pink haired girl thought, 'Sasuke-kun. Please, show yourself. Show us that you're alright.'

But right after she thought that, suddenly, the world around her stopped and cracked like glass. She said, "Oh no. Not again!" Everything around her shattered leaving her in a jungle with a stream nearby. The air was humid but she could smell the scent of burning oil or what smells like it. She turned around and saw a wrecked F-35 Lightning II that looked like it landed hard and skid all the way there from the look of the broken trees and foliage it left in its wake before getting there. She did not know where she was this time nor what she was looking at right now. Sakura looked at the plane and said, "Wha-what is this thing and where am I?"

But then she heard the cracking of leaves behind her and quickly turned around to see an aviatrix in a black pilot's outfit pointing an MK23 with a LAM attached. The downed pilot didn't have her helmet on so her pretty face, short black hair in a boy's cut and brown eyes were easy to see for the pink haired girl. The aviatrix gave Sakura a glare that any soldier out in the field would while taking a defensive stance and holding the gun with two hands as any professional soldier would while keeping a distance of fifteen feet. She was in her early twenties and much taller than Sakura.

The aviatrix said in English with a demanding voice, "Who are you? Which side are you from?"

Sakura was a bit frightened this time. She thought, 'This must be a dream, right?'

The aviatrix asked again, "Oi! I asked you a question. Who are you and which nation are you from?! If you don't reply, I'll shoot you." She cocked the pistol making her point.

Sakura was confused. She couldn't understand what this woman was saying. She replied in her native tongue, "Watashi wa shinobi no Konohagakure desu."(I am a ninja of the village of hidden leaves.)

The aviatrix was surprised and lost her sharp glare. "Eh? Nihon-jin?"(Japanese citizen.) She relaxed her stance and lowered her gun and started speaking in her native tongue. "Who are you and what are you doing here? You can't be the reinforcements."

Sakura asked her, "I'm Haruno Sakura. What's going on here?"

The aviatrix replied as she holstered her gun, "You don't know? We are in South America. Where did you come from?"

Suddenly they heard a loud inhuman wail and the sounds of gunfire. The aviatrix ran towards Sakura pulled her by the collar and ran into the nearby bushes across the stream. The two of them hid and kept quiet as they saw South American rebels run away in fright while three hollows chased them through the forest. When the rebels and the hollows disappeared into the foliage, the two girls heard the cry of death that the rebels made until they fell silent in a matter of seconds.

Both were losing their nerves and the older woman said, "They're gone…" she jumped out the bushes and ran to her downed plane. Sakura followed her close by and asked, "What was that?"

The older woman replied as she went into the cockpit, "That was a Hollow. An evil spirit that eats people and when you get eaten by one, you turn into one of them." She checked to see if anything was still functioning and realized that the radio was down. "Shit. We're stranded. Where the hell is the rest of the squad?!" she tried to switch the channel and reroute the energy to bring back the radio. As she did that, she mumbled, "Orihime…where are you?"

Sakura looked at the cockpit with curiosity despite her fear of what was happening to her. But when she saw a picture in the cockpit, she recognized the faces of Ichigo, Inoue and Ishida. She said as she looked at the picture, "Those people…I recognize some of them."

The older woman turned to face Sakura and said, "You know them?" she then held onto Sakura's collar and said, "The woman with orange hair, her name is Inoue Orihime. Do you know where she is?"

Sakura replied, "Ha-hai. I saw her once in Konoha. She's a medical shinobi there."

The older woman thought, 'Shinobi? She's been saying that a few seconds ago. Aren't they extinct? But from the looks she's giving me, she's telling the truth.' "Where is Konoha? Is it far from here? Take me to Orihime."

Sakura replied, "Ehh? But I don't know how to get back."

The older woman replied, "What? You're kidding. Don't lie to me. Take me back to find Orihime now. She is second in command of my squad. Without her, we'll all die!"

Sakura saw the fear in this woman's eyes and saw how desperate she was to find her friend since she was the woman beside Inoue in the picture meaning they are very close. The pink-haired girl replied, "I'm sorry. But the way I got here, even I can't explain it."

The older woman let go and slumped into her seat. She said as she frowned, "Those things called Hollows, they're something you can't explain either but I see that they exist. At this point, I'm willing to believe anything now if it means finding her."

Sakura sat down across the woman and said, "I fell asleep and in my dreams, and I appeared in another place. I think that's how I got here. Even though I think this is a dream…it feels too real to be one. But when I wake up, I'm back where I was."

The older woman asked, "How does that happen?"

Sakura replied, "I don't know at all. This is the second time it happened to me so I don't really get it."

The older woman heard a beeping sound coming from the radio and she quickly picked up the mouthpiece and said over it, "This is second Lieutenant Arisawa Tatsuki of the Grey Wings. I crashed."

The radio replied, "We read you Lt. Arisawa. Moving to your coordinates right now. We'll be there in three minutes."

Sakura however noticed that Lt. Arisawa was bleeding in her right leg, just below her butt. She said to her, "You're bleeding."

Tatsuki looked and saw blood flowing down her right leg. She replied, "This happened earlier when I got out of the plane. I'll be fine."

Sakura replied as she brought out a bandage from her back pocket, "Even if you say that you're bleeding constantly. At this rate you'll die. You need to get it healed right away."

She made Tatsuki sit down despite the older woman's stubborn nature. The pink haired girl cleaned the wound and started bandaging it. As she got to work cleaning the wound and fixing it up, Tatsuki asked Sakura, "How is Orihime doing? She used to rely on me a lot so I had to protect her."

Sakura replied, "I really don't know anything about her since I just saw her. But, a lot of people in the hospital talk about her ever since she helped out."

Tatsuki replied with a sad expression as Sakura finished healing her, "Thank Kami." 'She doesn't need to be protected anymore.'

Sakura replied, "You really like her don't you?"

Tatsuki was slightly embarrassed but replied, "It's strange. But, when I wasn't looking, she's grown stronger. Now, she's grown so strong that I can't even reach her."

Sakura replied, "What are you saying? Even strong people need help sometimes. No one became strong on their own. The reason she is so strong is because she has a good friend who is supporting her." Tatsuki was speechless by what Sakura had just told her. The pink haired girl replied, "Don't be afraid of your own feelings. Otherwise, you'll make her sad if she sees you right now."

Tatsuki shed a tear and wiped it clean from her cheek. She smiled and said to Sakura, "Arigato. You're right. I can't show her that I'm like this or she'll get worried sick over me and do something stupid." She then handed Sakura the MK23 and said, "Here. Give this to her. It's her gun. She needs it more than me."

Sakura took it and said, "Why don't you give it yourself?"

Tatsuki replied as she shut her eyes, "Because, she's helpless without a weapon. I want her to survive long enough to see me."

Sakura took the weapon with a little hesitation and saw the now confident look on Tatsuki's face.

Sakura blinked and she was back in the Konoha arena, seated beside Ino. When she came to, she looked around and Ino berated her with a frown, "What's wrong with you sleeping all of a sudden? Look, Sasuke is already here."

Sakura looked at the arena below and her eyes widened when she saw Sasuke there with Kakashi. She smiled and said, "Sasuke-kun!"

But then she realized that something was on her lap and looked to see the MK23 on her lap. She then remembered the words that Tatsuki said and her own. Sakura thought as she looked at the arena, 'Sasuke-kun…I'll be there for you if you need me. So…win.'

Back down at the arena, Sasuke and Kakashi had just arrived from their training mission. Leaves blew around them, no doubt a leftover signature from the shunsin. Kakashi replied to the referee, "Sorry we're late."

The referee asked, "Please state your name."

The raven haired boy replied, "Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura was in glee at seeing Sasuke there. But even more when she heard a familiar voice to her left say, "I made it in time!"

She looked along with Ino to see Lee completely healthy and ready alongside his sensei.

"Lee-san!" Both girls exclaimed seeing him. Lee and his sensei found some empty seats in that row and sat there to watch the match that was about to progress.

But back in the stands where the remaining participants stood, Naruto looked down at the arena and smiled. Sasuke looked up to see where Naruto stood and thought, 'We'll settle our fight here. I'm not going to let you surpass me. I will move from here and get to Him.'

Naruto saw the confident gaze Sasuke gave and the young blonde said, "He's putting everything on the line this time."

Kakashi looked around and thought, 'Good thing we made it in time. Although Sasuke managed to master using Chidori, he still has a limit of five per day. The training might not be enough against Gaara.'

The silver haired Jounin then asked as he scratched his head, "It's hard to ask this after we've entered the stage with a flashy performance…but did Sasuke get disqualified?"

Gekko Hayate replied, "No. He was about to be disqualified the moment he exceeded the ten minute time limit. But he made it just before the time ran out."

Kakashi smiled underneath his mask and said, "I'm glad to hear that." 'Well, everything looks good. It's best not to worry about the little things. Whatever happens, happens.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ino smiled with glee as she said, "Sakura, your team is amazing."

Sakura asked, "How so?"

Ino replied, "Because that Naruto beat Neji Hyuuga and Sasuke-kun is an elite Uchiha. And it seems that everyone has been itching to see Sasuke-kun's match."

Lee was mortified hearing these words as he thought about what was taking place. Naruto defeated Neji and Sasuke was going to fight Gaara. It couldn't get any more vexing as this.

Gekko Hayate then called out, "Sabaku no Gaara, come down to start the next match."

Gaara shunsined down onto the arena and walked towards the referee while keeping his dead gaze at his opponent.

Naruto saw the restrained killing intent of Gaara but was snapped out of his stupor when his tenant said, Oi, Gaki! Something is wrong here.

Naruto thought, 'What do you mean?'

Kyuubi replied, that jinchuriki shunsined down there. If I recall, he walked down the stairs and towards the arena after killing two meatbags in the process.

Naruto went slightly wide-eyed and replied, 'That's right! There's a minor change here. I hope it doesn't affect anything right now. We're in very deep already.'

The young blonde yelled out to Sasuke, "Sasuke! Don't you dare lose!"

Sasuke kept his focus on Gaara and thought, 'This guy has a lot of power with that sand he's controlling. But it's not enough to really stop me. I'll be able to defeat him and find out my true strength.'

Gekko Hayate looked at the two and said, "The rules are the same as the preliminary matches. The match will continue until one dies or gives up. I may stop the match if I determine that there is a clear winner."

Gaara chuckled devilishly as he gazed at his impassive opponent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in the box seats of the Hokage, Ishida stormed through the main door and said, "Hokage-sama, we're under attack!"

They looked at Ishida with surprise and Sarutobi replied, "What?"

Ishida said, "An oto nin attacked Hyuuga Hiashi a few minutes ago and escaped."

The look on everyone's faces was priceless. Orochimaru was dumbfounded, Sarutobi was shocked and Hikaru….faked a surprised face.

Orochimaru knew this was a bad turn of events. But he had no choice. He quickly took off from his seat and held Sarutobi hostage while his two guards set off two smoke grenades to cover their assault.

Hikaru was shielded by his two guards and Ishida quickly dove in the smoke.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hinata quickly saw the smoke and said, "Kiba, the Hokage is under attack!"

Kiba looked and said as he tightened his right hand into a fist, "Damn. How is this happening?!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kakashi was with Gai and Lee at this point and the silver haired jounin said, "Gai, we're under attack."

Lee heard this and said, "What? Is that true Gai-sensei?!"

Suddenly, the geeky looking guy behind Chouji grabbed Chouji by the head and lifted him up while putting his other hand on Chouji's back. Before they could react, he said, "I am Ampaw and I can say this because I'm better than you. Doton, Kuchiyose, Tenkuu no Kagi!"

A magical circle appeared on Chouji's back with the left hand of Ampaw in the center. Ampaw turned his left hand 180 degrees and Chouji squealed in pain as a key made of gold with the kanji for earth pushed out from his body before disappearing completely. Chouji lost consciousness from the endeavor allowing Ampaw to throw him towards the arena.

Ino screamed as her she eyed Chouji, "Chouji!!"

Kakashi quickly ran and leaped after Chouji as Gai leaped to give Ampaw a good flying right kick only for Ampaw to leap out of the way and run away laughing until, he received a hard fist to his right cheek, courtesy of Chad.

The crowd that had just witnessed this was in a state of panic until feathers fell from the sky to blanket upon them. Sakura quickly noticed it was a genjutsu and dispelled it. Ino was about to fall asleep until Sakura held her and said, "Ino, get a hold of yourself!"

Ino quickly put her hands together and said, "Kai!" releasing her from an obvious trap. Gai, and Lee did the same and were saved as well while Kakashi caught Chouji as he landed on the arena and quickly told the two boys, "Stop the match. We're under attack."

Gekko Hayate nodded and said to Sasuke, "The match is cancelled. Evacuate all the civilians." Sasuke grumbled until Hayate was suddenly struck with sand from Gaara who still kept his smile.

Sasuke eyed the boy and thought, 'This guy…'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The ANBU with the rat's mask in the box of the feudal lords then pulled out a piece of glass and threw it at feudal lord in the center and before it reached him, he did two handseals and said, "Hijutsu, Sanmen Kagami."

Yellow light burst out of the mirror into an oversized three-pronged shuriken with the mirror as the center and the 'blades'pierced through all of the feudal lords and some of the ANBU guarding them before disappearing a second later, allowing the piece of glass to fall to the floor.

"Teme!" yelled one ANBU as he charged to attack the fake ANBU who just shunsined behind a young green haired girl in the middle of the stands and aimed a trident at the girl's neck, telling them non-verbally that he was in control.

The remaining ANBU in the box seats held their ground as the masked fake said, "I am Tritran, ex-retiarius. Remember the name well. If you move, she dies. As long as you stay were you are, she lives."

One of the ANBU said, "Damn it. He got us. Everyone do as he says!"

The young girl was on the verge of tears and Tritran saw this. He said to her, "What's your name?"

The girl replied through her frightened and shaky voice, "Anzu…"

Tritran replied, "Anzu…a nice name. My daughter was also named Anzu…" the masked man saw that the girl had a hand made mirror with her and it was lying on the ground, just a few inches from her right foot. He then pointed the trident on the mirror while he held on to Anzu's left shoulder with his left hand ensuring he had control. The ANBU gazed in fear until Tritran said, "Hijutsu, Yaburetayume." He thrust the spear into the mirror and it went inside like a stone through water and the spearhead came out of the piece of glass he threw earlier and extended and multiplied into the same number of ANBU and struck them each in the chest. The ANBU screamed in pain before dying from the wounds. Tritran pulled out the spear allowing the spearheads to return back into the glass and out of the handmade mirror to reveal the same singular trident he held.

Tritran let go of the now shell shocked Anzu and put his left hand on the girl's back and said, "I'm sorry…Fuuton, Kuchiyose, Tenkuu no Kagi." The same magical circle appeared in the exact same way and Anzu screamed in pain before the pain subsided into a stimulation of pleasure as a golden key with the kanji for wind came out of her and disappeared in the same manner as the last.

Anzu was about to fall down until Tritran caught her and lay her down gently.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ichigo was in a deadlock with the man with a Mohawk as his sword pushed against the green J shaped cane of the man. The dark-skinned man said, "I am Kapre. A shepherd."

Ichigo gave out his name, "Kurosaki Ichigo. Substitute Shinigami."

Kapre said to him, "Ah. I'd never live to see another day like this. A monster versus another monster. Which one of us is the more powerful monster though?"

Ichigo frowned and said, "Urasai! You hurt Rukia and call me a monster?!"

Rukia was just behind Ichigo, blushing but half-awake as she lay prone on the floor. Kapre says to him, "I think I did her a favor though. Look at how happy she is."

Ichigo pushed his wakizashi harder and ran forward, pushing the man back with his power. Kapre held on the hold as he ran backwards to keep up with Ichigo's power until Ichigo aimed his left hand at the man's face and said, "Hado number one, Sho!"

Kapre was sent back head first into Renji's wakizashi that had been waiting for him only for Kapre to swallow the sword whole and land on his two feet in a back bent position.

Renji and Ichigo were shocked. But when Kapre bit off the entire blade, stood upright and swallowed it whole, they were even more shocked than before.

Kapre said to them, "Now that the last key is unlocked I have no business here. Too bad we won't get to finish our fight, Kurosaki Ichigo."

Renji then dives to grab the man but fails to as Kapre shunsins out of range. Renji falls to the floor and says, "Damn bastard. I'll get you….I'll never forgive you."

Ichigo turned around and knelt down to Rukia's side and said, "Oi, Rukia, are you alright? Oi, speak to me!"

Rukia mumbled, "Ichi…go….dame…not there…"

Ichigo shook her silly and said, "Stop saying stupid things in the middle of a battlefield baka! In fact, don't even dream those things!"

Renji got up and looked around. He said, "The remaining Konoha nins are fighting the sound and sand nins that stayed in Konoha while keeping the civilians alive so we can't rely on them at all. Just who was that guy?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto, Shikamaru and Shino looked behind them to see a brown haired hairy man with sideburns that ran the length of his face holding a red staff guarding the only exit. The man said, "I am Unggoy the monk. Nice to meet you guys. Strong guys like you better not bore me to death."

Naruto thought, 'Kankuro and Temari are headed to Gaara and Baki to commence the attack. These guys don't look like either sand nins nor Konoha nins so they must have another agenda instead.' "I am Namikaze Naruto. Shinigami Captain of the Ninth Division. Are you with the Elemental gods?"

Unggoy said with a prankster's smile, "Hehe. You guessed it. You're a smart shinigami aren't you? Most of your kind just rushes in with their pride only to get a spank in the butt like the bad boys they are." The man sharpens his stare while keeping his devious grin. "But you're not like them. You've got something in between your ears and it means I've got me an opponent."

Shikamaru thinks, 'Oi, chotto matte. I said shinigami but now he says he's a captain of a division? Mendokuse. What did I get myself involved in?'

Shino raises his left hand slightly and Unggoy raises his staff in a defensive position while saying, "Hehehe. I'm not falling for that trick. I happen to have insect repellant all over me so your bugs are useless." But before he could say anything else, he suddenly moved his hands to the side as he noticed his shadow connected to Shikamaru's shadow.

Naruto said, "Sorry, but I have other enemies to defeat. Where is your master?"

Unggoy replied, "Oh he's just out there playing with your lives."

Shino then sent a wave of bugs to him but the bugs died and disintegrated the moment they got within two inches of the man.

Naruto replied, "A cloak of reiatsu. It looks like we won't be able to leave right away."

Unggoy replied, "All I want is a battle fair and square. Me versus you three. If you win, I tell you where my master is. But if I win, I take your lives."

Shikamaru replies, "Heh. You assume that we'll go along with that crazy plan?"

Naruto replied, "I don't have time for this fight. If you really want that kind of fight, go look for Zaraki Kenpachi and the Eleventh division. They'll love to fight you."

Unggoy replied, "There are no other shinigami here. Especially the eleventh division shinigami. All I see are cannon fodder called 'shinobi', four shinigamis from different divisions, and three humans with the ability to use reiatsu. Who are you trying to fool?"

Naruto whispered to Shikamaru, "Your Kagemane no jutsu won't last long on him. When I give you the signal, we'll run for it."

Unggoy dashed forward with staff aiming to skewer them. "I heard that!"

But before he could follow through with his attack, a clone of Naruto leaped at him from behind, causing him to fall down on the ground. The clone then placed his right hand on the back of the man and he said, "Rasengan!" the rasengan formed within the man and exploded, causing severe damage to the floor and guts to fly in different directions as blood sprayed and painted their surroundings like an airbrush.

The real Naruto and Shikamaru and Shino leaped out of stand they were in and into the arena. While they were falling to the ground, Naruto said to them, "Shino, meet up with your team and help them evacuate the villagers. There is a big chance that these aren't the only enemies in Konoha. Shikamaru, you're with me."

When they landed, Shino took off to look for his teammates while Shikamaru asked Naruto, "Naruto, what's going on?"

The young blonde replied as he gazed at Sasuke and Gaara, "Otogakure and Suna launched a surprise attack on Konoha."

Shikamaru looked to his left and saw his unconscious friend, "Chouji!"

Suddenly, Kankuro and Temari landed beside Gaara and Kankuro said to him, "Gaara, don't forget the plan."

Gaara said nothing making them worried. Temari shouted, "Gaara!"

Gaara turned around assuring them he was fine. Temari took out her fan and they quickly took off on the fan headed to Konoha forest.

Sasuke ran after them and Naruto shouted, "Sasuke, don't….not again."

Shikamaru ran to Chouji and Kakashi with Naruto following shortly behind him.

Kakashi replied, "He's alright. He's just unconscious. But I'm more worried now about the Hokage." The silver haired jounin said to Shikamaru, "Shikamaru, take care of Chouji for me. Get back to your team and I want you to tell Sakura…"

Naruto replied, "I understand. An A rank mission to bring back Sasuke."

Kakashi was surprised. But when he gazed into the serious eyes of the young blonde, he knew that Naruto was serious about this and had no doubts in his mind.

Naruto replied to him, "Kakashi-sensei….there's a shield generator in the Hokage Tower. When the oto and sand nins outside Konoha enter, activate the shield generator to trap them inside so that we can fight them on our grounds."

Kakashi was still speechless allowing the young blonde to say, "Once I bring back Sasuke, I'll take care of Gaara so you're in charge of leading the remaining active jounins to fight off the oto and sand nins. Hokage-sama can take care of himself. He's not alone right now."

Kakashi nodded and said with a smile, "Hai Naruto." 'He's really like his father.'

Kakashi then took off, leaving Shikamaru with Naruto and an unconscious Chouji.

Naruto held Chouji on his back while saying, "Chouji really should loose weight."

Shikamaru replied, "At least he didn't hear you when you said that. He'd do much worse to you than these guys."

The two boys then leaped over to Sakura's position who was currently being guarded by Lee and Ino while Gai was fending off sand and oto nins left and right while at the same time, Chad was having a one on one duel with Ampaw on the highest steps in the seats.

When Sakura saw Shikamaru and Naruto she said, "Naruto, Shikamaru!"

Ino noticed Chouji and said, "How is he?"

Naruto put down Chouji beside the two kunoichi's and said, "He's fine. He's just unconscious. But it looks like he'll need to get to a safe place to rest."

Sakura then asked, "Where's Sasuke?"

Shikamaru replied, "He went after Gaara and the other sand nins. That guy always gives people trouble."

Naruto replied, "Sakura, I'm going to go bring back Sasuke. Let's take him back before he gets into a pinch."

Sakura was a bit surprised. But she quickly formed her resolve and nodded.

Suddenly, Lee got kicked to the wall making Sakura say, as she looked at Lee, "Lee-san!"

An oto nin charged with kunai in hand to strike Ino while they were distracted. Naruto shunpo'd passed the man and stopped just behind him with a kunai in his right hand….the same one the nin just had. The nin fell down as his right hand and head flew into different directions, allowing his body to fall down on the floor just in front of Ino, shaking her nerves a little.

Naruto faced Ino and said with a smile, "Don't worry. Just take care of Chouji and Lee while we're gone. Leave everything to me!"

Ino nodded hesitantly and ran to Lee while saying, "Sakura, don't die on me!"

Sakura got up but accidentally dropped the gun on her lap. Naruto noticed it and was surprised when he saw the weapon. He said to Sakura, "Where did you get that?"

Sakura wasn't sure what to answer and Naruto asked her as he took the gun from the floor. He said, "This is a weapon that shouldn't be here." 'What is a pistol doing in this place? And how did Sakura get it?

Shikamaru noticed these unusual things and said, "Naruto, I have many questions but I'll put those aside right now. Sasuke is getting farther from us the longer you stay here."

Naruto replied, "Shikamaru, you're coming with us too."

Shikamaru was slightly surprised but said, "I don't want to get involved in this mess. It's your problem not mine."

Naruto replied, "But it will be yours as well. I won't let you stay here and do nothing and then reflect on the deaths of people thinking you could've done something. Remember, one of those people could be someone close to you just like how Ino was nearly killed if someone hadn't stepped in. What do you think would've happened to Chouji after?"

Shikamaru replied as he scratched his head, "Wakata…I get your point."

Naruto nodded and faced Sakura. He said, "I won't ask you were you got this. But right now, let's go save Sasuke." He placed the gun on the seat beside Chouji and the three of them ran out of the arena to chase Sasuke.

Chad sighed when he saw Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru leave. He faced Ampaw and the stupid man said, "I don't get why you're not attacking me right away. You clearly had a chance to kill me awhile ago so why did you wait?"

Chad replied, "Because I know my first punch didn't hurt you. It'll take more than that to kill you. If I intended to kill you, no one will survive."

Ampaw jumped out of his position and landed into the arena and Chad followed him down. Ino looked on to what was happening and said as she helped up Lee, "Are you okay?"

Lee replied, "I'm fine. I can take more than this."

Ino looked at the stare down between Chad and Ampaw. She thought, 'If he's here, then so must be Inoue and her friends.'

Suddenly, she was surrounded by four oto nins. But before they could do anything, the oto nins each took a head shot as the sound of gunfire reverberated around the area. When the nins fell to the ground, Ino saw Inoue standing a few feet behind them in a defensive position while holding on to the MK23 with Hinata and Kiba beside her.

Ino said, "Inoue-san…"

Orihime replied as she dropped her stance, "Ino-san, are you alright?"

Ino and Lee nodded and Lee said, "Thank you very much. You saved our lives."

Kiba said to them, "It's chaos out here. The Hokage is under attack, and Konoha has been invaded by oto and sand shinobi. What do we do?"

Inoue replied, "We have to take back the arena from the Oto and Sand shinobi first. Once the arena is back in our control, we have to reinforce the other Konoha shinobi fighting in the village."

Hinata looked at the roof of the Hokage's box, she saw a pinkish purple rectangular barrier erected on top of it. She focused her Byakugan even closer and saw four Oto genins holding the barrier together while Orochimaru, Ishida and Sarutobi are inside it.

The Hyuuga heiress replied, "Hokage-sama is trapped with Orochimaru!"

"What?" Kiba replied.

Ino asked, "Who is Orochimaru?"

Hinata replied, "He is the leader of this assault. If I remember, he was the former student of the Sandaime Hokage and a former Sannin. But now he leads Otogakure."

They were speechless as they looked at the rectangular barrier on the rooftop of the Hokage's box seat.

Lee said, "The Hokage and Orochimaru…."

Ino finished, "Student vs. Master."

Orihime asked Hinata, "Hinata-chan, is there other people there?"

Hinata nodded and said, "Hai. There are three ANBU guards just outside the barrier, four Oto shinobi at the corners of the rectangular barrier and Ishida-san is also in the barrier with them."

Orihime replied, "Let's go and do what we need to do."

Ino asked, "Is it alright to just leave? What about everyone else here?"

Orihime replied, "They'll be fine. Let's believe in them. Because right now is the time we need to believe the most."

With that, Gai stopped fighting and said to them, "The fire of Konoha burns deep within you. Leave things to us. Lee, protect these people with your life."

Lee saluted and said, "Hai. Gai-sensei. Thank you very much."

Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Ino and Orihime leave the arena and into Konoha's city streets while Gai looks around and says, "Hmmm. It seems I've defeated them all. I better get going myself." But then he tilted his head to the right to avoid a thrust from a red staff and in the same motion, ducked, turned around and picked up and threw a kunai towards the person who attacked him….Unggoy.

Unggoy was fully healed but took the kunai to the chest. Yet despite that, he didn't flinch.

Gai quickly backed away and went into his fighting stance and said, "So there was one more hiding shamelessly in the dark."

Unggoy replied as he pulled out the kunai, threw it away and went into a fighting stance with his staff, "I just waited for a good fighter to show up. And you look like an animal I can kill…with a very bad taste in clothing."

Gai replied, "These clothes are to create maximum flexibility and durability when fighting so that we can fight without holding back."

Unggoy said, "Whatever, Fei Long slash Chuck Norris. I'm Unggoy the monk. What's yours?"

Gai replied, "I am Konoha's beautiful green beast, Maito, Gai."

Unggoy shouted and charged at Gai.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarutobi was locked in a barrier with Ishida and both were currently facing Orochimaru in his true clothing. On the four corners of the barrier were Jirobu, Tayuya, Kidomaru, Sakon and his brother Ukon keeping the barrier together while placing a barrier around themselves.

Orochimaru replied, "What's bothering you? We are good friends. Tell me what's wrong."

Sarutobi replied, "You of all people should know. Why did you come back here?"

Orochimaru replied, "To see you…Sarutobi-sensei."

Ishida narrowed his eyes knowing the intent of the enemy before them.

Sarutobi said as he looked at the barrier on the four Oto shinobis and said, "Looks like I cannot leave so easily."

Orochimaru smirked and said, "You must be kidding. To you, it'll be harder to fight if other people interfered."

Both shinobis ran to each other in a head on assault. Sarutobi quickly did handseals and said, "Ninpou, Kawara Shuriken!"

The tiles from the floor lifted off and spinned towards Orochimaru who also did handseals and said before he leaped up, "Not good enough!" he finished the handseals in the air and said, "Senei Jashu!" his tongue transformed into a green snake and slithered through the air to attack Sarutobi at the neck but was quickly intercepted by an arrow of reiatsu shot from Ishida's bow.

Orochimaru landed back on the ground and recoiled his tongue to recalculate his odds while Ishida said, "You're forgetting that I'm still here to stop you."

Orochimaru chuckled and said, "The boy from that time wishes to be a hero." He eyed the bow of pure reiatsu in Ishida's right hand and greed filled his mind. He asked Ishida, "I've never seen a weapon like that before. Where did you learn this skill?"

Ishida replied as he aimed the bow, "From my grandfather."

Orochimaru laughed and said, "Nostalgic isn't it Sarutobi-sensei. A boy learned a wonderful skill from his mentor before the mentor expired without time to teach him more of the world."

Sarutobi replied, "Don't put things together to fit your ideals."

Ishida replied as he drew his bow steadily, "I think you have a misconception. My grandfather does not have the same ideals you assume."

"Oh?" Orochimaru said with amusement as Ishida smiled and said, "He taught me one thing…the pride of Quincy. 'To respect all life is to respect thyself and to respect thyself is to take pride in the being that you are.' A man with no shame, does not have the right to assume of others. On the pride of Quincy, I will make you repent."

Orochimaru laughed even more seeing the confident face of Ishida. The snake sannin then set his face back to his creepy smile and said, "Then your blood shall wash away my sins." He quickly made handseals but halfway through, Ishida fired fifty arrows at the snake sannin, killing him only for the body to turn into snakes that exploded towards Sarutobi and Ishida. Sarutobi got in front of Ishida and did handseals and said, "Doton, Doryuu Taiga!"

The snakes reformed into Orochimaru at the last second who jumped back momentarily to avoid the mudslide that occurred in front of Sarutobi only for Ishida to reappear behind him and send a bolt of reiatsu through the back of his skull and past Sarutobi's head to the left by mere millimeters.

Orochimaru gaped and turned around to fall on his back with his mouth open. Both Ishida and Sarutobi leaped back as Orochimaru got out of his own mouth from. The dead corpse he left behind that turned into mud.

Ishida leaped up and aimed at Orochimaru while Sarutobi quickly did handseals and said, "Doton, Doryuudan!" Orochimaru was about to do another set of handseals until he felt four arrows of reiatsu snare his ankles to the ground. He didn't have time to look where it came from when he saw the mud he left behind turn into a dragon's head with its mouth opened for him to see as a bright light shone from inside. Sarutobi shouted out, "Karyuudan!" Sarutobi spit out a barrage of fire missiles to mix wit the earth that the mud dragon spewed out at the same time.

Orochimaru nicked his thumb and placed it on the ground creating a summoning seal on it. One of his giant snakes came out and took the hits as Orochimaru broke free from the arrows and evaded Ishida's hailstorm of arrows but not without taking a few arrows himself.

The ANBU that watched this were amazed. One ANBU said, "Hokage-sama mixed an earth and fire element attack together! Hokage-sama is living up to the name."

Another ANBU member said, "But that's not as amazing as that other guy. Who is he?"

Ishida landed back on the ground as another Orochimaru appeared behind him and held him up by placing his arms under Ishida's armpits and holding him by the nape. The original saw the opportunity and spit out Kusanagi at him like an arrow.

Sarutobi quickly discarded his Hokage robes to reveal his favorite black armor and rushed to Ishida and caught Kusanagi with his left hand just before it skewered the Quincy's neck. Ishida raised his arms up and dropped down to his knees while Sarutobi jumped up with his legs outstretched and made a clockwise spin, slicing the head off the clone of Orochimaru while Ishida quickly drew his bow and fired another massive barrage of arrows at Orochimaru who had no means of escape within the second the more than a thousand arrows in that one second flew to him.

Orochimaru said as he crouched down and put his bloody thumb on the ground, "Kuchiyose, Rashoumon!"

A massive and ugly but demonic looking gate came out to block the arrows but did little defense to the reiatsu bolts that pierced through it's demonic frame and Orochimaru on the other side.

The snake sannin yelped in agony as the reiatsu bolts tore through his body making him look like a literal human dartboard. The evil shinobi fell to the ground as life was leaving him.

"H-How?! I cannot die! I….glergh!" Orochimaru said as he gurgled blood that came from his opened arteries and non-recoverable wounds.

Ishida said as he walked towards him, "Chakra is different from Reiatsu. Reiatsu will eat through your body because it feeds on chakra like a poison if you are not trained in it. That's why it is dangerous to try to use abilities that require reiatsu because it can create heavy backlashes."

Orochimaru said in between coughs of blood, "That's why it broke through Rashoumon."

Sarutobi appeared beside Ishida as he looks at his dying student. "Orochimaru…I'm sorry for raising you without thinking. If I had been a better mentor…things wouldn't end this way."

Orochimaru said as he struggled to move away, "Don't be sorry. It won't end like this. I still can live."

Sarutobi replied as the reiatsu arrows began to disappear, "You're not living on your original body anymore. There is no hope for you left."

Orochimaru replied, "So you knew? Did you also know about this from the start?"

Sarutobi closed his eyes and said, "Yes. I knew everything."

Orochimaru scrunched up his brows and yelled, "Kabuto! KabutO WhErE ArE YoU!!"

The sound nins holding up the barrier let it down as they saw their badly defeated master now yelling for help.

Ishida readied himself for another assault while the three ANBU from the sidelines quickly stood around the Quincy and the Hokage in a triangle formation.

The sound genins had angry looks on their faces as they surrounded the Konoha nins plus Quincy from escaping.

One of the ANBU asked, "Hokage-sama, are you alright?"

The Hokage replied, "Now wouldn't be the time to ask that from the look of things."

Tayuya yelled out, "Fucking bastards! Move aside or we'll trash you even worse than what you did to Orochimaru-sama!"

But before anyone else could react, Orochimaru's dying body felt a vertical beam of yellow light transport him up to an eerily dark hole in the sky. As they watched it, Ishida thought, 'What? No…they're summoning him to become a part of them. What is happening out here? This doesn't make any sense at all.'

But then Ishida saw a familiar set of green eyes peer down on Orochimaru from the black opening in the sky. Soon, a black, skeleton-like hand reached out from the dark hole and wrapped its wiry frame on Orochimaru's half-awake face. The skeleton-like hand faded into the wind and Orochimaru's golden slit eyes became green ones.

The snake sannin laughed and said, "Is that so? Even I became a pawn in this game? Hahahaha! What a dreadful beast. I've never felt so afraid in my entire life. You were right Sarutobi-sensei…"

Soon the entire sky became one portal of darkness. As Hollows fell down from the sky, the land around Konoha stood still. The trees turned grey and the leaves became black. The animals in the forest ran away in fright only to slowly die one by one. All life on the continent was dying.

But if one were to look at Orochimaru now, they'd see a petrified smile on his face as he said, "There is no hope for us now."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In a lake not too far away from a house, a lone nin from Mizugakure looked around in fear as hollows erupted everywhere and death plagued the ground with the lack of life.

He heard a boy's voice cry out to him from the house, "Otou-san, Why is the sky black?"

He turned around and said, "Kuuya, get back in the house!"

Suddenly a woman came out of the house and picked up the boy and said, "Kuuya, listen to your otou-san."

The nin pulled out a kunai and said, "Nagase, take Kuuya down to the basement." 'I have to warn the Mizukage.'

The lone nin ran as fast as he could into Mizugakure. But when he got there, all he saw was chaos as people right and left fought one another for food and other commodities while hollows tore through the city as if the people didn't know what was going on while he himself saw exactly what was going on.

He said in fright, "Kami…help us all." Suddenly, a figure in blue armor reminiscent of the samurai and eastern dragons stood beside him and said, "So this is what happened during my long sleep. In the end, it made no difference."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Up in the mountains to the far west of Konoha stood a brownish gray golem with metal claws now drenched in blood as he stood with an army of faceless warriors robed in fur coats like the Russian trenchcoats during world war II with a hint of Egyptian design.

The golem hollered or rather roared to the Iwa nins in front of him, "The true ruler of this land is here. So make way or die like dogs on my feet."

One of the Iwa nins did a few handseals and said, "Doton, Doryuudan!" but nothing happened. Instead, his body began to melt like mud. The man panicked before gurgling mud and vomiting it out. The nin fell on his face and his body melted into the earth.

The other nins were terrified. The golem hollered out again, "The world doesn't have chakra anymore. All of it has been eaten up thanks to that oversized butt hole in the sky."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In a temple carved into the right side of a deep trench, mighty winds blew hard just outside of it until the winds calmed down alerting the monks of the temple to look outside. One monk looked and was awed to see that the very winds themselves flowed like smoke yet at the same time like a river through the trench, headed downstream.

Though magnificent to look at, the monks were suddenly being attacked by hollows left and right.

The people in the temple panicked and tried to run away but found themselves too weak, too hungry and too tired to free themselves from their fates as hollows pounced on them and turned them into their meals.

But in the river made of smoke a black haired woman in a mix of eastern and western monk robes while fitted with silver Chinese armor walked across it towards the temple. she said as she gazed her silver eyes, "Finally, I am free. But what I see is not freedom at all."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in the forests of Konoha, Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru leaped from tree branch to tree branch to chase down Sasuke.

The young blonde saw that the forest was dying and that the sky had blackened as he saw hollows fall from the sky.

He said, "Sakura, Shikamaru, we have to move faster. Things aren't looking good at all."

Sakura replied, "What's happening here? It's as if everything is fading away."

Shikamaru replied in a slightly panicked voice, "We have more to worry about than the scenery. Those hollows are literally raining down on us."

Naruto replied, "Which is why we have to save Sasuke faster. I don't want to see everyone turned into one of them."

Naruto forged on until he realized that his two companions weren't behind him. He stopped and turned around and leaped back until he saw his two friends on a branch, pale, exhausted, and seemingly short of life.

The young blonde went to them and said, "Shikamaru, Sakura what happened to you guys? Are you alright?"

Sakura replied, "I'm….so hungry….so tired…."

Shikamaru replied, "Men….do…kuse."

Naruto put his right hand on Sakura's forehead and felt her grow extremely cold. He said with a surprised face, "Sakura, You're dying." 'It's as if there isn't any chakra left in her. I can't feel a thing in her. That sky….no it's not the sky. Someone else is doing this. It's faint because of the scale of the spell used but I can feel it…this reiatsu has a scent.'

The young blonde then took out two white semi-transparent balls the size of a golf ball and gave one to Sakura and one to Shikamaru. He had to make them eat it because they couldn't muster the strength to do it themselves. But when they ate it, life came back to them and their color returned at the same time of their strength.

As the two shinobis got on their feet, Naruto said, "We are all in grave danger. This is the work of someone powerful." He sharpened his gaze as he thought, 'This is…'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hikaru-sama!" yelled Tokage in a white polo and black slacks as she walked towards the living room of a modern day house complete with a couch, a small glass table in front of it and a TV on the wall across the couch. It was dark thanks to the blinds covering the windows. She went over to the blinds and pulled it away to reveal sunlight from the outside world where you could see modern day Japanese buildings and busy cars on the streets.

She sighed as Polgas showed up behind her in his uniform and mask and asked her, "Why are we here? Why don't we go back and just kill them all?"

She turned around and said with a deadpanned look, "Because Hikaru-sama nearly got attacked by that snake freak." 'I'd rather die from this guy than that snake in men's clothing.'

Hikaru entered the room in a yellow shirt and blue shorts as paint was mixed up all over his face and on his clothes. The silver haired boy said, "Besides, that world is getting boring. It's no fun if the people don't listen to you at all."

The two nins bowed and Tokage said, "Hikaru-sama, Tritran, Ampaw, Kapre and Unggoy have done their work as requested. But I still don't understand what you are trying to achieve with all this."

Hikaru waved his finger and said, "A magician never reveals their tricks. It wouldn't be called magic if there wasn't anything magical and mysterious about it." the silver haired boy sat on a nearby couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV that showed the daily news.

The news broadcaster said as a picture of a broken down village in the jungles appeared on screen, "More and more hollow attacks are occurring all over South America and not just in Japan alone. It's chaos no matter where you look as these terrible incidents occur more and more frequently."

Hikaru said to them, "This world has gotten used to hollows moving around left and right when just a few years ago, they panicked at the thought of a new threat that they could not comprehend. I wonder how long it took for them to cope with their new way of life."

Tokage noticed that there was an empty bowl of ice cream with the cherry remaining and beside it was a bottle of strawberry syrup and a plate of a gingerbread man complete with eyes and a smile made from icing as well as a simple drawn clothing from the icing.

Hikaru then looked at the gingerbread man and said, "Today we will sit back and watch as they try to cope with their new lives." He then poked a hole into the gingerbread man's chest and placed the cherry inside it. He said as he took the strawberry syrup and squeezed it on the cherry, "They will be filled with dread with the arrival of something strange on their land but eventually, they will cling on to life for someone to save them….even if it means they have to bleed to fill that hole left in their hearts."

Tokage got what he meant and grew pale as she shuddered when she saw the gingerbread man bleed strawberry syrup from the cherry.

Hikaru then stopped pouring strawberry syrup and said with a smile, "Let's go pick up some strawberries."

Polgas asked him, "I'll go get you some at the store downstairs."

Hikaru said to him, "Well, today is special so lets have something interesting today….How about an orange strawberry?"

There is nothing more terrifying than a man lost to himself. But if multiplied in number, the world becomes chaotic and destructive. But if they made sense in their own twisted way, and formed themselves into something else, if they band together to tear each other apart, then the chaos becomes self sufficient and thus is born….perfect insanity.


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Suzume no Ishiyumi(Crossbow of the Sparrow) – an attack that transforms the bow into an arbalest with a bolt with wings to cut a swath through enemies and buildings alike in one shot.

Ninpou, Hebi no Shinkokyuu(Deep Breath of the Snake) – an technique that spreads a poisonous smoke from the body of the user and poisons reiatsu allowing hollows to emerge from any attack of pure reiatsu.

Doton, Kuchiyose, Tenkuu no Kagi(Earth, Summoning Key of Heaven) – a summoning technique that releases a key from the opponent.

Hijutsu, Sanmen Kagami(Hidden Art, Three-faced Mirror) – turns a mirror into a weapon using light. The mirror takes the shape of a three-pronged shuriken.

Hijutsu, Yaburetayume(Hidden Art, Shattered Dream) – uses the mirrors as a waypoint for an attack to attack all enemies around the user.

Fuuton, Kuchiyose, Tenkuu no Kagi(Wind, Summoning Key of Heaven) – similar to the earth summoning.